Social media reaction to the Ohio Democratic debate

16 thoughts on “Social media reaction to the Ohio Democratic debate

  1. No flag cuz they forgot that victims don’t elect presidents.. hello, America is filled with Americans.. speak to them. They still don’t get why he won.

  2. Joe Biden " I'd Beat him like a drum" YEAH OKAY.. the only thing your gonna do is beat off your cellmate. Also, why didn't he answer the question about hunter he never gives a clear answer.. what a disgrace to this country

  3. Lots of pots calling the kettle black with not an American Flag in sight. These crooks should say corrupt just one more time then maybe there spells will work on the brain dead fools clapping and cheering on this dung heap

  4. deceiver



    teller of lies

    teller of untruths


    false witness




    spinner of yarns




  5. Bernie has the receipts, 40+ years of fighting for the poor and middle class, there is a picture of Bernie chained to a black woman protesting for civil rights in Chicago, standing up for (in the closet) gays in the military in the 90’s, didn’t vote for the war in Iraq, GOT $15 dollars for workers at Amazon and Disneyland AS A SENATOR, has been fighting for M4A (way before it was popular), didn’t vote for trump’s military budget (unlike Warren)… let others (republicans) take credit for his bills so that they would get passed to help out the average American.. so many things… and he doesn’t take money from corporations. He’s damn near perfect.

    Warren corrupt-Jimmy Dore
    Funny take-Jimmy Dore

  6. Never Democrat, never again, not even local government. These people are so beyond contempt it's sickening to even look at them or hear the words coming out of their mouths. Freaking commies.

  7. Yeh the candidates do not choose the stage decor, flags, etc
    Talk about issues that matter to ordinary Americans.
    Unlike Trump who hides behind the flags after his corruptions, and theft from the ordinary people to give tax giveaways and helping military industrial complex, rather than front line defense personnel. etc.

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