Social Media Workshop with the Richards Group 2019: Carol Welcome

– Welcome everyone, we’re
so excited you’re here! I am Carol Goglia, and
oversee marketing here at Communities Foundation of Texas. We have an awesome, awesome
lineup for you today and we’re so excited that you are here to learn about how you can
build your social media to help drive your donors
on North Texas Giving Day. Just to get a context of
who all is here in the room I want to know how many
of you are participating in North Texas Giving
Day for the first time. Okay, so a few of you,
welcome to the crew. There are lots of other veterans here that you will get to learn from both in the crowd and on the stage. How many of you attended
a kick off this year? Okay, a lot of you have attended
a kick off, that’s great. And how many of you have come to social media training in the past? Okay, so a new crowd,
that’s great, that is great. So Caitlin, who is our expert
from The Richards Group, is one of the senior
leaders of social media and digital marketing
at The Richards Group so you’re in for a real
treat hearing from her. She has presented before, she’s presented the last
several years on Giving Day, but she has freshened,
some of the same tips, but a lot of fresh advice,
because as you know, the social media landscape
changes a lot every year. Then Corinne Manning is also,
will present before Caitlin to ground you in what
we did for Giving Day, what we’re planning this year and what we learned from last year. And then we’ll end with a
panel of experts of all of you. So just to share a few quick statistics while people are getting settled and feel free to come on
in and fill in the seats, I was looking at some
internet stats yesterday. The internet now has 4.4
billion users worldwide. 3.4 billion are active social media users, and for context, in May 2019, the total world population
was 7.7 billion. So that means 57% of the
world’s population is online and more people are
online than aren’t online. So we truly have to change
worldwide into an online world. And as far as social media usage goes, 45% of the world is on social media and if you have the internet, there’s an 80% chance you have
a social media account, too. And another mind blowing
statistic is that on average people have 7.6 social
media accounts apiece, which is insane. The daily time spent on social
media is 142 minutes per day. So all of you scrolling on your phones. And US adults spend an hour
and 16 minutes each day watching video on digital devices. 78% watch online videos every
week, and 55% watch every day. And today more pictures
are taken every two minutes than were taken the entire 1800s. Which is, you can believe,
because I’m sure several of you have already even taken pictures
today before you got here. (laughs)
Exactly. So as I mentioned the agenda,
Corinne is gonna kick us off, and then we are going
to move over to Caitlin, and then a panel of your peers. And then we also will
have Q and A at the end. So let’s get started. Oh, and I forgot, I’m gonna
tell you a little about CFT. So for those of you, I know many of you were at the kick offs, but our goal is to be the foundation for a thriving community, and North Texas Giving Day is just one of the many things that we do. In addition to the many
ways we work with you all on North Texas Giving Day we reach out to do nonprofit
recruitment for that as well as the many grant
opportunities that we have. We also have some grant
opportunities that are open now if you look our apply for a grant page. We host many community events, lots of them are Giving Day oriented. We have many leadership councils, some of you may be on our
Hispanic Ambassador Council, our Community Leadership Council, we have a nonprofit North Texas
Giving Day Advisory Council, we do many grant making in programs, as I mentioned there are some open now. And we have many strategic partnerships to reach out to the community, not only WFAA and The Richards Group who is donating their services today, but also Telemundo and many
other partners in the community that are helping spread
the gospel of giving. So thank you all. So up next is Corinne.

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