[Socializing CAMP] Time To Introduce Theirselves 20170505

(Subbed by Kristel Cartilla). 1, 2! Expressing emotions with body movements. Hello, I am Jin-woon from 2AM. Nice to meet you all. 91 liner, 27 years old. Acting young. Close with Chang-sub. Friendly. I hope that all of us can be close friends. So, we can make a group chat. Then, we can exchange numbers. (Business friends who wants to be close).
Haha: I really like this kind of idea. I really want to make one right now. (Everyone agrees). We're going to my teammates now. This friends. He's so cute. Hello. My name is P.O. 93 liner. 25 years old. Beagle-boy. Talkative. P.O.-nim's talent is kissing. Why is it kissing? I like to kiss. (Being shy for no reason). From all of us, who's the one you want to kiss? My team leader's, Haha-hyung. He likes to kiss too. I like kissing. It's true? (No hesitate at all) (Culture shock) Su-hyun-nim just smiled really wide just now. Why? I naturally laugh a lot. (I'm watching). (Embarrassed). He wants to make friends. Is it because Bo-mi is here? Picked Bo-mi because spring is here (?). I think it must be that. I think it's because we're the same age. Oh, you guys are the same age. Now, it's my team turn. Yook Sung-jae. 95 liner, 23 years old. BTOB. Handsome. I was born in 1995. My birthday is May 2nd. We have the same birthday. Really? (Sudden interest). Wow, awesome. Excuse me, finish your self introduction first. You guys can talk about that after this. Go on, please. Sung is a star and jae is a material. I'm Yook Sung-jae. This is interesting. The person he wants to get close is Dong-geun-nim. Yes. Really? Me? Really you wrote me too? I'm your fan too. I wrote you too. You wrote my name? (They had the same mind). I really like his songs and he has the same name with one of my members (Peniel real name is Dong-geun). So I already feel so close with you. I'm really happy. I actually like your appearrance in Goblin. (Confessing their love for each other). You can kiss each other. Should we kiss each other too? (Sudden bromance). (#P.O.SpecialityBigHit) (Who will continue this good atmosphere?) Chang-sub-nim. Hello. So petty. (Joking). I'm BTOB Chang-sub. 90 liner. 27 years old. Close with Jin-woon. Main vocalist (along with Eun-kwang). He has new solo song to brag about. Yes. Can you sing a little for us? (Sings right away). (We must hear the song). My impatient heart… (Other trainees are enjoying the luxury voice). (Sweet and short charisma). (Introducing next trainee on Hong-chul team). Hello. 96 liner. 22 years old. Same age as Chan-hyuk. Close with Eun-woo. I'm 22 years old from GFRIEND.

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