Socialization issues for Cesar Millan DVD

hi I'm Noel and I adopted a dog about seven months ago from someone who found her on the street and tried to contact the previous owner and they didn't want her back so she was couldn't stuck with a dog that she couldn't handle is a lot of energy and she just didn't have time for that so I adopted her and she's really sweet and loving and a lot of fun she loves to run and play with other dogs and lots of toys and stuff like that but she can turn in a second she started off right away with a bit of a socialization issue with my 15 year old golden retriever mix and she would jump on him an exact him as she wanted attention or if she wanted or if she was coming towards her food bowl yeah I could take food right out of her bowl or toy out of her mouth there was no problem but if it was another dog he was even coming near her she would attack him so we worked through that and she's mostly got that down she doesn't do it too often anymore but she had big socialization issues with my roommates dogs we brought them one at a time to meet and we did the walk and then when we brought them back to the yard she did like a slow cornering thing and she would get her face right next to theirs and then if the dog gave any sort of warning growl or any anything to back off she would immediately jump an attack and it was just like a crazy like a dog fight it was loud and just biting the neck and everything so we didn't know how to handle it so now we've just kept them separate for the most part they are just separated by a baby gate and have finally stopped growling at each other upon sight but we're afraid to get them back together again because it just turns into such a crazy fight and we get tense so we don't really know how to handle that level of socialization problems that she's having she does love other dogs and she's great with them if they don't have any dominance towards her there's two dogs in the guest house that are pretty cool and mellow and she's the boss of them so she's fine with them love to know how to handle this type of situation because I like to take her out to friends houses or dog parks or whatever and I want my roommates he able to bring her dogs here and just the uncertainty of what could happen is really to have to deal with and we don't want you know someone getting hurt obviously couldn't get any video of her with my roommate stocks because of what it turns into but we have a little bit of video of how she is with the dogs in the back where she snaps at them if someone's giving someone else attention it's never escalated beyond that with them also got some video of her with the cat which just kind of shows some of her strange behaviors this is angel she's our troubled child good girl angel good girl come here this is a minor snapping incident with over jealousy it's nothing compared to the full-on attacks but a good example of snapping so here's an example of what she does with the cat with the hyper focus and you can't distract her you can't call her away whereas normally she would come right away when you call her name move over here I'm just going to stare at her over here and she just stares she just wants to be within two or three inches of the cat the cat's not really nervous and she's never tried to bite the cat but we just don't really know what's going on angel angel angel come here angel angel c'mere angel and this is the example of where she snaps towards the cat if the cat is picked up or jumps up or does something she doesn't think is supposed to happen she's never bitten the cat never made contact in that way but you can see the snap and that's kind of a version of where she starts with other dogs we would absolutely love to be in your video and see how you handle this situation and and what we can learn from it there's basically six dogs involved and there's four or five people and we've all had dogs before so we're somewhat experienced with it and just haven't been able to figure out her issue with the cat and but most importantly the socialization issue with attacking other dogs because I want to be able to take her out to go to the beach and go hiking and I want my roommate to be able to bring her dogs here when she needs to so we would love your help

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