Socialization (The World and I)

the long and complicated process of social interaction through which the child learns the intellectual physical and social skills needed to function as a member of society is called socialization do you know where and when does this process start it starts at home and at the very moment an individual was born which continues throughout life through socialization norms customs values and roles are learned by an individual in the society it comes at home the members of the family socialize with each other almost every day the parents are the ones who are expected to socialize and help their child to learn these concepts of society's way of life through communication and interaction examples are teaching their children the acts of showing respect to elders such as Papa mano in Filipino culture and using words like for and upon their socialization members are taught what they need to know this includes the different roles were other children do household chores and take care of the younger members as part of the responsibilities home another thing is the show of a child how to use objects such as clothes computers eating utensils books the proper way on how they should dress based on their gender or preference and even the right manner when eating food as a result the individual applies what he or she learns at home this is visible when it comes to how or she socializes with his or her peers this fear as a social group however is also a part of the socialization and individual socializes with other of his or her similar age social status and interests kids on playground teach younger children the norms about taking turns the rules of a game or how to shoot a basket how to be fair with each other ignored peer groups provide their own opportunities for socialization since kids usually engage in different types of activities with their peers than they do with their families in simple words they influence each other and are binded with the values they learn at home another important agent of socialization is school where the learning of individual in the house is molded and supported by the school as institution there is no denying that the fact that the school has an importance of lifelong impact on the socialization process schools serve elite and function in society by socializing children into behaviors like practicing teamwork the value of punctuality following a schedule using textbooks respecting others obeying policies and rules like proper wearing of required school attire if ever dos and don'ts in this school and other the teacher has important role here in stealing discipline and values inside while socializing with his or her students religion also plays a vital role in socialization this becomes an avenue and foundation of an individual that socialized with another person with the same religion and are binded together with their beliefs like other institution the church teaches individuals with religions important culture like how they praise and worship what they believe and do not believe celebration and ceremonies like birth and marriage many religious institution also approach gender norms and contribute to their enforcement through socialization going on to another agent which is the workplace where individuals acquire new socialization into overt place depending on the job in terms of both material culture such as how to operate a certain machine or equipment where jobs are aligned and non material culture such as weather on how a worker should speak and read his or her boss or manager and colleagues this means that people can be socialized by a variety of work environment although people do not think about it many of everyday actions are based on the norm and laws established by the government as a powerful institution since it holds the members of the society now governments at rules and regulations most of which often become laws which the people of the state or country need to follow such as signs or symbols in the street or other areas like proper way of crossing the street actions that we wait from the law like stealing causing chaos like public fights and others provision of drunk driving and more this set of rules binds the member of the society as we socialize with each other lastly is the mass media as the strongest and the most argued indirect agent of socialization people tend to learn a lot from mass media which include newspapers magazines radio internet video games and of course the most dominant of them all television impersonal information is distributed to a wide audience where media greatly influences social norms which are then acquired by the people on what is important and what is expected in the society generally speaking socialization does have a very profound effect on how people act and live in the society – these people interact and communicate with society and also understand every social roles at the end of the day it is still true that no man is an island

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