Socialization of feral dogs first week of capture

I've named they've got em Dulli really hey they've gotten now we start getting a bit of a game or when we get the other dogs up here he's trying to figure out the pack yeah really is very protective and I have another big male here Jackson Dooley it's gonna protect his pack you may have a fight break out here we had fun yesterday almost Jackson bigger one is just a big kennel too I am so all right looks like dude was gonna back down and maybe accept him yeah what do you think doc come on guys okay it's okay dude Lee he's starting to really listen to me it's okay Dooley it's okay Dooley it's okay thank you jumping up on me it's okay too late yeah it's okay yeah still got his muzzle on today touch me but look at that Wow I think they really I think beer down there that coyote come your diet let me sweetheart yeah it's okay baby it's okay no this guy feels like he has to protect me it's okay no hey Jackson Dooley it's okay sorry sweetheart come on it's okay it is it is Julie it's okay yeah yeah this is how you socialize a minner hmm Oscar pack takes a while usually they try to break up into two packs but we're trying to make them into one it's okay do wait it's okay it is thing is really starting to this all right today makes one week if they fit at my house hey dot come on hey you sweetheart come here babe you guys went to breakfast yeah she's still really fresh um no no Julie get their muzzles off they're getting pretty tight yeah okay come on so great got up last Friday I was gone in my we leave the door open for the dogs to go in and out and these two went out and they were playing with basketball now I can't get him back yet I've left the door open and he'll still come in to go to the place but then they run back out which it was not something I would have done but they have a little bit more control over how socialized they want to be now but it's working okay y'all show you in a little while Heather eating out of my hand Dulli than Dooley Dooley Dooley thank you okay and they've really good friends with Chi Chi she's a foster dog who I couldn't touch for two months I'm a better now she's just the sweetest thing but she will not have anything to do with anyone else she's two and a half now got her when she's four months she was abandoned and she's a great dog but I'll have her for the rest of her life and she could be a bit aggressive with other dogs I really have I told that she has befriended Dooley and dot and she just may help me socializing hey Dooley hey buddy come here sweetheart they're so yeah hey come on girl give me one one yeah she's like girl Dulli I'm out here

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