Sociologist Says It’s Time for Black Women to Date White Men!

– how's it going – Bali's well welcome back to my channel today I'm here with a new topic and this topic is based off an article that I just seen online the article is named why one sociologist says it's time for black women to date white men she recently came out with a book and I really wanted to bring this to the channel because I really want y'all honest opinions about this topic to tennis star Serena Williams senator Kamala Harris and businesswoman Melanie Hopson all have in common they're all married to white men but black women are the least likely group of women to marry especially outside of their own race a professor at Northwestern University explores these relationships in a new book called interracial relationships between black women and white men so this is what the back of the book says have you ever wondered what is like for an african-american woman and a white man to date or marry if so this book will provide you with insight black women are one group of women least likely to marry outside of their race they are many reasons for this and some explored in this book nonetheless romantic relationships between black women and white men are becoming more common this book contains the lives of black women who are dating married to or divorce from white men black women and white men in relationships were interviewed between 2014 and 2017 to learn how they met and how their relationships progress these 40 interviews offered thought-provoking insights on the lives of those who are willing to cross the racial divide in pursuit of personal happiness I want to write this book a Brandes because I know of so many women black women who never had a romantic personal relationship and I've always felt very bad about that and sorry about that and the reason for that primarily it's because they limited it their search to african-american men they never thought that the other men would be attracted to or by them oh here's the statistics you have 85% of black men who are married to black women and as far as black women 93% of them have black husbands now as far as marrying outside our community you can see the significant difference between black men and black women for black men you have almost 400,000 compared to black women's 172,000 you call this also a numbers issue why do you say that numbers issue there are far more black men than there are black women and this starts at age 16 the same thing doesn't happen for whites to age 32 so for a black woman to limit her dating options to african-american men by themselves she's a very good likelihood of remaining single based on research from 1980 to 2008 they found out that black men are more than likely to marry outside their race then black women also about one in eight which is 12.5 percent of married black men have married non black spouses compared to them black women with 5.5 furthermore in the interview she talks about how black women choose not to date white men because of the historic background then she also talks about how we have this hold on our community in which we have to you know support a black man stay with a black man and encourage a black man then she also talked about the stereotype that black women are just undesirable Western society values white women they are at the top of the pinnacle in terms of beauty so a black woman is not going to meet the same standards of beauty up for a white well as a white woman because for the most part black women are blonde and blue-eyed or even very thin and that tends to be the standard that is most revered so a question a lot of people ask like why are you so focused on black women and why men instead of black women and other ethnicities so then she furthermore says that is the least common relationship so I was curious so how is it that men that at the top of the social hierarchy are getting involved with women that would be at the bottom of the social hierarchy so that's what that was one of the first reasons for looking at that they're far more black men married to white women then the reverse pattern the other thing is that I didn't want to investigate black woman married to other men of color because you don't have the same so social psychological or historical dynamics to deal with so those race those relationships don't have the same aspects going on between them that other white men and black women do what platforms such as YouTube I'm starting to see now that a lot of people are getting into relationships with people that are not of their same background and she also pointed that out and said that you know we are way more acceptable than older people in our families or other seasoned I like to call them people in our community it's far easier for younger black women to date marry outside the race that it is for older women they don't catch as much racism they may deal with other kinds of microaggressions but they don't they don't have to deal with some of the problems that their older peers did happen is that you're seeing more interracial relationships in terms of of advertising as well as in terms of some shows out there we're beginning to put out more positive portrayals of african-american women so that it does increase their visibility and hopefully you know raises their profile in terms of desirability I'm really curious to know you guys are thoughts about this please drop it down below in the comment section you know people love who they love for you gonna do what you want to do and I ain't mad at you okay I don't care about nobody else's life choices but my own so you guys let me know your thoughts and opinions talk to you later

35 thoughts on “Sociologist Says It’s Time for Black Women to Date White Men!

  1. Y’all black women can’t catch a break. Everybody wants to tell us what’s good for us but no one listens to us.

  2. i don't mind dating white boys (in my case) as long as they treat me right with kindness & respect then we vibin'. but i also don't mind dating other races besides white.

  3. Why cant she promote black love and healthly relationships where black men and woman loving each other.

  4. black women don't need to pick white men they just need to be with men that will love them no matter what this book is prejudice/racist because it's saying that white men are better then black men and you believe that just look at the Catholic church and police brutality

  5. Decades ago, when I was your age, I wish I had looked around. I would have seen the beautiful, smart, funny, utterly charming girls who were everywhere. Girls that I overlooked because I was a creature of habit and also because I believed that white guys like me were unwelcome, for good reasons, by black girls and women.
    Had I known then what I know now, I would have approached these lovely ladies. Back then I was smart, ambitious and competent at living. I was raised to respect all women (it was a religious thing) and had good intentions, an adventurous spirit and love for good fun. I worked my way through college; I had money I made myself and girl-friendly skills like cooking and music and art.
    John Greenleaf Whittier wrote "For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, 'It might have been'." He was a nineteenth century Abolitionist and poet. If he was thinking about the melanin-rich women he'd met but believed were beyond his reach, well, I know how he felt.

    Don't you live your life only to wonder what might have been if only you had been more open-minded.

  6. I'm a little annoyed with this woman telling me as a man what the pinnacle of beauty is along with the beauty industry and society in general which usually doesn't consult us, men. I believe the stuff you see in fashion magazines is a product of the fashion industry NOT what men actually like.

  7. I'm a blk woman who's dated interracially…. overrated. And Black women calm down despite those stats the FACT is the majority of blk men date, marry, etc Blk women. And while blk men marry outside their race "more" they still end in divorce and single motherhood just the same.

  8. This is bullshit! I’ve read some comments that says white men are doing this because they know that they are becoming extinct! Well this wouldn’t help them with that. The child still would be black!

  9. Hello, as a black woman I would like to say… Could we please just stop the world for a few minutes and let me sit down and take a break, my feet are tired, I got work to do, I'm tired of everybody being concerned about what black women do but not letting black women just be black women, I need. A goodys and some tea, all of these motherfuckers who keep talking about what black women need to do and how black women need to act/live need to have several fucking seats,… Just stop the world from spinning I need a break can we please pause time everybody just keep black women's names at your fucking mouth! Can I get one day!?!

  10. I'm a single white guy I have a good job I own my house I have two vehicles that are paid for. I would love to date and eventually marry a black woman but where I live most black women would rather be with a guy who doesn't work, expects the woman to take care of him while he drives her car and spends her money but look at me as if I am dirt under their feet. Oh well I guess I'll just wait patiently for my queen, who will see the good in me.

  11. What happened to doing inner work on urself and be open to whoever ur soulmate is regardless of race. Love really is Love.

  12. Didn't Black club women back in the day say that interracial relationships are contrary to racial uplift? Today, it's conscious Black women who consider interracial relationships as being detrimental to Black families and communities.

  13. In my experience, I see black men dating and marrying everyone except the black woman. So I agree. it's time for black women to date everyone: white, Latino, Asian, Indian – whomever loves you.

  14. Show me whea they AT!!!!👏👏👏I'm here for interracial relationships. Yes I love my blackness , yes I'm very secure in myself. No I haven't been hurt by a BLACK man . I just love all men. 🙂 I'm confident and all this foolery about this Black Power, Black self Love mess will continue to be a negative with us …so I do what I like and want.

  15. I don't think you should look for an interracial relationship. That's wrong but if it happens….it happens. I am in an interracial relationship and it is very different and hard to see eye to eye on certain things not only because we were raised differently but because he is the type of white person that isnt racist but he doesn't want to acknowledge certain things like white privilege. We live in a predominantly black community so he feels white privilege doesn't apply here which it might not but he somehow thinks that his struggles in a predominantly black community are the same as the struggles a black person in a predominantly white community has. I am not going to lie and say im okay with that but we're young (18) and i know he is ignorant to certain things that happen to black people simply because he is white but while we are in a relationship he is going to learn about what really goes on. I think my experience in an interracial relationship is very different than an older person's would be because we are young and were both ignorant to each other's viewpoint

  16. The author and the book is complete and utter TRASH!!! Everyone doesn't want to date or their race… I'm not buying this crap! I'd rather be alone than date out. The author doesn't even know what she is… Lmao

  17. I like everything well done . Somethings even burnt. But nothing not cooked, undercook, half done or raw. 🤮🤢

  18. Is the author of the books a mixed /biracial woman? If so it could be a bit of bias, but I listen because I'm open-minded and love hearing people views

  19. Who even cares. I wouldn’t date a Black man just because he’s black. Nor would i date a white man just because he’s white. But I would date both races. I would date any race, really. I feel like black women are way to loyal to black men anyway. Some of us let them get away with anything! Even black moms and their black sons have a strange dynamic to me.

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