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– Are you seriously gonna do that in front of me right now? – What? – Why are you even liking pictures of other hot guys on Instagram? (playful music) (upbeat jazzy music) – Anybody in a relationship in 2017 knows how difficult it is to manage social media. – Beth says, “my boyfriend “liked an instagram photo
of a friend of a friend. “She’s like posing on the beach, “making a cute face,
and she’s in a bikini. “I wouldn’t care if it was a
photo of a celeb in a bikini, “but this seemed a
little too close to home. “When I called him out on it, “he accused me of being clingy. “Was I wrong for calling him out “for liking some random
girl’s bikini photo?” – I mean, okay.
– Oof, you gotta be, oof. This is–
– No, everyone’s explore page, the discover page is full of hot girls. And so you can’t expect,
I mean you’re just bombarded with these images. You can’t expect that your
boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t gonna like, see these pictures and like, once in a while tap-tap. It’s not a big deal. – Oh man, you say that. But how many times have you called me out for seeing that I’ve liked a picture– – Yeah, because it’s funny. It’s not like I’m actually mad, I’m like, “Ooh, did you like that butt?” – But aren’t you a little– – No, I’m not mad, I mean they’re images– – So, is it okay for a guy to follow lots of beautiful, hot models and babes on Instagram and
like their photos constantly even if they’re in a relationship? – No. – Okay, but the real issue here is not so much that he
liked a picture of a girl, – Right.
– It sounds like a girl that he could kind of know.
– Yeah. – Someone in his realm of possibilities. – Right. So I think she’s right to
be a little suspicious. – If you like a girl’s photo, and she doesn’t have a ton of followers, you’re liking it because
you know she’s gonna see that you liked it.
– Right. – And that’s the flirt,
that you saying, “Hi.” – It is. It is.
– “I like your butt.” – I do, I change my position on this. If it’s an Instababe…I
think I agree with Beth. If it’s an Instababe, and
she’s getting millions of likes she’s not gonna notice,
you’re just another plebeian – Right, and it’s just,
and that to me feels like an acceptable and safe way for guys to feel like they’re
still sort of connected to other women, but in a meaningless way. – Right. – And guys, you gotta be careful. No accidental finger taps, because (Laura laughs) one wrong like can lead
to a world of pain. – Right. – [Mina] Hi, this is Mina. – Hi.
– Alright, hey, what’s up? How can we help? – [Mina] So, I’ve been seeing this guy I met off of Tinder for a few months now, and it’s weird but he won’t add me to any of his social media pages. Like, I tried adding him on Facebook and Instagram after our third date and it’s been a few months since then. I brought it up as a joke once and he kind of just like
laughed it off awkwardly. Should I be worried? – He’s hiding something. – I don’t know, if you guys are dating like all the time, or is there a chance that he could still
be seeing someone else? – [Mina] I mean, he’s really sweet and he’s kind of alluded to the fact that I am the only girl that he’s seeing, so I don’t know, I’m kind of confused. – I mean, I think you gotta get in there. I think you gotta figure
out what’s happening. – Have you guys been together, and has he posted a
photo to his Instagram? – [Mina] Um, I mean not that I know of. I mean like sometimes
we’ll like during dinners, he’ll hop on his phone, I’ll hop on mine. – Hmm. – No, no, you gotta figure this out. – [Laura] You should be building a case. Make another account. – Yeah, you might need to catfish him. – [Laura] The Catfish King is… – [Nev] Condoning.
– Condoning catfishing. – [Mina] All right, well
thank you guys so much. I’ll definitely get to the bottom of this. – All right, thanks baby girl. – See ya. – All right, so we have
an email from Raquel. – Okay. – [Laura] “My girlfriend is obsessed “with making her life look perfect “on Facebook and Instagram. “Every single place we go she
takes like a hundred pictures “and has us pose, and it’s exhausting. “And it’s not enough for
her to post the photos, “she gets really offended when I don’t. “I’m like, ‘Why do I need to post any? “‘You posted all of them.’ “She says it hurts here feelings when “she doesn’t see photos on my
Facebook or Instagram page. “I feel like she’s
obsessed with social media. “Who’s right?” – I think this happens a lot in all relationships.
– It does. – It happens with us, too. Like, if we’re both at something fun, or someone takes a great photo of us, and texts it to us, then
there’s always like, “Who’s posting it?”
– Who’s gonna post it? – Do you get to post
it, or should I post it? – The girlfriend’s
obsessed with social media, so she should just be obsessed with it and handle all of the social media pages for them both.
– Right. – But where does that obsession start to get in the way of
just being in a relationship? But there’s also a reality
that people in relationships want their partners to publicly display that they’re in a happy,
perfect relationship. – Yeah, I don’t know. You should post a little more, she should whine a
little less, compromise.

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  1. How has social media been an obstacle in your relationships? Or if it hasn't, how have you and your partner been able to avoid social media becoming a problem?

  2. Social media is one of those things that needs to be done right in order to benefit the relationship positively with being able to respect your partners wants or needs regarding it, as fighting it will only lead to issues as I've experienced in the past. It's tailored differently to each relationship so see what works for you and your partner and balance it out till it works for both of you. All the best on the journey!

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