Social Security and Divorce

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  1. i have been to social security administration twice they keep saying i cannot draw until he does so i need that regulation pleas

  2. We got divorced final with my ex.2006 were 13yrs then i got remarried 2009 jan we just turned10yrs we just turned 10yrs again last jan.before i got divorced again of my second married.but my 1st ex.has a highiest sss retirement do i can claim of my 1st ex.sss benefits instead my second ex.?

  3. More questions.what about my 2nd remarried died first.then my ex.has a high benefits compared my that thesame procedures for benefits claiming that which one is high thats theone i can claim?and thesame im married more than 10yrs?

  4. Thnk u very much.thnx to know everything.but i have question.what about my 1,2,3 remarried is both over 10yrs.i can't collect all of 3 marriages?or atleast 2 from my ex.

  5. My ex husband waited until he was 70 years old to collect SS. When he dies, do I get the full amount of what he would have gotten at full retirement age of 66 or will I receive the amount he is getting now since he waited to collect SS? I am filing this year when I am full retirement age (66) and I know I will get half of his SS at his full retirement age of 66…..not on the delayed amount. But, what is my survivor benefit based on?

  6. Regarding spousal benefit, my ex husband and I were married for 9 years divorced never separated remarried after a few years and divorced again. Together 22 years but married 17 non conservatives years. Will this qualify for spousal benefit?

  7. Thank you, Devin, for covering the topics of this video. It answered the question that I have. In fact, I asked you about how it works if I collect from my ex-husband’s. Whether it would take away from his benefits. Thank you for being thorough in explaining these issues. I love listening to your videos.

  8. If I claim my SS at age 62 and switch to spousal benefits when my wife turns 62 and I am 65, will the spousal benefit be reduced because I filed for mine early?

  9. I am divorcing and my spouse is 3 years older than me but my benefits will be the higher of the two if she starts collecting at 62 how much does she get if i decide to take my benefits at 62 instead of waiting for 67

  10. no they said i could not draw until he started drawing im 2 years older than he is i will hit 66 next year and i will draw off him even if hes not because that is the law

  11. We were married 5 years, divorce a year later remarried, lived together 2 years and married 9 more years. This man was in my life since I was 16, had his children. Why doesnt living together count? Married first time 5 years, 2nd time 9 years. This should count

  12. I am on SS disability. I have been divorced 20 years. He is retired now. He was married but his spouse died and he has not remarried. What I would get from my ex, how does that affect my disability? Does it just turn over? He always maxed out his Social Security. Will I still be considered disabled.? Can I find out before age 65 which is this coming May if I know his SS #

  13. I have a question, I heard that if my husband retires at 62 and he dies after that age, I will not get his social security ever. Is this true?

  14. Question: I got married in 1990, divorced final 1998, i am still single, do i qualified for retirement benefits or social security benefits? Thanks

  15. The information I was given on survivor benefits — is that — as of Jan. 2016 — you are no longer able to make a claim on your spouses income if you were not 62 yrs of age at that date. I was told the laws changed at that time. I was also told the the 50% of the spousal benefits was added to your benefit– not that you had to choose. Has anyone else heard of these laws changing?

  16. Still screwed. Husband has been collecting social security since age 50, divorcing, will have to live off $300 a month for 4 years until my full retirement. His is in 5 years but he will receive same amount as his does now (originally disability now $1,956 SSA pmts)

  17. The reason i ask i waited to my full retirement age to collect .
    I was living in the Philiooines i went to the US Empassy to sign up . I was able to see the computer . I noticed sime interesting things my exwife was on my benefit .
    I remember the hospital where she worked at was paying my exwife .
    But she is receiving 1200 dollars on disability . They printed me a copy .???

  18. Can i ask . I have a exwife we were married 25 years .
    She became disabked then we divorced .
    Can she get her disability off my benifit?

  19. Why do people have to work till 67 years old… I think it's ridiculous! Our government, needs to keep their hands our of our social security!

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