Society: Relationship between two people. Part 1 Communication -Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. Shambhala

There should be no reason that when we experience life that it can not be a constant reminder; and even though we all makes mistakes and difficulties occur, that the basis of society can not be this constant murmur asking us to manifest our innate strength. And therefore this process of society I believe is not, when we use this word society it’s not the masses; what this social transformation is going to come down to and what we are talking about society altogether, is essentially the relationship between two people. As soon as we are born we have parents; and even though in our culture we may have very good relationship or a difficult relationship; but we are all born and we have immediately that notion of other; we have friends; we have spouses; we have relationship with taxi driver. It’s very difficult for any of us to talk to more than one person at a time, except right now; [laughter] we can talk to many people subsequently, but all our faculties are there. In enlightened society we have to bring it down to this human level; we have to, at the basis, be willing to communicate: between man and woman, between man and man, between women and women, between daughter and mother, father and son. When you multiply that, and that relationship becomes full of fear and doubt and anxiety, we create a whole society of uneasiness. It comes down to what we feel about ourselves and what we think about others. Therefore this moment that we are in and what we are being asked to contemplate is, “Can society be good?”. Well if you look at the basic premises of society, it is two people; and the underlying factor between two people, innately, is that we want to communicate; even when we’re angry we want to communicate. What the notion of enlightened society is saying is that when we wake up to our inherent strength, sense faculties, who we are, we are alive and we’re all wanting to have acknowledgement and attention; it is an innate human quality; it is a biological aspect. See Society: relationship between two people. Part 2 Willingness to listen

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