Society is a Freak Show ! How normal people react on me ?

– Yes, society is a real freak show. Let’s talk about this because it’s really creeping me out to go out there in the public and see other normal human beings. Normal. (techno music) (makes explosion noise) – Hey, y’all, it’s me, Lily LU. Welcome back to my channel here. Everything is a little bit about life on edge of society. I would consider my life
not as the most normal life but on the other hand, I consider my life as the only normal life in this world and that is what we talk about. because today, I was in the normal world and it’s a fucking freak
show, trust me dead. So let’s talk about this. In case you wanna see
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here and let’s dive into. bing, bing, bing. (kids laughing) so yeah me and my daughter
on the road with our van and we was visiting some friends his son is the same age as Maya and they are kind of concreting here some stuff for skateboarding and I took the kids and we go to like this I don’t know it’s called
this big market with rollercoaster and food stuff and you know, where like
normal people celebrate once a year they built it up
in the middle of the city here. Like there’s kirmes,
there’s rollercoasters food stuff, old drunken music stuff I don’t know like normal village stuff and with a lot of
rollercoaster and stuff so I go with the kids there to let them ride some roller coasters and get some candies for me, not for the kids
not for the kids for me (scary hissing) and we are like in the middle of Bavaria and Bavaria is considered
as the most conservative and conformistic country
we have here in Germany so a lot of very traditional peoples and especially there there was like a lot of people with
like the leather pants and Bavaria outfits and a woman and all like, very
traditional, very normal. and it’s very awesome to see. I stand up his two kids
and the people look at me like I’m the devil and they consider myself I don’t know it’s very funny to assume what they think but on the other hand I look around and it’s like a freak show to me and then you see like this
parents, they have three kids and they stand every
cigarettes in their hand and they put a cigarette in their mouth, they took something to eat and put it in the mouths of their kids like one second before having
a (beep) cigarette yeah and this is all right
and then how they dress and stuff and the fashion and everybody looks the same and whoa, it’s so crazy for me to go in society, it’s so crazy to, not being confronted, I not have a problem with being confronted with normal people but it’s very crazy to see how direction of normal peoples is to me because they look at me and they
think like whatever bad stuff and yes, especially when I’m with a kid and it’s very crazy to see because they’re very fucked up they drunk with their kid they like with beer and cigarette and the kid here in the arm and I was like, holy shit this is society! This is society and
everybody is like this. they’re not even people think that is something weird or
strange or anything like this so yeah I don’t know what to say it’s just so crazy to me to go in society. I would say normal society
have so much bad stuff so much bad behavior what
is just like tolerated by society and people adapt to it and don’t even see the negativity of it like cigarettes or drinking like, you have something like
this village festival thing whatever it is and it’s completely normal people get in
their traditional outfits and they got all drunk
like Oktoberfest, you know? Who never heard of Oktoberfest it’s just that’s like a very, very small form of the Oktoberfest and it’s so (beep) up how it’s completely okay and tolerated that people get drunk, as wasted as hell dance on the tables whatever you know? Molest women and, oh man. then scream around and bad words and there are fistfights there and here and the other police
have to come, this is alcohol. Alcohol is the worst drug of everything we have in the world when you think of how much bad stuff happened in the world because
of alcohol, holy shit. Same with cigarettes how much
people die and shit happens because of cigarettes, the
tobacco industry, come on. and I think drugs, like legal drugs like alcohol and cigarettes, it’s some of the worst habits we have in humanity. It’s something who is
really (beep) up humanity and this is society this
is tolerated in society This is like the pressure ventil of society how I call it because when normal people’s would live day in, day out Monday to Friday in their (beep) up life not (beep) up life but in the normal life in the normal, frustrated
life where has not much room for dreams, not much room for real life, for freedom for individualism for going for your own
dreams, going for your visions, for your own
life do it for yourself. – [Lily LU] I got watched. I’m completely out again
so yeah pressure ventil. Pressure ventil. There is I think a pressure ventil created by society so that people don’t take their frustration off at some point in a form of rebellion or revolution or something like this, against society against the system. So that’s why society
have this pressure ventils and one of them is legal drugs. Legal drugs are signs the beginning of humankind one of the biggest pressure ventils the system gives because it gives, it feeds the normal peoples this piece of freedom, you know it’s weekend, I can go all crazy, I can get drunk and wasted have
party going go in the club, go in Oktoberfest or whatever you know and people forget their
Monday to Friday life. There are no holy days,
no room for expression, all this stuff they kind of forget. This is like even more worse and this is a bad habit of society and it’s so crazy for
me to go out and see it. See how everybody’s dressed the same or everybody is the same and then see the people’s reaction to me I mean when they could see themselves out of a more objective,
neuter perspective they would probably be ashamed. I hope they would be ashamed
because like what, come on! We in in Germany, we have
the rights to express ourselves I have the
rights to look like I do and I can give a crap
and I’m exactly the same in front of the law, in front of everyone but this is not how society
works and even if get told, oh, there’s a lot of
tolerance and be happy there’s so much tolerance but there isn’t tolerance
and it’s good you know? I like it because I go out
and I see normal society, I see normal society
peoples, so yeah womans are just like, I just don’t
like whom and that’s why I’m hiding in my squirrel
nest off this Psyland and try to avoid stuff
like this as much as I can still I don’t try to hide
my daughter from everything because she’s a normal human
being, living still in society. she have to see society
as I have to see society. From time to time it’s good to be confronted with society, so that you feel even more confident in your pairs in your pairs on edge of society in your pairs where you know this is nowhere close a life I could get any
joy and any fun out of it for me life is so much about fun so much about express myself and let just my mind explode and let me do
stuff I just wanna do without thinking about my social rank, my money I can do my what other people think and so on, you know? It’s all not about this
and yeah I don’t know where this talk brings me right now, it just feels right to talk with about because this frustration in me sometimes smashes me so hard when I go in society. I don’t know what to say
society is (gun noises) Society! look I have my friend Olaf with me. He’s always smiling is
always a good company, better than most humans out there, so. So yeah, I better spend my time with Olaf in the forest and go somewhere
to weird stuff in society. (groans) guys! ‘kay my little life addicts
was it already for today I don’t know if that all was necessary but I felt like making quick talk to you. No fancy edit, no fancy
music blah blah blah cut and stuff, just like sitting here, we wait anyway
the kids playing a lot, I was kind of bored we made
a concrete Olaf together. Me and the kids, I maybe
show you some quick b-rolls from this (gun noise) So yes thanks for watching and for drop in and consider subscribing when you see more silly stuff like this but not and then just tell me in the comment let some hate comments there,
let some nice comments there, whatever you do thank you all for sharing. Thank you all for liking and watching and that you were being
around on my channel and I hope we see us in next time. Pew, pew, pew! and I know some of you are very curious if I’m still skateboarding. I have to say I don’t skateboard much I don’t skateboard much anymore and the two times in a
year when I put my shoes on and socks it’s very weird,
it’s a very weird feeling because it’s really the only time I putting something like shoes
on, it’s for skateboarding. But because we’re here
in the Black River Land and we skateboard a little bit, i skateboard with the kids. It’s what the old squirrel is like I can do they can not
skateboard with the kids but yeah I still have some
skills, the old man skills. Let me see… there’s not so much to skate here I’m not so much the flat skater. (skateboard clops against concrete) (skateboard screeches to a halt) woohoo! that was like my first
360 flip in 10 years I never tried it again after I start transitioning for skating woohoo Oh fuck, but today, my
skateboarding wasn’t to bad. okay bye-bye. Let’s go home Maya!

73 thoughts on “Society is a Freak Show ! How normal people react on me ?

  1. This is a neat photo – I always thought your eyes were injected black not green! I love your content and I totally wish I had the opportunity to live life the way you do. I do to an extent, but right now I can't take it to quite this level. I'll get to my place of freedom eventually.

  2. dude… im not like you. I dont have a lot of tattoos or bodymods whateever. But i think the same, if i step out of my door. Everything feels like a fucking horror Movie to me. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy this channel.

  3. Hey lily! Looks like same place from previous vid awesome kick flip on the board want to see more! It makes me laugh how normal people creep you out with normal festival. Normal life is drab i agree you live a unique life style and your family seems very happy and content ! Love seeing your life adventures and journeys cant wait for next one!☺🐸☺🐸

  4. The tolerance in the society is fake far from being as tolerant as it pretends to be its only tolerant when we move within the realms of ''''normality'''' so yeah society is a big freak show ^^
    btw your skateboard skills are still good you can really see that its in your blood I would love to see some more skateboard content from you.

  5. The truth is that you are much more "ordinary" than people think, bringing with you the "good old" values to present them in a slightly new way. Promotes unity and family ties, love for our children and what our duty to them is and our duty as an individual to take care of the globe in our own brief moments in history. It knocks a big and warm heart behind your shell of colors, I wish you all the best in your metamorphosis and further battle against the carpet bombing with "the usual". With greetings from a friend and subscriber in Norway.

  6. Humans are hard to understand. I’ve never felt that I belong in normal society and I never will. Great video lily! You say what’s on a lot of our minds!

  7. Haha 😀 Ja ich wohne auch in Bayern und ich kriege bei diesen ganzen Volksfesten auch regelmäßig die Vollkrise. Ich fühl mich auf solchen Festen wie ein Alien, schon als Kind.

  8. Yea you're so right! Everything in this 'normal' world is just being sad, dark and intolerant. When people see something little different they always seem to hate which I find wrong and sad

  9. im a "normal" person and i don´t even have tattoos but i like your "filosophy" of life. I hope you understand me, my english is very shitty . AND you almost kill me with the BEEEEEEEEPS, its too fucking loud.

  10. Skateboarding and hardcore punk rock very early on took me out of a normal society.. As i started adding to my journey more looks I got. doesnt bother me. im not much of a people person myself but i understand human and animal behavior. I like taking my nieces to the park and getting the whole playground to ourselves. I like playing too ! Swings… Lily.. Got me through some times. Ever need to clear your head. Go swing in the morning hours. The silence and cold wet air very relaxing.

  11. Tekno and psychedelic trance took me away from normal people. Now I also see other people a bit different!

    I like you're style and personality because. But I also think that there are many people who think different but not in this ("extreme") way

  12. Another good video!
    I can definetely agree with what you said and I think it's a shame that not enough people see it aswell.

  13. its your mirrow.. you say the society think you are a freak… for special with kids… and you think the same from the society… all things what happend are good.. if you like it or not…

  14. “We have gone sick by following a path of untrammelled rationalism, male dominance, attention to the visible surface of things, practicality, bottom-line-ism. We have gone very, very sick. And the body politic, like any body, when it feels itself to be sick, it begins to produce antibodies or strategies for overcoming the condition of disease. And the 20th century is an enormous effort at self-healing. Phenomena as diverse as surrealism, body piercing, psychedelic drug use, sexual permissiveness, jazz, experimental dance, rave culture, tattooing, the list is endless.” Terence McKenna

  15. You are really growing on me😊
    Exactly perfect gesagt,with the cigarettes,drink,their actions in Front of their kids.
    I think your a reall cool human💖,not enough left of us
    Greetz Lara.
    Yep,alcahol ist Gift.

  16. To hate is not good to look at others different from your self with scorn and aggression is not good seems to me you're society is no different than normal society! !!

  17. The worst is feeling this way as a child before your able to understand , feels like the world is crazy 🙏 peace lily

  18. You have morality. Society has "Traditional Morality".
    With the strict, rigid guidelines of traditional morality one doesn't have to think of what's right or not, they just have to conform. After all that time confirming and not thinking…
    Normies just grow ever more and more devious inside.

  19. Thank you for another excellent subject! It’s nice to see other people see how sick society is, I always had trouble getting along with society’s effed up expectations. It’s fun watching other people having fun skateboarding, good job! I just hope you didn’t forget Olaf! Wishing a Happy Growing 🐾☮️🦋💜🌼

  20. I understand your point of view and you are an inspiring being. I just would ask you to do a reality check and be a bit more emphatic to the „normal people’s life“. Not everyone needs or even wants to express itself. It is a part of your personality and your energy. Maybe it has also something to do with the rituals you experienced. This is something I do not know.
    Some people just enjoy other people’s company, others are very nerdy about a certain topic, and others are seekers. (Of course there are a couple of more motives people’s have).
    If you are truly in peace with yourself, you should not put other ones down, probably not even for a really bad behavior. (I do not say you are doing it, it was more a general comment). Fight for education, show the other ways and probably people will follow. Just my two cents.
    Anyways, I am a fan of you and your channel.

  21. I can't figure out how to leave you a private msg. But I agree society is a freakshow. I have face tattoos and a decent amount of black work. I have a one year old son. How did you do school and 'normal' stuff for your daughter?

  22. hey Marc..ich würd euch echt gerne mal besuchen..ich hatte mal vor jahren wegen einem taatoo gefragt..kenn dich noch von den partys in überlingen und waltshut..bin aus Ravensburg und du hast ein guten freund von dort tattowiert 😉🕉.R.I.P….LOVE

  23. You are not at the edge of society. You are just a simple idiot who likes to show other people what he calls normal and want to push this idea. But man, look around you. People are know very well how to live, we are living this way for many thousand years. Doing porn isn’t normal, destroying your healty body isn’t normal and yeah teaching all of it to your daughter also isn’t normal. It’s great if you like to live your life whatever it is but please stop uploading videos like this.


  24. hey man you should come to us on Krampus day to tirol. i think society is a freakshow to bit o remember also when i saw you at modem i was so curious when i met you that i looked at you and you said i am not jesus i am just a normal hippie freak. so i loved youre style just havent seen anything like it before man sorry you got to live woth it but it is so interesting man. keep on living like this its amazing and unique. You are a great dad. i got kids to. greets from Tirol / Innsbruck where people consider them a little more crazy/chilled than the germans. at least a lot of them. You should come to krampus day which is on december around 4.5.6. ! =D

  25. Hallo Lily, ich schreibe mal in Deutsch.
    Ich lebe auch einen alternativen Lebensstil und finde Du hast in sehr vielen Dingen vollkommen recht und man sollte das (für Sich) beste aus dem Leben machen und sich nicht mit den Köpfen und Meinungen anderer in keiner Weise einschränken lassen….Allerdings muss ich sagen dass es mich freuen würde wenn Du deine Ansichten zur "normal society" etwas mehr Black and White and gray and green and shit wären so wie Du selbst auch und nicht nur negativ und schwarz.
    Vlt sollten wir lieber versuchen Bewusstsein und Toleranz zu schaffen und gegen den Konsum und die Wirtschaft gehen statt sich gegenseitig zu verurteilen…denn das was du anprangerst tust du in gewisser Weise selbst auch.
    Peace Love destruction and renewal

  26. i really like when you saying that you are living on the edge of society, it helps me because i have the same feelings about society and i feel really bad and sad that Im also a part of it and my children are also becoming a part of this. It makes me depressed. now i understand that i can not live out of sociaty, but i can live as far as it possible

  27. good preporation for me going back into the normal (their opinion) world and still can be my "normal" (my feelings) self 😉 ……. but ´why you ran over Olaf & leave him to suffer in the end 🙁

  28. I'm going to be completely honest with you when I 1st saw you you were suggestion from YouTube
    I watched your video when he were crying and looking at your tattoos
    That book that you were flipping through and you are very emotional
    Yes people in societee will look at you immediately and judge you and feel a little scared because they don't understand what they're seeing with their eyes like I didn't understand but when I started listening to you I didn't see how you looked I saw your heart in your soul and I like you and I like people for what they are not what they look like
    When I was young I grew up in a small town and I will had a mohawk I wore white makeup I was Gough and I was treated like the biggest piece of ship they're all my friends lived in the city so I go to the city and I was able to be myself but I was still myself and buck what everybody thought that was hard to deal with but I dealt with it and I know what you mean about drugs about alcohol and about how societee makes people feel like they have to conform and accept things that are sickening and detrimental to the human soul and spirit I totally understand

  29. You look different (good in my opinion). But people will look. Most of them just curious, without thinking a lot. I definitely would also stare curiosly. Without meaning it bad. I think quite “brave person, really lives her style“. How many do not think negatively about you, but just curious? Maybe more than you think?
    And. …in normal live I'd look quite average, only wearing a few neon color shirts occasionally. On the other hand, if we would meet in puplic at the swimning pool, I definitely gets not less stares than you. And I go to public swimming pools and lakes. I do sports in summer with naked upper body. And people do stare at my body piercings.
    They are unique. So people do stare. Ok, shall they. I made them curios myself.

  30. I hate society I suffer with social anxiety which makes it worse people where I live in birmingham uk are so nasty and judgemental !!!

  31. No hate comment, only a love comment. And a Supportive one as well.

    100% (ok, to be honest, just nearly one hundred percent hehe ) agreement with your words.

    In my opinion and my way of thinking you are a really normal hell yes person with an absolutely normal (and also right and desirable way) to view life, society, love and everything else (from what I know about you – just can comment on what you share publicly).

    Of course you are silly and crazy and fancy, but just in a normal and healthy think so! way. I know trillions (just wanna express that I am talking about a big amount) of people don't see it this way and right the opposite one. But who cares. I think you are right in every single word you said about society and alot of other things of life! The accepted "normal" way to spend life time and the development of society is THE REAL SICKNESS!

    Whatever. Just my silly thoughts 😉.

    Thank YOU!

    Take care, have fun, live life!

  32. It seems like you work for the shock but are surprised by the outcome. Then judge the same way back. It seems extremely hypocritical. I'm different and weird but you try too hard so you can judge the same way your being judged. Its rediculous and an endless circle of idiocracy and hypocritical thinking.

  33. Don’t give a dam we are all freaks we just should learn to look in the mirror and see we all should realize we are all different. That the way it is people go with the flow

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