Societal Narcissism – The Cherry On Top

hi again everyone I'm only Matthews this is the narcissistic resistance no contribution with this video I need to put a cherry on top of the video I did yesterday and I'll follow up to the abortion videos again because boy do I have a cherry on top so this is a comment from from Dolce Nicole Flores who I was talking about in the excuses video who was claiming she had an abortion and a misogynist and she's been fighting with multiple people in the Miley Cyrus video thread she drops this bomb after my video lasted my video a few hours ago thank you although I'm a little cray and I went off last video and lied about having an abortion a woman lied oh stop the press you're kidding you're kidding a woman lied so this entire fight that you're having in this thread which I wear where I was talking about the this is these are the comments I was reading last night I respected you to this video and you go through this whole thing and I reply to you and I made some valid points and is a lie the fight you had in this in this thread is over a lie over something that now you're claiming didn't happen I see these angry comments and they caused me to feel happy and grateful that I don't carry all that Judge carry around all that judgment and hatred I don't judge people so harshly for their decisions the zygote inside me had the inability to feel pain yeah you hope so this is what you were saying the people you know what I don't believe you either way because you know now you're just telling me you're a liar what else you lie about what else do you lie about not only you do are you claiming them you lied about about being the didn't you weren't pregnant but you're calling me a misogynist off of it you're making accusations that I'm an artist and I'm a misogynist off of it hiding behind false claims of rape and incest and life of it didn't happen to you now now yours now you're claiming it didn't happen and you're fighting with these people over a lie hashtag believe all women have to give more women power want to give a woman like this power I agree and don't think the procedure is moral or ethical it's terrible the ru-486 pill is the only way to go very very early on not all so you don't believe in abortion only would a pill only with this pill so you get to decide you get to now define you're unbelievable you're on you're unbelievable Planned Parenthood is a valuable resource for low-cost STD testing treating and birth control I think it should stick around even with all the males in the world these somehow rendered temporary infertile ah so that kind of got that kind of guy got your attention it won't it won't it'll be gone in under a year without abortion Planned Parenthood is gone in under a year one thing that made me cackle was fibromyalgia not being a real disorder I used to work at a pain management clinic and our waiting room would be full of pushy opiate dependent people claiming they have fibromyalgia I could tell you firsthand who's a made-up disorder here's how it is diagnosed they come in claim they have pain and don't know why or when it started doctor puts them on a diet sends them the therapy chiropractor massage and acupuncture the patient goes through the motions to appease the doctor most of them never losing a pound still complaining about constant pain the doctor fed up stamps them with fibromyalgia diagnosis boom opiates for life score recently California has just cut back on those meds though thankfully well that's great that your that that you're backing up what I'm saying but you're a liar so it actually hurts my my argument this is what women do when you lie when you lie and you make shit up like fake abortions fake rape fake fake accusations against men this is what happens then no women can be believed so the next woman that comes in won't be believed because of women like you and a call not only not only to July you defended the lie you fought for the lie you fought other people for the lie and it wasn't until I cornered you and showed you publicly dude oh yeah I'm just a little crazy and lied hashtag believe all women more women in positions of power not only do you lie yeah yeah lied and this is move on well it's great it's great and I sound like every other story about fibromyalgia and pain clinics sure it sounds like a legitimate pain clinic story I've heard and before but now you're a liar now you're an admitted liar you're a liar who will then project and then do the opposite call me a freakin misogynist over a lie yeah I quit that job after our patient died on the table from percocet and xanax overdose while getting an epidural injection without having her vitals monitored you're welcome for the content by the way so obviously you just keep commenting I guess as you're watching maybe I should get compensated no narcs apply wanted here oh yes you genuinely annoyed me to the point where you're lying when you're making up lies no different what you did here is no different than making up a false rape accusation it's no different because in your mind you're saying oh it just shines a light on it on a greater purpose or greater good bullshit that was my first con con comment on any narc Channel and I watch a ton that's a lie I've seen you comment on this channel before I know exactly who you are I've seen you comment on this channel before that's another lie that's another lie it's a provable lie I've seen you comment on this channel before you're not a huge commenter but you've commented I recognize the name you lie so easily after admitting that you lie why would anybody believe anything you have to say now I've proven my point with you I have proof I am without a doubt an end path from a doctor I this is I'm sorry in the call I think the proof you have from the doctor if you is that you're aborted that you have borderline personality disorder it's a fact that before the central nervous system is developed a fetus cannot feel pain no it isn't no it isn't and nobody should take anything you say with seriously because you are an admitted liar who will then go and accuse men of being misogynist and patriarchy and all this other bull pit awful lie that's not just being a narcissist that's just reality that's just projection it's the opposite and you know it I'll be over at NAR ecology unscripted although a Christian he's very accepting welcoming talented and generally uplifting by you told me you wouldn't be back in your first comment yet you've been all over the place I don't expect you to go anywhere because you're a liar you are an admitted liar no wonder he got 22,000 subs in only four months later I'm going to the white side have fun over there have fun over there what do you think the Christian isn't going to is gonna be pro-abortion I I don't even know who that person is but good luck with him and you will with Imlay you until you get pissed off at him and tried to destroy his channel right with all on a lie hashtag believe all women know hashtag more women in positions of power though anybody want to work with Nicole and but I want to work with a team of Nicole's the patriarchy might with abortion is health care it's bullshit it's bullshit these women don't want to take any responsibility for their life they don't want a mirror held up to their faces and they will lie and they will destroy men's lives to do it there's no reason there was no reason for her to to start commenting and do what you did but she did she did all of this fighting everybody all of this is based on a lie something that didn't happen so she says who knows but hashtag believe all women so hopefully that's the last cherry on top of this let me know what you think in the comment section below and again if you want your story read on the channel you have a top you like me to cover a narcissist you'd like to expose you'd like to set up Skype a phone call have a private video made or you'd like to sponsor a video like this for someone who can who needs help and can't afford it or just make a contribution to the channel in general to keep it supported growing and successful and so lying women or lying anybody lying borderline sociopath like Nicole you don't get the channel taken down because that's what they're trying to do this challenge survives 100% on contributions from all of you without you guys all this goes away so if you like what you see here and you want to see more videos like this you know to do with the Pay Pal an email link in the description box also please like and share this video wherever you can subscribe to my channel if you haven't and be sure to click the subscription Bell to be notified of all my video uploads I'm ollie Mathews this has been the narcissistic resistance take care

32 thoughts on “Societal Narcissism – The Cherry On Top

  1. As a survivor of being trafficked to my rapist by my incubator when I was a child forced into being a child bride, I feel like abortion isn't black and white… having NEVER gotten one.
    But I don't have to lie out my ass to argue that point.
    Wtf Nicole? Smfh

  2. Exactly WHY I said to Dulce Nicole "Oh a psychiatrist CAN diagnose you as an empath…but a Pain Management Dr. CAN'T diagnose Fibromyalgia!!??" LIES. Talking out BOTH sides of her mouth. SMH.

  3. With women being so tapped in the head these days, being branded a "misogynist" is a badge of honor. Thot patrol is I.

  4. You LIED about having an abortion?! Lying is a narcissistic thing… what a drama queen you are. And you think Dave won’t figure that out if you spew like this on his channel? 🙄

  5. Where is a good video where you explain some genuine own up shadow work, catching ones'self emulating narcissistic behavior, and vigilance self reflection rather than pointing fingers at others afflicted with Narcissistic disease?

  6. OMG she's been "diagnosed by a doctor" as an empath? Because docs are SO good at that crap… give me a freaking break.

  7. The narc and it's casual lies. Lying comes so easy to IT that it moves on without a 2nd thought.
    Can't believe 1 word that comes out of it's hole.
    It even created fake 0 subscriber/0 content sock-puppet accounts to defend it's stance & created the illusion that 3rd party concurs. Motioned 1 of it's sock puppets to comment that I "sound hateful" because I don't think abortion should be used as flippant birth-control.

  8. I have fibromyalgia! I've researched it and many survivors of abuse have been diagnosed with it. They even have new research showing living in fight or flight may cause nerve damage.
    I hate pain meds, I get nauseous!
    This "woman" is something else! Disgusting!

  9. As am empath myself I hate when the toxic personalities and the apaths claim the label to be special. She certainly didn't get it from a doctor though, it's not something that is recognised really.

  10. A shill got on my friends list, pretending to be pro-life, had liked a few pro-life pages, etc. But then posted a lot of pro-abortionist and the usual Cultural Marxist bullshit – and one post claiming she had an abortion and doesn't regret it. Also believe she is the one responsible for me getting several 30 day bans over a few months. If she is even a she….. the profile name is female, but a man's name in the address. I think they have paid shills claiming they had an abortion because paying women who really had them would be less reliable – the woman could have a mental breakdown at any moment from trauma and guilt.

  11. This community is teeming with borderlines. It has been for the past few years. They seem to be drawn to this community because it gives them an excuse for their behavior. This "works" for them because most borderlines have been abused by Cluster Bs; however, their outcome is different than the rest of us. They became Cluster Bs. In order to deny that, they have to align themselves with the survivors who did not become Cluster Bs (scapegoats). I think that's why we fall for it, at least initially. We do relate to them because they have been abused and we share similar stories. However, any amount of time with these people and they reveal themselves. I believe most borderlines were the golden children.

  12. All I work with is woman managers….and they are all amazing. It would be nice to have a male manager for once. Apparently the woman haven’t checked into how well they are doing at the hospital jobs.

  13. She wanted fucking money???? She’s more delusional than the “artist” who “created” the ugly abortion cake.

  14. Hi larry us! smh It’s not free content. Your videos are your effort, analysis, and having to put up w hearing about psychopaths behaviors.

  15. I'm confused now and not entirely sure this person is lying now, and not just renegging to save face. I think I'm right. I still feel sorry for women that wanted there babies, and society pressured them, and now they walk around empty, in shame and feeling like crap about themselves. I feel sorry for thier babies too. As they do. These people shouting abortions are gross.

  16. All the fun little gotcha games of the narc who has nothing better to do with his/her time, but is so proud of themselves for being a menace. Takes me down memory lane! Wasters of other people's time and mental energy while we're supposed to be enthralled with their every word, circular arguments to confuse, vapid personality and consistent lies. Then they laugh, haha…because they think they tricked someone, yet they are the pathetic one! But, with no shame, that suits them fine. What a waste of space. I dealt with a dead ringer of how this person is presenting themselves for 5 years and it is so boring, yawn, after you know what you are actually dealing with it gets real old fast. It is just tiresome & they'll take that as a win as well. They'll take anything. In reality they are really just akin to being scavengers and stealers of other's energy. They are a true drag.

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