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hey guys want me to our first youtube video on a YouTube channel and today for our first video we're going to be doing all our social medias including snapchat Instagram antic talk hello I'm Lola and Bella and we are stepsisters really friend up there so we will any person we are actually together it was on my dad's house but anyway let's get into the video okay so and I do my ticked up first she's gonna turn my tick-tock that's my to xox got Lola J do X or X now that's my tick-tock no this is my ticks find it this is Bala's tick tock xox dot fella P dot xox sorry just blurry yeah we can't really help with the lighting yeah then another $2 cam is a static account called ocean waves I never get back my legs the ocean is with an O as the number o and ocean underscore waves ax ax please how this has that account guys we really need you get high yeah I nearly got on the free and this is my static account which is right right and it's got light Oh – I'm the baddest Jim account no which is banner Oh God badder loves and we scored Jim Oh 9 happy with that kind guys I didn't know good Jim I just made their account because I she's bigger though okay let's install snapchat X data structure snapchat okay so my snapchat is lowly new 2007 okay no riilu 2007 and then bonus snapchat is Bella and just go up on chart 9 I do not you know what it was just to us as in to snapchat account but the instagram my instagram is xox underscore lola James and school x0x okay then banners in store count is bad upon child just fell upon child yeah that's my I don't then our mixed account is X underscore Lola banner and just go acts slice and I can't we share I have a Instagram account which I share with I believe an app I'm an iboutlet and Cassie my besties and piglets and miss Gore X Oh X oh I never you name but as mrs. again we have it as piglets my spam Lola underscore spam 101 remaining your Instagram I already don't know and this is mine and my best friend's account who's Kathy which is Lola underscore coffee and saucepan one so Lola and this were Kathy and Costa Bam once and I think that it's all of our social medias today so it is a bit of a long video because there is a lot of people either by lighting so by the lighting and sorry about when I camera Falls but he is out this video so yeah it is a bit weird but I will tag I will not tag I will in the link in description below I'll put Cassie's and Abbie YouTube account so then they'll be able to see it as well so I just bought it today that yeah I think was it and please subscribe yes like superstitions on who's our first video guys I subscribe you need to get lending fibers and yeah we'll put our YouTube account underneath but please please follow will VAR counts helped us a lot YouTube has been our dream my definitely member your dream yeah am I dreaming but okay so that we're gonna end of that today guys make sure you follow our social medias as you said like subscribe comment on this video whatever you want make us laugh guys yeah first video so yeah we will see you guys in our next family to us and the mums see you guys when I'm we see you next

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