Socioeconomic Status as a Societal Influence on Physical Activity

killed a class today we're going to be talking about socioeconomic status and participation our learning intentions for today today we are examining the societal influence of socioeconomic status and describing the implications of this influence for ourselves and for other people what does socioeconomic status I hear you ask we're going to start with the definition socioeconomic status is the social standing or class of an individual or group it is often measured as a combination of education income and occupation and that definition comes from the American Psychological Association website essentially socioeconomic status is about comparing how well-off you or your family is in terms of your ability to make money okay and they yes they look at your ability to make money as a combination of how well educated you are how much your income is and what sort of career or occupation you have going forward how and why does socioeconomic status affect yourself and others we're going to watch a video called the race of the life okay you may have seen this before but there's a couple of specific things I want you to be thinking about as you watch this video okay the first one is how do people's answers to this guy's questions affect their ability to participate in physical activity and once that's the case so two simple questions to think about as you watch this video here we go line up everybody line up we're about to race everybody line up shoulder shoulder take off your backpack basketball line up we're about to race hey we are we are racing for honored our bill the winner of this race will take this $100 bill before I say go I'm gonna make a couple statements if those statements apply to you I want you to take two steps forward and those statements don't apply to you I want you to stay right where you're at take two steps forward and both of your parents are still married take two steps forward if you grew up with a father figure in the home take two steps forward if you had access to a private education take two steps forward if you had access to a free tutor growing up take two steps forward if you've never had to worry about your cellphone being shut off take two steps forward if you've never had to help mom or dad with the bills take two steps forward if it wasn't because of your athletic ability you don't have to pay for college take two steps forward if you never wanted where your next meal was gonna come from I want you guys up here in the front just to turn around look every statement I've made has nothing to do with anything any of you have done has nothing to do with decisions you've made everything I've said has nothing to do with what you've done we all know these people up here have a better opportunity to win this hundred dollars does that mean these people back here can't race no we would be foolish to not realize we've been given more opportunity we don't want to recognize that we've been given a head start but the reality is we have now there's no excuse they still got to run their race you still got to run your race but whoever wins is hundred dollars I think it'd be extremely foolish of you not to utilize that and learn more about somebody else's story because the reality is and this was a fair race and everybody was back on that line I guarantee you some of these black dudes would smoke all of you and it's only because you have this big of a head start that you're possibly gonna win this race called life that is a picture of life ladies and gentlemen nothing you've done has put you in the lead that you're in right now when I say go on your mark get set go all right so interesting little video there the first thing we're going to do though is we're going to be a little bit critical of that video we're gonna ask some hard questions rather than just accepting everything as pure truth and knowledge Oh almost certainly everything in that video was staged it's made out to look like he's just got an average group of people come in and he's got his money and just just some random people that he's found they're probably all actors or they've been asked to act in this video for this for this person producing it second thing is it's definitely themed around America and they've picked very American issues to focus on the difference between black and white or private versus public educational ethel etic versus academic scholarships yeah those are big issues in America not as big and New Zealand the talk is all focused around race he's saying that races the deciding factor well actually if you look at some of those questions they're actually about the person's socioeconomic status and there was some mixed ethnicity people throughout that race yeah he was he was saying it's because of the erase I would argue it's because of their socioeconomic status and last what is their agenda why as as this person made this video okay maybe not very clear but we do have to keep that in mind that maybe they have an agenda critique over now onto the useful stuff what useful stuff can we pull out that pull out of that video so he's suggesting that how well-off a person is their socioeconomic status can be affected by the following sentence these words questions one parent versus two parents being in a family okay private versus public education free tutoring bills being unpaid and basic services being cut off children helping out the parents financially children actually earning money in contributing to paying the bills painful food and paying for the household having access to that higher education to university of colleges they call it in food security always having food available in the house so those were his questions those were the things he was asking about and a person's answers to those questions will be a good indication of where they sit in terms of their socioeconomic status are they higher socioeconomic status they have access to education and food security and money they never had to worry about or if a low socioeconomic status those were real issues for them getting a good education or struggling with money having food having you know internet and power and a cellphone if those things weren't really in the household and that's an indication that that person was of a low socioeconomic status so how and why does socioeconomic status actually affect ourselves and others in terms of physical activity generally we see the fine low socioeconomic status means that there is less disposable income less money to spend on things like entertainment and leisure physical activity of sports and less opportunities to access that physical activity in the first place whereas a high socioeconomic status usually means lots of money lots of money to spend on whatever we like we do spend on sports we go spend on physical activity cool greater access to activities just having money in the first place opens up a whole range of options opens doors for us in terms of what we can access or what can participated in generally higher socioeconomic status we see a higher quality of the opportunities in physical activities we've got to challenge some of these assumptions though so that was generally our last slide but that's not always the case our people with low socioeconomic status often given extra opportunities to try and make up for their socio-economic disadvantages by the government by scholarships or by community projects you know let's build something in that low socioeconomic neighborhood so that people can access it is there a way of you know countering that people with low socioeconomic status more likely to appreciate and fully engage in the opportunities they get because their opportunities are fewer and farther between so if someone can only afford to play one sport at high school they can only afford to play one sport they're going to be fully engaged in it because that's their only opportunity this is someone who they play everything they've signed up for every single team they can imagine because paint money's my problem but will they be fully engaged in all those all those opportunities all those activities are people of low socioeconomic status actually just as active as everyone else are they actually just as active and it's just that we don't see it because they don't participate in the traditional ways that we're even asking about this can they be just as active as everyone else rather playing for a sport club which cost money maybe they play just with their friends and thus still just as active just as much doing the same things just not quite in the same way and lastly should access to physical activity and by extension the health benefits and the things that come with physical activity should that even have a cost or should that be free to every single new zealanders should everyone in New Zealand regardless of how well we offer they are off in terms of money should everyone have that access so some themes we're gonna finish with some themes commodification are the costs around certain physical activity increasing due to commodification and as this making it harder for certain groups to access those physical activities sexism the men and women have equal economic rights and access when it comes to physical activity and could always talk about how ilysm the board globalization or youth culture if you so desire that brings us to the end of today hopefully you've enjoyed a little talk about socioeconomic status what it is and how to fix the participation of your self and others

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