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hi again everyone I'm ollie Mathews this is the narcissistic resistance in this resistance video sponsored by contribution from Rachael and it's a political video requests on what I was talking about and I would have waited a couple a little bit to do this but based on what I was just reading when this came in I figured I might as well do it while it's fresh hi Ally this is a political video request I have a USA Today article that I read today regarding Nathan Phillips and it really got under my skin I was hoping if you could read the article and let me know if I'm way off base or not I sent a contribution via PayPal I'm a 33 year old middle class married white woman how dare you onto the point where I don't even want to hang out with my girlfriend's anymore because all they ever do was talk about me to racial justice how much Trump is literally Hitler etc etc I would assume if you're a middle class white women you're hanging out with other white women which would kind of be my point on the art Kelly videos that all this racial injustice is coming from our own sides what you got here is you're hanging out with a bunch of miserable women who want to spread their misery onto other people that's what they want to do by virtue signaling on how much better they are than everyone else including each other they got to be a thrill to hang out with they've turned into a bunch of hypocrites one of the biggest issues is that they refuse to acknowledge when they are wrong or they have jumped the gun on some idiotic twisted story well of course because they're leftists that's what they do that the the joy of being a leftist is never having to admit you're wrong which is why so many narcissists are on the Left because you never have to admit you're wrong it's always somebody else's fault and you can always turn yourself out to be the make yourself out to be the victim always my husband and I call the attitude burn the witch I feel like that's what happened to these kids and this article of nathan phillips most recent statements really sets me off to me it is riddled with narcissistic red flags i think no one is calling them out because it would mean social suicide and be branded a bigot right well he's a brown person so you can't call him out for anything though though you know it's been it's being it's it's been whispered about him something that's been whispered the last few days that has just been confirmed that that it's always the case it's always the case that these people are full of shit liars always anyway here's the link to the article i hope you have a nice week please tell charlene that i wish i could grab a beer invent with her cuz at least there's one other woman out there who gets it i miss seeing axle and stalee please give him extra smooches from me okay so here's the article she want me to it wanted me to read Cincinnati Native American activist Nathan Phillips has changed his mind and now says he would meet who will meet students at Covington Catholic High School why would you why would anybody want this toothless idiot near children he's offering to travel as a delegate representing the International Coalition behind the indigenous people's March to Covington Catholic High School in and have a dialogue about cultural appropriation racism the importance of listening and respecting diverse cultures he said in a Tuesday news really the balls on him because the media refuses to call him out again these kids did nothing wrong they were standing there waiting for a bus a bunch of 14 15 and 16 year old and a grown-ass man in his 70s beating a drum in their fig walk approaches them as they're being attacked by black Israelites again they don't stop the left doesn't stop if they they're not going to give up their opportunity to preach to you to look down there and doesn't matter that they're proven wrong it doesn't matter they already have it in there and this is what they want to do when they're gonna do it they think they're entitled to all of this previously he told the Cincinnati Enquirer it was not the right time to meet with them I wouldn't meet with them with him ever ever and the next article you get to see why race relations in this country and around the world have reached the boiling point Phillips said Tuesday it is sad that on the weekend of a holiday when we celebrate the life and legacy of dr. Martin Luther King jr. race thought racial hostility occurred on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where King gave his I have a dream speech right right a king would be sickened by all by but by the left he'd be sickened by the left he says he would like to use what occurred as a teachable moment what's the teachable no it's a brainwashing moment teacher teach what what are you going to teach him that's some fraud can bang a drum and bully children and then still play the victim but teacher I mean these people are insane this is why I say when you're dealing with sociopaths and you're dealing with narcissus you don't engage it you don't engage them because they're playing on different set of rules entirely and the only way you're going to be able to battle these people long term it's not gonna be good it's gonna be a revolution unfortunately because they're not gonna stop it doesn't matter and I've talked to some on my on my narcissism videos it doesn't matter what video evidence what evidence you have it don't matter if you have video evidence it don't matter it doesn't matter they can twist anything against you doesn't matter what they said that they told a hundred lies leading up to it it doesn't matter he smiled he's white he had a red maggot hat so therefore you can get away with anything it doesn't matter because they know what's really in their heads they know what they really believe they just need you to admit it they just need you to admit to confirm it but if you don't confirm it they go nuts and they get more and more desperate trying to prove something that's not there that's probably what it's like hanging out with girlfriends because they're so desperate to believe it because to have to face reality is to have to face their own misery and their own failures as human beings I have read the statement of mix of Nick Sandman the student who stared at me and this guy is still coming from a position of moral he's still preaching from his high fucking horse this is how you know there's no getting through to these people there's no arguing with these people they have no fucking shame he did not apologize did this guy's still looking for an apology he's still looking for an apology let me jump to the other article so we know who's looking for you know this Vietnam veteran this is this Native American Vietnam veteran you know who's demanding an apology who's been victimized oh wait a minute he lied he was never in Vietnam oh shit oh shit we knew that a knew the ages didn't match up but it was whispering it on the right like y'all this guy's know how to be it Nam that kid the the math don't add up not the point it is the point this is what I'm trying to tell you these people are fucking shameless they're shameless the Washington Post has had to issue yet another retraction after falsely claiming that far-left Native American activist nathan phillips served in the Vietnam War he did in but this lie was previously used to help raise money for a documentary about his life on Monday the Washington Post quietly issued a correction to their story about the activists saying that while he served in the Marines he was never deployed to Vietnam correction earlier versions of the story correctly said that Native American activists needed nathan phillips fought in the Vietnam War they said he was a war hero a war veteran remember that Philip served in the US Marines from 1972 to 1976 but was never deployed to Vietnam the update reads nathan phillips war hero narrative is crumbling from washington post correction that i was the tweet this wasn't the first time that phillips has misrepresented his service in 2012 over six thousand dollars was raised for a documentary about his about his life in which he claimed to be a vietnam veteran one of the worst things you complain you can do in this country is stolen valor is to claim to be a war veteran and you're not in the video about the documentary director maria stan shiva explained that her documentary was about Philips belief that he could pray cancer away from his wife Stan Shiva explained in the footage that Phillips had been sent to a Catholic boarding school at the age of five from the sound of it he resents the experience mm-hmm so like a woman holding a grudge for 65 years he went and go bullies a bunch of 15 year olds Nathan's past is a difficult one he was forced out of his family at the age of five to be integrated into a Catholic school like so many other Native Americans not being allowed to see his family for tens for for ten years Stan Shiva stated Stan Shiva goes on to say that that he was then a marine in Vietnam and right after that he became an alcoholic for 20 years mm-hmm so he was an alcoholic because of his Vietnam sir bullshit it's all lies everything about this guy is a lie countless media outlets and reporters use this face this false claim about his service in an attempt to shame those who questioned his antics when he confronted this in Washington DC another day another fake news media lie and that's Cassandra Fairbanks is a very very good reporter for for Gateway pundit back to the original article so now this guy is still looking for a fucking apology from a 16 year old this this this purveyor of false out of stolen valor shameless shameless shameless people this is who your friend's side with this is why you can't stand them because deep down this tells you who they are deep down this is telling you your friends are just bad people selfish self-entitled narcissistic twat waffles this is who they side with this is who they are they don't care what he did he helps alleviate their guilt he helps me he helps them bully other people to make other people feel as bad as they feel inside as miserable as they feel inside he did not apologize and I believe there are an intentional falsehoods and his testimony Philips continued he thinks there's intentional false a 16 year old who did nothing but stand there and smile this lying scumbag lying about being a Vietnam veteran bullying children but I have faith that human beings can use a moment like this to find a way to gain understanding for money from one another all they are going the left is going to force their agenda down your throat they don't fucking care they don't care what the evidence is they don't care are you in with them so I don't you don't see me argue with them other than to drop memes and watching go crazy because it's pointless when you got this shit on tape and every narrative they ever push falls apart and they never and it doesn't stop them it doesn't stop them it only empowers them more because they're allowed to keep doing it why would they stop Phillips expressed appreciation for the statements from the school and the mayor of the coming of the mayor of Cummington and that mockery and taunting are not representative of the compassion and respect and other inclusive values they wanted to yeah I'll be surprised as the American makes it through the rest of the month without having to resign anybody who spoke out on these kids is off shits Creek because there's I told you there's a database being being compiled there's lawyers taking these cases proba and they're gone we have to our side you have to at this point it's on it's on and I told you guys in 2016 this was going to be an online Warren information war the mean war was real they thought I was joking no no no this is real so let's create a space for the teaching of the tolerance to happen he said yeah it should happen it should happen your tolerance should happen in a prison cell because you're you're a piece of shit grifter trying to hurt children Phillips the indigenous peoples March and Licata police people's Law Project are preparing to make overtures to set up meetings with the students their community and Catholic Church officials you don't talk to them ever ever ever ever you don't play into this not one bit you don't play into it you don't you don't act like any of this is legitimate you don't give this any type of validate you don't validate this one io2 not a shred of it not a shred of it you give them zero validation and you admit to nothing nothing this is a zero by the way I'm not doing apparently this means white power these days I fucking crazy it's fucking crazy anything anything they don't care they don't care how ridiculous it is they don't care how shameless it is as long as they can yelling in your face that's all they care about cincinnati restaurant restaurateur Jeff Ruby had invited Phillips to break bread and make amends with the students after short clips of the incident between students at the Park Hills Albaugh high all-boys high school and Phillips at the indigenous peoples March in Washington DC went viable Ruby said Monday he would fly Phillips first cleft this is why he does it this is why they do this shit to have dinner with the cold-cast students at one of his high-end restaurants oh you virtually signaling guilty guilty white idiot this is why they do this it's not the right time Phillips told The Enquirer on Monday night I might consider it at some point there have to be certain assurances in place give and take and understanding and this guy's laying ground rule he caused all this with his lies and then has the audacity to lay ground wall I can't understand why you have a problem with your friends I don't know why you have a problem hanging out with people that would think this is acceptable at some point you just gotta accept your girlfriends are just bad people many social media users interpreted and Philips maintains that the students were harassing him many social meet with what idiots idiots who want to believe it many social media interpreted if you interpreted that you're either a liar or you're too stupid to be on social media I'm done playing this game I'm done giving them the benefit of the doubt oh maybe they believed maybe that's his experience wolf it he lied and he does it because because idiots like rude like like Ruby the restaurant owner okay we'll invite him on first class plane tickets and in first class dinners and USA Today all right up and in The Washington Post and every other fucking media outlet will say oh well that's maybe just the way he interpreted in he just was doing what he thought bullshit don't insult my intelligence and don't insult your own intelligence by even giving this the benefit of the doubt by giving it any validation whatsoever according to Philips it's not the time because of the statement released by cub calf student nick-san again it's his fault because of the statement the sixteen-year-old is getting savaged by verified Twitter nobodies horrendous celebrities hags these fucking people and death threatening them and because he decided to offend the defend himself look I'm back on my moral high ground fuck this guy fuck this guy fuck you in your drum how about that fuck you in your drum his own tribe says he's an embarrassment they call him Red Cloud look it up in the viral video clit Sandman a juniors seen standing face to face with Phillips as Phillips calmly beats a drop calmly calmly he's true the fucking these people think they don't understand how Trump won Sandman stands smiling he Sandman needs to put out a different statement says Phillips who the fuck is this who has said he is a Vietnam vet trend and he said he's a Vietnam veteran but we've just found out he's not what USA Today can't do their own fucking research this kid did nothing and he's still bullying them what am i sad narcissism you're not allowed to fight they could do whatever they want to you you can't even fucking defend yourself I'm disappointed with this statement he didn't accept any responsibility that lack of responsibility I don't accept it I don't accept you scumbag what an O this is what they've done – listen if you're any for those of you who are on my narcissism channel most of you are this is what we've dealt with in our personal lives oh my god like oh my god Phillips said that Sandman's response has changed his mind and how we've used the incident on what he hopes the outcome will be at first I wanted to teachers and chaperones to be reprimanded some fired for letting this happen you of course you did of course you wanted that that's what you wanted from that's why you went over there because you're a rabble-rousing leftist scumbag who makes money off of fucking terrorizing children anybody who gives him a pass anybody who even allows him to say he had any type of good intention on this you're just as complicit as he is anybody who Lau's a half-assed apology for any of this from anyone you're complicit to no quarter for any of these people anymore none Philip said for the students I was against any expulsion but now I have to revisit that now he has to revisit it now he has to revisit it after it's been proven that the whole narrative is a fucking lie he wants them punished worse societal narcissism don't prove your innocence they want you punished worse what a piece of shit what a fucking piece of garbage this guy is according to Philips the national attention he has received hasn't had much sway on him the incident hasn't really either he said but Sandman statement has a 16 year old statement a 16 year old statement you drunken clown you drunken geriatric you drunken baby-boomer douchebag how about that baby boomer doesn't like it when the Millenial don't fall into line does it do they do they oh you're not gonna heed my warning or you're gonna pay then this is our youth he said these Cove costumes may be from a different culture a different race but I'm American and they're American this is our youth American youth is this the future we got I hope those kids are our future you scumbag Philip said he's ready to work toward a better America that was one reason he was participating in the indigenous peoples March I'm just working for a better future for all our children he said but I can't work with liars and fees Wow stolen valor collected $6,000 because he was supposed he was a supposed Vietnam veteran with a wife with cancer I wonder if the wife had cancer or not anybody check on that but they're liars and thieves because they were waiting for a school bus after I'm right for after a march for life rally because they didn't think children should be sucked out of the womb that's what this is realize is what this is all about once again abortion Philip says he was in a prayer when he approached the clothed cast students his goal was to defuse a volatile situation between the students and foreign members of the black Hebrew Israelites he Sandman stole my naira like the white man stole your land Olly shit neither just shameless he's just shameless from time to time I hit that first beat of the drum until I hit the last beat I was in prayer now all of a sudden he's the prayer guy and the passive one he's from a Catholic school the Christian kid from a Catholic school is not the prayer guy although he's at a march for life and you're the prayer guy you're the prayer guy maybe you're the prayer it doesn't matter how ridiculous the argument is they could just say it as long as they say it with confidence their snark or indignant saying indignantly boomer rule can you believe he's if he's the prayer guy I had a drum and was chanting this is why you can't stand your friends how do you argue with this either your friends are stupid or they're just liars they're just horrible people I think it's the latter he's the prayer God Phillips is referring the Sandman's statement I believe that by remaining motionless in comma I was helping defuse the situation I realized everyone at cameras and that perhaps a group of adults was trying to provoke a group of teenagers into a larger conflict I said a silent prayer that the situation would not get out of hand Phillips also took issue that Sandman refers to him and fellow marchers and Native American protesters I take the great great offense to the term protesters we were not protesting anything Philip said in fact we were the only group with a permit to be there while marching for solidarity and for being indigenous people yeah that's called a protest if you need a print if you need a permit it's called a protest anything the truth is a problem anything is a problem everything is a problem anything could be turned as a victimization we were there in prayer we wanted to make America better Philip said on the other the coal cat students were coming from a protest the students had participated in the right to life march what he came to known for was for protesting what he came to town for was Pro to abort like I said abortion anyone who knows about Roe versus Wade knows it isn't a pretty picture he's Sandman had come from come from that protest to me he came worked up a friend worked up in a frenzy already Phillips said the argument between the students and the black Hebrew Israelites went on for hours before he was called by God to step in the students had an opportunity not to hey and put an olive branch and say let's sit down and pray together he said instead they responded to hate with hate and Sandman transferred that hate to me so because they're white they have to sit there and take abuse from the black Israelites their children and they even if what he was saying is true they're still just kids but none of its true it's all bullshit it's all ridiculous Phillip said describing the interaction between the cove cat students and the blackheath Hebrew Israelites it was like a tornado I live in the plains and I've watched the tornado come down Oh God it's very destructive when I saw it when I saw what I saw in front of me that day was destruction from a terrible storm tearing apart the fabric of my America and threatening the future of all our children I saw racism and bigotry this guy is garbage this guy is just garbage garbage he lied never served in Vietnam but me he's raised money saying he did your friends of garbage stop it stop hanging out with them stop hanging out with them unbelievable the left doesn't care everybody they don't care and that's your friends they don't care they just need the argument to beat you with that's it that's it that's all it's about so societal narcissism you fighting back is victim is victimization can't be any clearer than that so I hope that helps thank you so much for your contribution and your story Rachel I really appreciate it thank you to everybody watching please leave any opinions in the comment section below and again if you want your story right on the channel you have a top you like me to cover a narcissist you like to expose you like to set up Skype a phone call I have a private video made or a Facebook live chat or you'd like to sponsor a video like this for someone who needs help you can't afford it or just make a contribution to the channel in general to keep it supported growing and successful because this channel survives 100% on contributions from all of you without you guys all this goes away so if you like what you see here and you want to see more videos like this you know to do with the paypal and email links in the description box also please like and share this video wherever you can subscribe to my channel if you haven't and be sure to click the subscription Bell to be notified of all my video uploads I'm Olly Matthews this has been the narcissistic resistance take care

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  1. Nope. What is yours cannot be mine,BUT what is mine is what you covet for. Give it to me. Immediately. Now. These are narcs.

  2. Dear writer: your leftist narc friends are talking shit about about you behind your back. I guarantee it. Ditch them now. You can find real friends if you take your time and be choosy. Who has time for stupid, shallow bitches anyway?

  3. Nathan Phillips: typical narc borderline grifter. No one wants to sit down with you, Nate. There's no defense any of these kids need to give, and no one cares to hear any more of your useless lies. Next!

  4. Fauxcahontis has found her running mate! The last time this country had so many virtuous people, 19 people died in Salem. And more recently, over 6,000,000 in Europe.

  5. I'm a gasp! White woman who has the misfortune of living in blue hell. Thank God for people like Ollie, Mark Dice and Styxx Hexenhammer on you tube. These online communities are my refuge. The worst ones seem to be upper class white women who are retired teachers.

  6. It seems to me that the media used the situation to terrorize anyone who stands against their political ideas. These young men were there to stand against abortion so the media used the situation at hand to punish them for their opinions. The tactic of a narcissist is to scare a person into silence. This may seem like a small thing to some people or like a faux pas on the part of the reporting media….however it isn't a small thing at all….it's the active conditioning to create fear in anyone who refuses to join the liberal agenda. We NEED to push back and call them on their horseshit.

  7. I don't know about Nathan Phillips, but I wonder if this woman in the first email misses the fact that Trump is 100% your classic grandiose narcissist since she seems annoyed that her friends would bash him. Unless she's aware of this but just annoyed of hearing it repeatedly?

    The entire country is in the hands of a full blown complete narcissist, how cruel a joke is that for people who were raised by these monsters!

  8. Ollie my friend just alerted me to this
    You are so refreshing the way you call them out
    Don’t change but don’t blow your blood pressure x

  9. On the bright once you realize that these behaviors have probably existed for many many centuries. This generation of people who are like the ones who watch this channel will be the ones who realize everything about the evil of these personality types and finally put an end to it. And not by violence but by simply pointing out the obvious and calling evil by its proper name and going no contact.

  10. 1000 points for use of the word “twat waffle” ! 😂👍🏻👏🏻 You’re nailing it every time with these videos man!

  11. I have a dream that my four little children Will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their hats but by the content of their character.

  12. I imagine Phillips had some serious dysfunction in his life that caused him to end up in a Catholic school at the age of 5 or so. No shout out to the Catholics, but it is possible that they made as much out of him as possible and he may owe them a debt of gratitude.

  13. Worse, in one of the many videos, you see the kids in the background actually being kids, singing along, and having fun like kids do, and the boy in question hushes them up because it seems disrespectful.

    The truth is that not only was the boy in question (whose name has been doxxed but I refuse to use it) not being disrespectful, but he was honoring the lying, funky, cheap, victim-mongering Phillips by acknowledging him and giving him an audience — himself. He wasn’t even “standing his ground” — he was allowing himself to enjoy the experience.

    But your no BS analysis is correct — you cannot give lying, funky, deceptive, grand-standing, victim-mongering Phillips an audience — it never placates a libtard, lying leftie! They are bottomless pits of desperation, victim mongering, virtue-signaling, and attention-seeking.

    Finally, when ordinary Conservative folk say they desire dialogue, they legitimately desire it and naively assume the other side wants that too. As you point out, it is a trap for a platform for more deception, more grandstanding, and victim-mongering.

    Don’t do it people!

    Good stuff here Ollie!

  14. Now they're pointing out the black out sports event and that a basketball player was called "Caramel" 7 years ago.

  15. Of course they published this news also in europe..   Headline is: youth trump fans mock native american

  16. I wonder if George Soros is now involved and paying off people to keep this going. Or maybe he was behind it from the start.

  17. Owen Benjamin is on the same page. .
    The brainwashed NPCs survival depends on fakery and no debate.
    They won't come close to agreeing 'until there is boot on their neck'.
    Tbh, this is helping me come to terms with letting go of hoping for a resolution between myself and my abusers.
    I am surprised at the 8 dislikes here though

  18. Nathan Phillips is my age, so he couldn't have served in Vietnam.Too young! Born in 1955. Back then, Guys in my high school were nervous about being drafted. I can't remember if they already had draft numbers. Anyway, the war was winding down by 16,17 yrs old. So, he's a liar.

  19. If you don't go along with the moronic bull, they would rather pretend your dead. The rules are for you to follow & not for them. Yet they will call you up when they need something, to start the charm offensive, it's sickeningly obviously when your put the patterns together, they create so much distraction & confusion that it's hard to see clearly.

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