SOCIETAL DEVELOPMENT: Group urges journalists to engage more on development reporting

one of the things that encourage early marriage and unwanted pregnancies lack of education of the girl child in the society this probably explains why the focus of this workshop was only challenges of girl child the role of communities and that of government at all levels to address these challenges for the overall community development the program director development communication network arcing Jimo child journalists to engage more on reporting issues that affect communities especially on girl child education he appealed to community members and government at all levels to play their roles effectively to impart positively for the betterment of the society unreported issues are not issues you found in cities they are not issues of he said he said he said he asserted that he reiterated that no we need to go to the people that are affected we need to give voice to the voiceless the voiceless are those in our rural communities the voiceless are those that don't have access to the media the voiceless are those that we've left behind but supporters press gratitude for the workshop describing it as an eye-opener which prepared them ready to carry out the role of advancing community development as it affects the girl child education telling people in my community about the importance of a girl child education and also the danger that will follow up if a girl child is not educated and it will affect the photo generation or the next generation if she is not educated then I also to women because it has a link to women education and when a child from the beginning is not educated it's affect her when she is married and it affect her health wise psychologically wise and other economic economically wise we have seen the importance of a girl child education we have seen the negative aspect of it in the area of early marriage their voice and so many other things that follow up when a girl is not educated when a girl found herself in a situation and so I have seen myself as an ambassador when I go back to do society even in my rate of as a journalist in my communication with people in even in the villages beside messages that one need to put across what I out taken from this some very interesting very enlightening media training is the fact that first day encounter with the journalist at the community level most of them do not go deep down you know to the communities but when we did go from the field trip you know there are a lot of issues so the storylines are going to be many very broad I mean there are so many issues that we can look at from various perspective and very interestingly I realized that the media are already you know to work on community issues only that maybe they need a little push or maybe to pave a way and I think this workshop has already paved the way for that so I'm hoping that from this workshop now we'll see more community engagement with the media they will go deep down to the community meet the community people themselves and hear their voices on the second day of the workshop participants were taken to three different communities to answer to any challenges faced by community members and how they can contribute Circle them

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