[Socializing CAMP] Their Awkward First Gathering 20170505

What is this place? *rabbit eyes* What's happening? Hani & Bomi are here without any explanation I'm very shy of strangers What? I'm very shy of strangers Me… Me too… Really? Yeah. (One by one) (More people arrives) Hello (Colleagues in the same situation are increasing) *awkward* Jump It's so awkward (Yes…) This is very awkward Brother and Sister (Blurting words to ease the awkwardness) (…) This is so awkward I know Let's greet each other Greeting to change the mood Following in a line They do this in soccer games Formal soccer game-like greeting Awkward again… Our clothes… The colors seems like were divided into two teams Yes… there's red and blue I thought were divided by gender It's because I went here with my sister I thought all the guys wore red (Silently restraining) That makes sense The lights came on While everyone is surprised… (HaHa) (Noh Hong-Chul) (Lee Jae-eun) Awkward people! You don't have to worry anymore. There is no place like this This is Secret Variety Training Camp We greatly welcome you! Secret Variety Training Camp The reason for it's existence… There's 3 reasons 3 Reasons! First, self examination. What do you think about me? Second, promote friendship. Third, Refresh! There is only one rule for you trainees… Use salutation for each other Mr. Haha Ms. Bomi You may have been forced or dragged here But this is a place your would absolutely hate to leave We will officially start now!

45 thoughts on “[Socializing CAMP] Their Awkward First Gathering 20170505

  1. I will die if they put Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Jongdae, Jackson, Bambam, Heechul and Suju, together with Henry, Amber, and many more together in one show😂 IMAGINE THE CHAOS LOOOOLLL

  2. if anyone asks you what the definition of akward is just write everything that happened in this scene 😂

  3. 이거 진짜 너무 재밌게 봤었어요. 꼭 꼭 이 멤버들로 2편 만들어 주세요~ 이렇게 빵빵 웃는 것도 오랜만인 것 같아요. 감사합니다

  4. See you know what's weird if I was there I would be loud and be talking to everyone despite knowing no one, if it was this awkward I would feel wrong to talk 😂😅

  5. I want to to this program too because I am really really shy about stranger, instead I can't even talk with teacher without turning red as tomatoes and water trying to fall idk why I am social awkward

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