but I want to see ya have you met before I don't know you well that's my importance my name is political lady political so where I headed get oh really oh I think that's on my wing so can you come let me give you a ride are you scared come on I don't buy it come let me give you a ride hop in okay she knows see stop honey Oh [Applause] you called me yeah I can see that you're job hunting yes MA I'm looking for job I can help you you know you can help me yeah sure okay madam please anything you can do to help me go to bless you a lot of shit ease because such a good-looking handsome young man it's not supposed to be roaming about the streets job hunting I will help you if you play ball if you know what I mean a lot of shitty doing our free shitty can have this for you tickets this half as puzzles me where this came from there is still much more thank you thank you and one condition that is yeah sure I like you me sure why not Maxwell with words as in tsunami hey Juwanna produced me the choice is yours Oh elephant yeah cuz I'll be loving to how you done talking tell me baby I use on talking yeah I'll use on talking tell me baby are you done talking yuck tell me baby I use I'm talking yeah now you don't talking tell me baby are you done talking yes [Applause] who isn't the house when are you coming back Hey you have business in this Raynald yeah how's the entire simple story well I'm stepping out I know very soon yogi will be here by 1:00 my house to be the same weight is just as neat as it is okay the problem my godson I just met Watson on my way out I said hi to him and he didn't even respond I hope there's no problem there's no problem what's this Mamata did you attend the interview again I'm just coming back I wonder yesterday ago they asked me to come back today same old story again what really happened this time there was no interview like I heard the vacancies was fully for those who paid for it I I thought you said it director promised to fix you in this time I am so tired of all these things I'm done I think it's high time for me to look for something to do for myself something like what's I don't know yet but I can't keep wasting my time it's okay everything will be fine okay don't get yourself worked up everything will be fine please have you had something to eat my day I don't have appetite to eat L know you won't see that you won't leave me and I'll fix you something normal P not know you're going inside with me that's cool okay go on call you I am NOT leaving here without you let's go I am coming they've just gorgeous been coming I just want to be my new queen oh yes your father comes back telling me something I'm back shortly I think that was right swear he asked it to breach the business would you be back that I'm not happy with the way things are going on there I'm not happy with the kind of friends I seen in your show especially the one called politically a shut up where you love ethnics listen to me next time don't you advance right to open the trap to say for stupidity to me I will to you soluti took Faiza can I help you yes sir i I saw the notice board for fuckin sick so I say check yes yes yes there is a vacancy SSS do i you'd so much for the work knew about you lambda on the also did you walk here I shall consider work yes secondly do work very well well a calcium go for delivery now maybe you come back indignant so I can have time to talk with a professor okay thank you very much thank you a letter one day as he told me and he said I should start tomorrow and also said that he will be paying me seven thousand there and what Eve what is it What's Wrong max Oh seriously I'm not happy from this I mean how could you it degree hold up end up in a dry cleaner baby come on this is just for a while yeah want to be doing this to keep myself busy well as such way better job and what do you think my friends will save the year this say this is just for a while I want to be doing this to keep myself busy then to use the salary to take care of myself and our needs what so please don't even try to confuse me don't I mean I'm not happy about this I promise you soon everything will be all right Alfonzo Maggie she's busy inside let me see anyway let's go together and just going out no let's go together look so now June you just just going come on baby please desk no biggie sorry ohatsu aside very important call man hey so how are you I'm fine no hey what did you say is it probably it's my husband he has started the game did you get you know so what happened it has come over this is tupid idea of me to say exactly wrong that's your husband was about to turn you into an eyeful took it really confuse the better mocha confused he is not as common as my late husband what happened to him I kept in his case and I controlled him I'm on let's head in today he expert so you must ask is just a small fraction what person is like asking me to take a life you don't know my husband painting nothing is impossible with you believe and a friend don't worry I'm sure you do it I mean what are friends for don't just come down it that's your husband we have to where he belongs so that you can have to to talk we don't read dog does it feel this freedom is what I'm crazy for disease that's what I want to freedom you guess I am Kingdom don't worry a lot of police academy all right awesome Wow it's really cool to like of course I do let's do know you're such a sweet time bye come on Dorothy over to the bathtub and then get down to business so uh how about a throw me the cash baby coos it's just you know you're such a sweet strong super loaded what well it's busier to tell me the conditions involved in what she told me hmm but should I even care about anything after all all I need is freedom so if I can't continue with my life story I'm sorry I wasted that human wasn't in the shop so I rushed to a house to Columbus I know we're here for some days now just all night what there's no problem I actually who is that girl and what's she doing my job she's my friend she just came to say that so have I not one you know to be bringing a girl to my job I need her I know what you did listen as well if you repeat such next time I'll have no other option than to send you out of this job what's the matter is he hungry because I came to see yeah what is it here and there so that's when you cannot tell me it's not you I mean this is an embarrassment Sookie you know this October no good school will it behave anyhow sew no now don't blame him well I I need to go see if it's okay I'll see ya Sandra I was highly embarrassed honesty are you saying but your own Maxwell is running dry clean your work sir you need to see the kind of money is working on that sweetheart I've told you countless time that Maxwell has nothing to offer you just that he could because yourself you are beautiful they are men out there who Luka who called me and they will take good care of you so why are you wasting your time with Maxwell so what are you saying in essence you want me to go out with sugar daddies yes please there's no big deal that is what I do you know you're wasting your time with Maxwell I can introduce you to people who can take good care of you my love I promise you you will regret it thank you very much Sandra but I am NOT interested I can't do it I love Maxwell very much and he loves me too I'm sure we trying things will get better continue with you for your max ready drycleaner Sandra are you mocking me old good practice for Monday I am sorry teacher that she's having problems with her husband to her she wants to become a member of the Swiss happy have the power control she's ready to do anything to control your husband please a pepper what you have there my son that means you have to sacrifice your son to this system because I I'm stuck it take grandmother you can now have control of your husband their mother with it all was it done by us to control your husband you say that means you have to sacrifice yourself so shall it be you can now have to control of your husband the moment he feels mm girl she learned maybe one chop the love the shape I should go Oh tickle it's a call is it better for us I all mine we've been on top Oh No you're not feeling anything [Applause] promoters Shira bleep at the supermarket for Janaki to watch it Oh talk of the devil you see yes chief I present to you the one and only found two children but you pretty the world's money money is not a problem – chief dick baby yes the 100,000 knife all right come on tell me show me what you know Oh that is inside ammonia look at them [Applause] [Applause] I do Oh working below caliber she knows see stop are they

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