Social Proof: What it is, How to Use It In eCommerce

Are you a shopify bigcommerce or Magento
store owner looking to increase their sales and booster conversions on social
group well lucky for you that’s what this video is all about
my name’s jameelah and I’m going to show you how you can use social proof on your
website today to increase your conversions and boost your sales so this
video is going to cover a few things we’re going to cover social group and
e-commerce social proof examples where and when to use social proof online if
it works why it works and how you can get social proof for your ecommerce
store so before we start let’s talk about what social proof is angry well
social proof is when an individual in an uncertain situation will look to a
person of influence or the crowd in order to see what to do in that given
situation so it helps people really figure out their actions in uncertain
environments and you can use the concept of social proof on your store to boost
conversions and I am going to show you how so when it comes to e-commerce you
really want to try and recreate the social proof that somebody would get in
an in-store environment on your website when people are on the fence about
purchasing from you having social proof on your product page will really help to
push them over the edge and get them to buy so a really great real-world example
of social proof is when you’re sitting in the restaurant you’re not quite sure
what to order and you kind of look at the other table over there and you see
what they’re ordering if it looks good you’re more likely to ask the server to
get exactly what they’re having the same thing applies online when other people
have seen that people who are very similar like them have bought something
they’re more likely to find it reduces those barriers if you see several
positive reviews about a product on an online store you’re more likely to
purchase that’s the power of social proof so if you’re looking to add social
proof on to your website you may be wondering what kind of examples are
there that I can be looking to so let’s go through the types of social proof
examples that you can use testimonials extra endorsements as seen on badges
reviews social media and user-generated content so let’s go through each of them
one by one testimonials people just people who are
like them and that’s why testimonials work so well but really cool fact is
that 84% of your online store visitors trust testimonials as much as they would
trust a recommendation or referral from a friend that’s crazy right so I had
great testimonials to your online store well one of the best ways to do that is
to include a picture of the person and their location remember for social proof
to be effective your visitor has to know that people just like them are enjoying
your product so adding any type of personalization that you can to your
testimonials will really give you that extra little booms have you know each
intersection on your product page with testimonials is a really great way to
help your visitors overcome any objections that they may have when
they’re on the fence about purchasing your product the next example of social
proof is the expert endorsement so the expert ignores networks a little bit
like this so let’s say you have a stomachache and you look on WebMD and
you think that it must be something they made everything you make it have food
poisoning but when you go to the pharmacy and you tell your premises
about your symptoms they may say oh it looks like you actually have to sleep
when you go to choose the medicine that the pharmacist recommended over what you
found on WebMD that’s an excellent example of expert
interestin so how do you get an expert endorsement you want to make sure that
you’re reaching out to experts in your field and maybe giving them a free
sample or giving them a demo of your product so that they can see how great
it really works then you can ask them for a photo testimonial maybe a video
testimonial or a blog post that really helps visitors to your site see that
your product is legit and that experts love it so the next type of social proof
that you want to add to your store is those asking on badges so have you ever
been to like an indie Beauty website and you see the baking featured on Oprah or
Cosmo or they’ve been seen on ABC News and you’re like wow they must be pretty
legit that’s exactly
feeling that you want to book from your customers and they visit your online
store so if you have any kind of earned media if you want to make sure that you
show that online to build credibility and build a brand trust okay next time
on the example of social proof is rubies reviews are the mecca of social proof
and you want to make sure that you have them wherever possible on your website
think about it when’s the last time you bought
something online and you didn’t look at over here I mean the stats are pretty
solid less than four out of a hundred people don’t look at online reviews that
means 96% of your customers are looking at online reviews and you need to make
sure that you own your review process and you have it on your website
that’s our fair it comes in you can either use right on your product page to
help people make the decision to buy your product so here are the three
reasons you need to have reviews on your product page or at least on your online
store reason number one 58% of customers are likely to convert after reading a
positive review reason number two the reviews on your online store are likely
to generate 62% more revenue per visitor and the third reason visitors who read
reviews especially positive reviews have on average and 3% more average order
value than people who don’t read reviews so here’s still not sold on reviews you
have to know that most people look at between five and ten reviews to make
their product purchase online so you have to make sure that you have really
great reviews and those are prominently shown on your website so if you don’t
have any really good reviews and you’re not was quite sure where to start keep
watching till the end and I’m going to tell you exactly how to curate reviews
for your online store okay so the next thing that you want to use for social
proof on your online stores in Lion social group
so have you ever shopped on Etsy eBay or Amazon and you see a notification that
says Kyrie there’s only five products left and 239 people are also looking at
this product that’s in like and you can have that on your online
store too the reason thing you want to have this on your online store is
because it creates a sense of FOMO or fear of missing out
I mean think of it like this let’s say there’s some loose cute pair of sneakers
that you want and you’re a size eight and a half and you see thirty other
people who are also an eight and a half looking at those shoes
you’re more likely to buy them right away before of us I know people snatch
them from right under your nose am i right
that’s fun well that’s in my social proof and you want to make sure that you
use it on your online store so the other form of social proof that you want to
use on your website is social media so if you have a really great plugin for
Facebook or Instagram or YouTube and you can show the amount of views or likes
that your product already have that’s a really great way to show people that
people just like that are loving your product now the last thing we’re going
to talk about this list as an examples of social Creek are user generated
content or user generated video so a really great way to get user generated
content or video is to just ask there’s a really great of store online called
essential oil labs that I personally use and I have no affiliation with but in
their packaging they give you a little coupon and they say if you email us a
selfie with your product then we’ll give you a free essential oil like just like
that so it works really well because it gives them so much content to use online
so that people like me can see that there are so many other people that are
enjoying their facial oils I have to be honest the reason that I took a chance
on them is because they have really great reviews online okay so now that
you know about all the types of social fruit
you’re probably wondering where and when should I be using social proof well I’m
going to tell you you should be using it right now and you should ease into
everything okay well you probably don’t need to be using
it everywhere you want to use it strategically but you should be using
social proof right now you want to strategically
place your social proof to overcome any objections that your customer has about
your product so I’ll this one on the list right here
of the places that you can use the social proof that I mentioned on your
website but I’m gonna tell you a few of my favorite places I love in life social
proof on the product page really creating that fear of missing out for
your customers and showing them that a lot of other people just like that are
interested in your product is one of my favorite ways to use social proof to
boost conversions the other place is having testimonials right under your
product page or on your home page I really love curated testimonials I think
that they show your value proposition really well to your customer and I find
that they also help to increase conversions for online stores so the
question is does social proof work and the answer is yes there are no shortage
of case studies or studies that prove that social proof in person and online
work and especially online it proves that it boosts conversions so you have
to be using Sony proof minor online store right now if you don’t believe me
hearing stats 80% of customers trust reviews just as much as a personal
recommendation 85 percent of customers are satisfied once they’ve read up to 10
reviews so that means you have to have a lot of reviews displaying reviews on
your online store can increase conversions by up to two hundred and
seventy percent that’s a lot and finally reviews have a higher impact
for purchases with a greater price so for example for lower price items having
reviews increased conversions by a hundred ninety percent but for higher
price items it increased the conversion rate like three hundred and eighty
percent if you have a high-end product you need reviews okay so we already know
that social proof works but we want to know why is social proof
back there well because it really humanizes your friend it helps to put
names and faces to your products and it helps to show your visitors that people
just like them are enjoying your product so little group is also super effective
because it helps to counter any objections that your customer has so
it’s really hard for you to do that through just a wall of text but having
testimonials or feeling social group really triggers customers and shows them
that people just like them are loving your product so when you place social
critic with a really strong call-to-action that you have a wave
combination for boosting your conversion rates online so social group helps to
stimulate the in-store buying experience because many reviews online and seeing
people’s faces that have also bought the product helps them to overcome the fear
of be unknown and unknown in this case is buying their product okay so you
already found that you need social proof you know you want it but you don’t have
any reviews you don’t have any testimonials you got our expert
endorsement so how do you get social proof so we can selectively a example of
the essential oil apps you can ask your customers for reviews in your product
packaging or after they download something you can ask them to give you a
review online and they can turn them and use that on your online store the other
thing that you can do to get social proof is you can reach out to your best
customers and ask them to give your review that’s what I get on my online
store anytime somebody has had a really great experience with my store I
personally reach out to them and ask them to write me a review and it works
wonders I have all of our site reviews because people that I’ve asked have
really shown great support ok now you have all the tools that you need to add
social proof to your website improve your sales and boost your conversions
you can try to ferret out for free for 30 days on bit Commerce or Shopify just
click the link below the bio and you can sign up today
it’s really that easy I have on my online store and it’s basically the best
thing since sliced bread for e-commerce and I hope you enjoy it too if you guys
have some questions you can put them in the comments below or you can tell me
how you view social proof on your online store okay bye guys

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