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what is up you guys welcome back to another vlog I hope everybody's having a great day today let me know down below in the comments how you're doing I hope everybody's well so recently I came to the realization if I'm looking straight and not at the conference because I'm driving and safety first so recently I realized that I vlog a lot when I'm with my friends but I never posted so I thought today I should make a little log of what I'm doing my rent under yours and Lee invited me to this really cool event thing I honestly don't know too much about it all I know is we have to meet at Venice Beach and then this company is going to drive us out it sounded really cool I was like okay I'm top to go probably just gonna walk the day I don't know where this is gonna go Oh bleh don't pass out or anything because yesterday a trainer went to a meeting in LA and oh my god you guys I literally look like dry-heave me the whole time because introduce yourself I'm Emma and by the way she's a girl who like does my lashes I know that she meant exactly are you like a fool when it comes to the cool – probably not as bad as you do I got here on time oh my god I felt so bad you guys because I told her I was gonna pick her up at 10 a.m. and then today I was like no mo pick you up at 9 a.m. and I showed up like five minutes early I'm all about it you were probably like so rushed well I was chilly and I was eating I don't take a long to get ready you know I wake up acid okay no I don't okay I'm like so bad at vlogging I totally forgot to vlog when we got to Andres house but he's here we're carpooling with him basically we're in Venice right now my friend hate like works for this company called fun boy which is like the inflatable pool floatie situation you guys really know that hope you win this grab but we're going to an event that they're throwing today so basically we're in Venice right not their headquarters and they're gonna take a van or any look at food or in Malibu it should be a time so let's jump I don't think I'm about that okay hi guys so I'm with Val I totally forgot to vlog earlier but I picked a vowel up and then we road-tripped Daisy you guys have met you before she literally made a list of the top four things that we wanted and then we narrowed it down and it's like forever but we're about to get ramen and what is the most because I don't think ramen is basically the word just trying to find the place art orga this place is so cool we were just saying how if we lived in San Diego this wouldn't be the spa oh my gosh look at all these Asian food places we found it guys okay guys we're about to commit a crime we're gonna stop in the middle I know we got this or maybe a rich person will hit us no she's letting us go she's like okay look so we're gonna stop in the middle no we're fine really easy used to do this all the time though remember when we were a little I would be like kay let's go you like it with your oh my gosh so nice yes a apparently the CEO of Vaughn's lives there if anybody wants to know I really ignore believe we're like okay we're gonna get brownies and then big like to get their brownies and then you go we literally okay okay somebody was like what brownies are we gonna get and then she named she's like there's my dark chocolate they'll talk about fudge brownie about the caramel caramel really we're just indecisive but your milk chocolate you have a coin coin okay okay Val pick Siri heads or tails to swing what did you say what I say [Laughter] oh hey hi guys good morning it is the next day now I what do we do yesterday every watch this carry a very uncomfortable oh we made brownie you know he just had like a nice wholesome night but you guys the movie was so Oh like hey so Bob was talking about the movie with Jay Z's roommate and hyping it up and saying that it was like and make you really uncomfortable so like I went in watching the movie knowing that I was gonna be uncomfortable but like at the end of the movie I can't even describe the way that I was feeling after the movie it was just so weird I'm taking Daisy to school and it is Sookie I feel like I belong and I told trade on to Garibaldi was like oh my gosh you crap you know this is my mom for today and she's gonna drop me off but you're late low she's a little late hopefully we'll make it on time wait do you want me to pick you up okay guys steezy had to go to class and now we are waiting for her China for our tile available got my stuff so we did some damage ELISA opened up a credit card they got her yeah guys we thought it through well no you thought if there do you want to explain what happened basically like she got a credit card at pink and there's like this whole deal it's like oh if you sign up today you'll get $20 off so like she was like okay like let me sign up like literally I like we like went our separate ways in the store and I'm like I come back and she's like oh yeah like I gotta prove we paid and then like I opened up the pink nation app afterwards and I was like dude I had like there's coupons so like I could have got a free penny and then I could have got $10 off my purchase so like I basically like returned everything that I bought and then body and use the coupon again and then like ELISA you put all your stuff on hold yeah oh no I want to she went to go download the app so he liked the hot spider signal so we had to walk outside and then I didn't have signal still so she gave me her hot spot and I was down a little bit earlier like hear me out there was a five for what it was like five for 28 or 27 dollars or something yeah I was like wait if I'm gonna get money I might as well like an hour we're having a great vacation so I know we spent a whole hour eating and thank you give me a hug thank you for shopping with me the last thing I said was when we were shopping when we did

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  1. Found ur channel literally last night at like 1 am, and I’m pretty sure I’ve already seen every video on ur channel

  2. love the vibe from this video and your channel in general! <3 You and trey are soo cute and i love watching u guys!

    im a TEENY youtube btw if you want to check me out i would really appreciate it!


    + also youtuber here and would love to support other Alyssa and trey fans!!

  4. omg where is that place where you ate with the good looking food and the pretty view in san diego? bc i love in san diego and i have never been there 😭😂

  5. Every time i watch you guys you inspire me so much for my channel I’m so grateful i was able to find your guys channel makes me happy seeing you guys grow and enjoying life

  6. can't believe u were in san diego and i didnt see u at all!! 🙁 i'm from san diego and so amazed seeing parts of SD in ur vlogs LOL ILYSM

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