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click the bell icon to get latest videos from akira hello friends today is the very crucial topic or a very important or interesting subject which is social skills now interpersonal skills play a very very crucial role with social skills what we've learned some time back is how to interpersonally communicate how to interpersonally maintain relation or improve relationships but more than that what is most important in social skills we are all social animals we are humans we are social animals we go to various different places where we are known to so many people be socially interact with them before to party is equal to get together we go to social meetings we go to so many places here what happens is that we are there of course we are there physically mentally but then how is really there socially so what kind of social skills do we require to brush up our interpersonal interactions or interpersonal relationships socially keeping it really healthy so first of all let's understand what our social skills so to give you a little gist of what exactly you means like social skills social skills are the ability we use to communicate and interact with each other both verbally and non-verbally through gestures body language and also through personal appearance friends this is something that is to be to understand that socially you have to be present wherever you go so if you're present at a place you're socially there so the first thing that comes their mind when we say we are socially there at that place is definitely your verbal and nonverbal communication or your verbal and nonverbal appearance with your gestures postures your body language everything that you need to communicate with anyone other than you or any other person is something that you use you're no verbal and nonverbal communication is your social skills these are your skills of throwing up you as a personality too many people this is very important because finally the way you appear or the way you talk or the way you communicate verbally and non-verbally people gauge and they come gets to know an idea about how as a person are you they try and make an image out of your personality so in a way it is your image parading in front of so many people that you really want to interact so when you go for a social gathering there might be hundred of people so let's say you go for a social meter and there are hundreds of people around now what you do there is you try and communicate or interact or network with maximum number of people there so what are you doing you are socially putting yourselves in a position where you are now talking to hundreds of people according and letting them understand your image and your personality or what difference do you make to the society so friends that's the reason why social skills are amazingly important because even before getting into just by your appearance people actually gauge what kind of human being RV so friends that's the reason I always want to suggest that please pay attention to your social skills I am completely there do you look the way you are do you speak the way you are that's very very important human means are social creatures and we have developed many ways to communicate our messages through thoughts and feelings with others we have been sharing our feelings and thoughts and n number of ways to are different people whom we are socially connected to so this is because we all are social animals we are social creatures the fact that some people are better social interactors then others has led to detailed investigation into the nature and function of Internet sorry interpersonal interaction so the main part what I need to say is that all the researches have made it sure all the researchers that have put in place the social interactors some people have all real good social interactors because the researchers have proved that for being a danger of a person social it's very important to understand his interpersonal functions and that's why interpersonal skills play a very very important role when you want to get to someone socially so your social skills mixed with your interpersonal skills give you hundred-percent your image and 100% enhancement of your personality developing social skills is about being aware of how you communicate with others now this was social skills but how will develop your social skills me is just a way to understand or to be aware yourself of how you're communicating with others the moment you are aware of yourself that yes this is the way I am communicating with others I think you're almost sorted then you know what you're doing Olli do you wanna improve or are you up to the mark or whatever it is the messages we send and how the methods of communication can be improved to make the way we communicate what if I and efficiently this is more about developing your social skills so not only with your efficiency but also how much your efficiency is proves your communication effective is something which also plays a very very crucial role in your social skills suppose if you are a person with complete empathy where where you're a person with like a decision-maker and you are the person whom people come to take an advice from you imagine the level of maturity that you have to show at that time while giving them any hell of advice or any hand of decision and then why would they really listen to you is because you are efficient enough to give them the advice but your device is also effective so how you can turn your efficiency into effectiveness is plays a major role of you being a completely social interpersonal relationship person so friends this is may I which is what I could say off completely about what really social skills are so this is something that I would say what you are really as your social skills are inward and these are what social skills are so now you know what we really mean by social skills how they can mean to connectivism the personal skills how that can be indirectly connected with your interpersonal relationships so I'm high hope we all now start practicing too best to keep to be better socially and what I can do is only thank you towards this video and please stay tuned to Ikeda and keep subscribing to our channel thank you very much you

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