Socialization plagiarism with my family

this time I will deliver to you Association video about five years well this time my audiences is my family this is my older sister named a new Leonie and is my cousin named family this time I also brought to you a grocer about 12 years work so let's begin did you know guys about pioneers in black here is ladies no no okay so one year is way is a form of crime that mimics in full or in part the work of another person without mentioning the source Theresa see also crime and physically and not physically physically and not physically to harm people so please the placement definition well here's my definition is a form of prime that mimics in full or in part to walk of another person without mentioning the source which will have an impact on the auto really the author so it is in this browser is to stop like a response right and then so the point well here is my is the right here is the best behavior – bad habit the Packers will will have the bad habit if you if you always in view if you always do it – this shortcut oh but for years own us now they nowadays many people use this shortcut to be to be complete to work so what so the question is what I got to avoid the player so I have five types to equate the players middle first one is to to to use citation sedation is made of quotation to use quotation correctly so if you quote someone else work you you will you must who that what that general of second one is the second one is record the source record the source directly from this really alpha and the tough one is do a paraphrase paraphrase is mean you rewrite you rewrite and someone's work with your own work and the third and fourth one is doing an interpretation as an idiot the the fifth what the fifth and the last one is use the application until five years own now this the application will you can do the application in Play Store another on the other source now about type of quite Jerry's words have a third types of quiet smooth and the first one is work from what five years for what for what values always mean that you major is on someone's work it's exactly the same work forward it's like it's mainly like you you post the you post the quotation like I feel six days I feel sick today and funny will every will have a same same post like I feel sick today without mentioning without mentioned the source and second is Rogers Rogers both sources and the third one is trying innocent man out for sale it's like it's like a plague here soon resource like that and this and then so by using

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