Social Media Workshop with The Richards Group 2019: Carinne NTGD Analytics

– So first, here, if you
aren’t already aware, is where you can find us on social media. Our name on Facebook is
North Texas Giving Day. That shouldn’t be a surprise
and on Twitter and Instagram our handles are @NTxGivingDay. So, if you haven’t already
go like, follow our pages. We love checking out what you guys are up to and interacting with you. (mouse clicking) All right, so here are some fast facts about the current state and trends of our social media presence. Our Facebook reach has grown
within just the last year. A nearly 15% increase in our
likes which is fantastic. We are continually
seeking out new strategies and best practices that
will promote the mission of North Texas Giving Day for the benefit of organizations, such as yours. On Twitter, through researching
our audience analytics, we have found that our
followers type lifestyle type which is based on their online behaviors and their interests is online buyers. Which means to us that
they are really comfortable and primed for making online transactions which is perfect for
North Texas Giving Day. And finally, we continue to grow and expand our Instagram strategies. We have found that our audience there on Instagram skews younger
about 25 to 34 years old. So, we’ve really begun to
experiment and have fun with Instagram stories and
a lot of visual content for spur of the moment interaction. Now, here are some
posts that we have found that have performed really well and have driven audience engagement. So, keep these tactics in mind while you are crafting your
own campaigns this year. On Facebook this video
of Nonprofits that came to our Denton kickoff had
really great engagement. As you might have heard before, photos on Facebook are better
than just text only posts, and videos are even better than photos. So, we had this video of everybody having a lot of high energy,
cheering, and then we also had our yard signs which is really
great to promote the brand. (mouse clicking) Now, on Twitter this post did really well. It had lots of engagement ’cause
we featured an impact quote from a participating,
a past participating, North Texas Giving Day organization. You could use an impact quote
from someone who’s benefited through your organization
to really showcase your organization’s mission and your work. And then finally, on Instagram
we saw that this post had some really good engagement
because it was timely. It was on North Texas
Giving Day last year, and we directly asked for
people to provide some input about who they had given to that day. So, we had a lot of feedback
and comments and engagements. (mouse clicking) Now, going back to Facebook
here are some of the things that we’re doing on social media right now that you can utilize and leverage
for your own organization. We use Facebook Live to
share what we are up to at different community events and things, such as the WFA Party on the Plaza. We’re gonna be there this Friday. So, set your alarms for 4:45, and get on Facebook and share these posts. Create watch parties for your followers. As it gets closer to
North Texas Giving Day, we’re gonna be doing more
and more with Facebook Live. And additionally, you can go and find our official 2019 Facebook event
for North Texas Giving Day. We just created this. So, it’s now up and live. And finally, if you haven’t already, get plugged in to our peer
to peer Facebook Group. It’s a private group that
was created exclusively for Nonprofit organizations
like you to interact with each other, share ideas, get tips. So, go on Facebook, and you
can find it under groups, and you can request to join. (mouse clicking) So, now I would quickly like
to provide some web analytics for last years North Texas Giving Day, and you might be asking, “Why
am I sharing website analytics when today we’re talking
about social media?” Well, ultimately through
different mediums and channels, such as social media, we want donors going to the Giving Day
website to make donations to your organization. (mouse clicking) So, from September 10th to
September 20th of last year, which was scheduled giving
through the day of Giving Day, the total number of sessions on was 423,294, and that seems like an arbitrary number right off the bat, but
that’s a 43% increase from the year prior. That’s some really great growth. And what sessions are is
they are all of the activity that a user has from the time
they open the Giving Day page until the time that they close it. And on average these sessions
lasted about 5.5 minutes each. And then for page views, we saw during that same time frame, the total was a little over 2 million, and of of these 2 million page
views, the top pages visited on Giving Day website we’re
the Nonprofit search page, the leaderboard, and the home page. And this means that people were looking at your organization’s pages
to learn more about you, to donate to you, to pledge
volunteer hours, etc. And this makes it super
important to customize your Giving Day pages, to really make them stand out to drive support to your cause. Another interesting metric
that we’ve been tracking in the digital space is web device usage. And we found last year on, sessions and page views
from mobile devices, not shocking, has continued to increase. And specifically last year in 2018, 58% of gifts were made on
a mobile or tablet device, and not surprisingly again, the top two devices were
the iPhone and the iPad. Now, this slide depicts the
ways in which users made it to the North Texas Giving Day website. The top way was direct, which is someone directly going
to These people, they knew
where they were going. They knew what they were looking for, but after that, the second
most utilized channel was social media, and that’s indicated by that big green piece of
the pie on the screen. And your audience and
your potential audiences, they are on social media. So, it’s so important to utilize this to increase your engagement
and support to your cause. Additionally, the conversion rate, the average conversion
rate for 2018 was 71%, and what this means is
that when someone came to the North Texas Giving Day website, 71% of the time they went from just being just a user to a donor. And this is a nearly 40% increase from 2017, which is awesome. And when these users came to the website through social media channels, 43% of the time they became donors. And while this metric is lower
than other conversion sources such as search engine
searches, direct URL, or email, the fact that the highest,
most used channel to get to the Giving Day
website was social media, still highlights how important it is. And it’s an opportunity for
you to reach new audiences that you can convert to donors over time. (mouse clicking) Now, of the people who got
to North Texas Giving Day through different social media channels, these are the percentages
of which platforms people were using to access the website. No surprise again, 91% came from Facebook, but the other includes 3% from Instagram, 3% from Twitter, and the other 3% includes LinkedIn, Instagram Stories, YouTube, Reddit, etc. So, Facebook still rules,
but Instagram, Twitter, and these other platforms
are still important. So, given all this information and data I’ve just thrown
at you, where do we start? Well, this training with Caitlin Mitchell from the Richards Group of course, thank you, Caitlin, for being here. Additionally, we have a
digital strategy webinar with the RKD group on
Wednesday, June 26th, as well as the Engaging Hispanic
Donors Marketing Training on Monday, July 29th. And go ahead and get
registered for these trainings if you haven’t already done so. We’ve had a few things
fill up and sell out. So, make sure you get in
there and get your spot. And additionally, this
training is being recorded. So, once it’s available you can go back and rewatch this at a later date. (mouse clicking) Another great resource you can use is the Social Media Toolkit. It’s your go-to resource
for social media ideas and strategies and tips for your North Texas Giving Day campaign. And this Toolkit is tailored
with best practices in mind for each platform Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram, and it also includes messages
that you can customize for your own organization
for each of these channels. So, to access the
recording of this training, as well as check out our
Social Media Toolkit, which you can download and
also logos and graphics for you to use in your social campaigns, you can find that on our Resources page, and you will hover over For Nonprofits and click the Resources button. (mouse clicking) Now, we utilize the
#NTxGivingDay and #WhyIGive, and you should too. These are an effective way of promoting North Texas Giving Day,
while also curating all of the content that’s being generated on social media for us to
highlight in the future. These hashtags create
opportunities for donor engagement, storytelling, and advocacy,
as you can see on the screen. I know the words are a bit small, but those are some great examples of Nonprofits using
the #WhyIGive and frame to tell some really effective stories. So, be sure to use these hashtags. And very briefly, I would like
to touch on Social Frames. They’re a great way to show your support and involvement in North Texas Giving Day. You can add them using
Facebook or Twibbon, and in just a bit, Cailtin Mitchell, she’s gonna walk you
through how to add a frame to your Facebook profile picture. If you’d like to check out Twibbon, you’d just go to and search North Texas Giving Day
2019, and it’ll pop up, and we’ll walk you
through how to add those to your profile pictures. (mouse clicking) And as in previous years, we’re really excited to
continue our video contest, and beginning on Friday, July 26th, we will feature a
Nonprofit video once a week on our social pages. Very quickly, these must
be 60 seconds or less and must demonstrate your
organization’s participation in North Texas Giving Day. And to submit that, as
you can see on the screen, you will submit a YouTube or Vimeo link to [email protected]
by the Wednesday of each week to be considered. And if your video doesn’t win one week, we’ll keep it in the running
in the following weeks, but you can win only once. So, be on the lookout for more
information coming on that. So, through using the supplied
graphics and resources and assets in your own social campaigns, as well as leveraging our
own social media posts, you can tap The Power of the
North Texas Giving Day brand. North Texas Giving Day is the
largest community giving day in the nation. So, harness this to make your campaigns really stick out and be very relevant. And as you can see here,
here are some examples of Nonprofits who have
utilized the resources that we’ve provided in
their own campaigns. Make them your own, and use
them in your own things, and most of all just be expressive and have a lot of fun with it. But wait, there’s more! And there’s other reasons
why you should utilize these resources to include in your own campaigns and that’s prizes. We have a number of prizes
that we award each year, such as the Best Integrated
Marketing Campaign, the #WhyIGive Most Likes and Shares Prize, and the Scheduled Giving
Most Retweets Prize. And Additionally we have
a new prize this year. That’s the #NTxKidsGive
Giving Curriculum Prize where students and teachers
and parents can share what they learned through our
new TEKS-aligned curriculum. And you can find out more
about this on our website under Get Involved and For Students. And all these hashtags
that I’ve mentioned, we use those to determine
some of these prize winners. So, y’all make sure
you wanna include those when you are submitting your entry for the social media prizes. And also we just like to
go look through ’em to see what you guys are up to
and to select organizations that are doing some really cool things for media opportunities. (mouse clicking) All right, thank you all
so much for coming today. We’re really glad that you’re here, and now, I would like to hand it over to Caitlin Mitchell from
the The Richards Group. Enjoy this training and go out and create some awesome campaigns. (audience clapping)

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