Socialization with Dogtopia Expert Colleen Demling

Hi everyone i'm Colleen Demling, the canine behaviorist at Dogtopia and here we are at Dogtopia of Arcadia They're gonna have their grand opening celebration tomorrow And what we're going to talk about is all the socialization that can take place when you bring your dog to Dogtopia And so one of those is it's a parking lot itself so even as a dog arrives They get used to being in a car and the car being a positive thing Being where there's other people walking and stores and that sort of thing And so they learn that public is good and that when their mom takes them someplace that is fun too they also get to see different types of people: guys, girls, people with hats, people with glasses and learning all of that is also really fun So we have a pet parent coming up here and this is a regular. This is Bentley (greets Bentley) and so what's so great about this, I Have another pet parent coming out with their dog, Is what's great about the dogs coming and meeting such fun people and you can see how excited Bentley is and how exited the other dog is and Dogtopia really is a happy place and by having it be a happy place. It leads to positive socialization because the key with socialization is that dogs have a positive experience and that's a mistake A lot of people make is that they think just having their dog out and about means they're being socialized but when you're honest, for those experiences to be positive, cause then the dog goes through life thinking the world is a positive place So there's Bentley right there, saying hi to everyone we have another great four legged customer leaving after a fun day of play So we'll go inside with Bentley. Bentley there's more fiends inside, come on Bentley Welcome to Dogtopia And so you can see Bentley he's loving being in here a lot of times too taking a dog to a new place and having a positive experience will help prepare them for a place like the vet Cause for a lot of dogs The only time they go in the car is when they go to the vet or they go to the groomer Having to come to a place like this where they get to have tons of fun helps them understand that new places are good places And so now here Bentley's going to be handed off, to one of our certified canine coaches. you can see how exited Bentley is with that tail wagging And Bentley's gonna go back to the playroom and have some fun He definitely wants to see his other playmate And so what Bentley learns here is that it's okay to leave mom and dad so a lot of dogs develop separation anxiety cause they're nervous when mom and dad leave that something bad will happen And maybe if they're being passed off to a vet or someone else or a caretaker What they learned by coming to Dogtopia is that leaving Mom is a phenomenal thing and now Bentley's been here before He's a regular, somewhat of a celebrity as you can see, so he gets to go straight back to the playroom but the rest of the dogs that come ,especially for their first visit, they do have to go through an Evaluation and so you can see from our registration form, It's many pages long We really take an extensive history of the dog and we always encourage our pet parents be honest with us Tell us about your dog's strengths, tell us about your dog's weaknesses, how they can be better socialized, what they need to work on Because that will allow us to make this the best experience for them So once they go through this process and we talk to the pet parent about how their dog is and how they like to play We then introduce them slowly to a few dogs just to make sure that Dogtopia is a good fit for them and they're a good fit for Dogtopia and at that point they get to then have some time in the playroom and so with the webcams a benefit of this is that pet parents get to a watch and so throughout the day A pet parent can check in on their dog, see what's going on, see who they're playing with how they're playing, who their BFFF is, which is best furry friend forever, and our dogs are also separated by age Temperament and play style and we do this on purpose This is for the safety of the dogs and to make sure that everyone has a great time while they're playing Perfect, so now let's walk back a little bit. I'll kind of show you the backside of Dogtopia. So follow me. So here's the hallway where Bentley just was taken through To be taken into the playroom and to have a good time with all of his friends We have more webcams and funny things going on You can even see here as the k-9 coaches are interacting with the dogs, petting them, playing with them and what this does it allows your dog to be Socialized because they get used to being handled by other people and so if they ever do have to go to the vet or maybe they get out and someone has to grab them or even you're Going out of town and you want an aunt or uncle to take care of your dog and drop them at Dogtopia They're already being used to being handled by other people which means there's never gonna be an issue. So, If we walk back we'll go see where mr. Bentley is So, mr. Bentley's in here playing, he just came in the room and so just like being the new kid in school He's a focus of everyone's attention and he's up on the agility equipment having a good time getting adjusted And what you see in here is our k9 coaches So these staff members, these k9 coaches go through an extensive training process both online And with in-store training and that certification process allows them to read canine body language to understand What's being said in the room to happily engage with the dogs and you can see right now we got some bubbles going on and everyone kind of clean and Interacting and petting the dogs and this just allows them to realize that being around other dogs is super super fun Right, because we want our dog to be able to play with other dogs We also want our dogs to be okay unleashed with other dogs, and this is where they learn those skills This is where they learn how to communicate with other dogs and learn what another dog is saying how to play, how to respond, and just how to be a good furry member of society And so you can see everyone is having a really good time lots of wagging tails, Bentley's warming up now that he's in the room a little bit longer and Just happy faces And the benefit of Dogtopia too is when these dogs go home at the end of the day not only have they been socialized but they're tired and That's a great opportunity too, so then when you get done with work, the pet parent has a busy day they come home to a very Well-behaved and tired dog. Another benefit of daycare is it just really helps reduce anxiety? As the dogs go through these different socialization periods Then what they learn is that there's nothing to be anxious about because every day is so fun So not only are they learning to communicate with other dogs. They're learning to be away from their pet parents They're learning to deal with some anxiety and realize the world is a great place and they have tons of fun in this great adventure of playing and petting and Just having it be the most exciting day ever You can see all the the wonderful dogs playing and the slip leads so if you wonder what those leads are on that the canine coach has those are called slip leads. So it's kind of like the Leash that you have and it's just a management tool that if we need to Leash a dog to help remove them from the room or maybe put them in the crate for nap time It's just a really good way to help control the dogs and with all this petting and interacting You can just see how much fun everybody's having and the k-9 coaches as well We also have a very strict cleaning protocol and that's the other benefit about Dogtopia Is that not only is this playroom safe and the dogs have been pre-screened and separated by Temperament and size and play style and age, but we also have that cleaning protocol in place So we make sure that when your dog's here, they stay healthy and we really reduce a risk of anything being passed on or anything like that Perfect, all right, so we're come back down here Back down the hallway and again the web cams, with pet parents they find us so valuable because you can really never have to wonder what's going on with your dog You can see, you can see what's happening what's going on who they're playing with and all the positive interaction? So you now have that peace of mind of never having to be worried Now after a day at daycare Or maybe you've left your dog and don't have them boarding and dogs been here for a few days playing we also have This amazing spot. So again, this is Dogtopia of Arcadia And so their grand opening is tomorrow 11:00 to 2:00. And this is their brand-new spa So here and maybe your dogs had a really great day of playing, but you have a big event this weekend Maybe you're having family over and we want them to be fresh and clean after daycare or boarding They can come here and get a bath And so now you pick up a dog that's tired, has been socialized and is clean and smells fantastic Perfect, so now we're gonna head back out into the lobby Where we have the webcams again And again, for today this, and the socialization period that happens at Dogtopia, it's not just about the playroom It's about everything from the moment. You get your dog in the car to come here to the moment they leave. It's all about socialization which is why daycare is so very very Important for having a well-rounded dog and just as a reminder Dogtopia of Arcadia does have their grand opening tomorrow from 11 to 2 So they're gonna have some giveaways, a hot dog cart Packages, all sorts of really really fun stuff So if you're in the area, if you're in the Phoenix area, please swing by say hi And come show your dog how amazing it would be that have the most exciting day ever at Dogtopia Thanks for joining us guys, I'll see you soon

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