Social media doesn’t want you to see Rubens’ paintings

Excuse me, do you have a social media account, madame? Do you have a social media account No Ok, thank you very much sir Yes You do have it? Any of you have a social media account? Yes We have to take you away from the nudity paintings We need to protect you against nudity, even if artistic in nature This includes paintings focused on individual bodyparts such as abs, buttocks or cleavage I am sorry but it is our policy, sir Could we put you here in front of this painting It’s for your own protection, madame If you could move away from the nudity painting Thank you very much Thank you very much madame
Do I need to undress? No no no its ok madame, thank you very much This, this painting is fine because there is no nudity Thank you madame
Thank you

86 thoughts on “Social media doesn’t want you to see Rubens’ paintings

  1. There are places in the world where the Rubens house would be closed and the artwork destroyed for indecency. This video is an emotional appeal and strawman. While I do not defend Facebook, I will contend that the primary purpose of any private business is to be profitable and controversy is to be avoided or covered up by any means. There are more than enough people in the world who would love nothing more than to censor the rest of the world and threaten to attack any persons, institutions or businesses that offends their beliefs (see also Mary Whitehouse, moral majority, the Index Librorum Prohibitorum or the case around writer Salman Rushdie) Therefore in an attempt to prevent controversy and out of sheer convenience companies like Facebook use the cheapest and easiest methods to screen the data posted by millions of private users (who incidentally did agree to a valid legal contract that does warn them about controversial content) And unlike your portrayal this is not done through a committee of prudish censors out to spite people, but simply by computer algorithms that cannot differentiate the various social conventions the average human being can easily understand. That they use this broad brush approach is, as I said, purely for their own convenience as it is the cheapest and easiest way to police the system and it is easier for the company to redress a wrongful mistake than to be attacked for allowing truly objectionable content to be posted. What we can learn from this is that there is still huge pressure to control morals at every possible level, that companies will follow the way of least resistance because they might offer a technology which is extremely powerful, but the tools to properly manage it do not exist at this point or are so prohibitively expensive it would put them out of business.

  2. Nobody forces you to use Facebook.
    Fortunately there are millions of other websites to know and respect art !

  3. Ik wist niets van Rubens maar ik had een vermoeden, dus ik moest even spieken, "Rubens' highly charged compositions reference erudite aspects of classical and Christian history"….ik zeg het nu maar, ik heb in Amerika gewoond and anything that celebrates European Christian Culture is suspect, verboden……

  4. dit is toch te zot om waar te zijn??? da verwacht je v tr..p stijlen v regerengen, de onze ga dezelfde kant op ???? zich bezig houdend met wa écht telt e 'zou helpen' da zou es tof zijn voor de verandering man man!

  5. Je zou verwachten dat ze bij wel weten in welke eeuw de Antwerpse meester werkzaam was (niet in de 16e)

  6. Well done, folks.
    You have to keep bringing up Mr Zuckerberg's stupid hypocrisy. He sees nudity as a danger, while offering a platform for agitators, the propagators of hatred and the deniers of the Holocaust. Facebook is not a social network. Facebook is fucking hypocrisy and lie.

    But all Mr. Zuckerberg has to answer to such accusations is an innocent facial expression, the usual and already sufficiently known phrase talk, and his already known and boring excuses. And everything stays as it is.

  7. Please: do NOT come to our art gallery in Truchas New Mexico! We have classical nudes which may damage your eye-sight. LOL. (Do people have sex or take a shower with their clothes on?… I do wonder.) Nudity is your God given birthday suit. Enjoy it!

  8. Thing is FB DOES allow nudity and much filth. Just NONE with any class which goes against the grain of kosher liberals.

  9. Zo is ooit één van mijn 3D tekeningen verwijderd van een Amerikaanse site omdat op de achtergrond het schilderij "de 3 Gratiën" van Rubens te zien was.

  10. Bientôt à Montréal. La police contre la rumeur qui sillonne la rue à la recherche des criminels de la pensée qui ne pensent pas comme Valérie Plante dans ses politiques du multiculturalisme et de l'immigration massive contre les Québécois. J'ai pas voté pour cette maudite folle.

  11. those prude 'muricans prefer gun violence over nudity…
    i like how childish gambino's "this is america" shows up as next video here for me…

  12. Hey, fake FBI agent, your joke is a shitty joke. Just touch me, even slightly, and you'll get my fist into your face.

  13. Insane marxists ruling on Facebook, which are additional dependent of George Soros – want DAMAGE and DESTROY European culture, religion and history!

  14. BRILLIANT! Shows the blatant hypocrisy of a biased media giant. Facebook's stock is in free-fall today, and idiocy like this vid points out is partially why.

  15. c est sure que la culture américaine rap hip hop coca cola kfc mac donald etc etc est vachement mieux que du rubens………………

  16. in the US it is common to show crime in all kind of aspects, cruel war movies, blood all over the place…no problem for the media in the US but DON't SHOW TITTIES or naked bodys…How hypocrite can you be. This video from Belgium shows the whole schizo with these FB, Instagram and many more.

  17. Europe is a dump for human waste from Africa and Asia!! FOR TOLERANCE! religion of peace, chastity and intelligence! respect the cultural characteristics !!! This EU will destroy ALL Christians and white in Europe! FOR MERKEL!!!

  18. ça rigole … mais c'est ce qu'il se passe partout, la censure stupide et abusif, voila ce que vous allez avoir dans la gueule !

  19. Very clever and quite funny answer. That's what that censorship amounts to doing, indeed. Fuck Facebook, I've never been on it, and every day that passes shows me how right I am !

  20. A Montreal la mairesse Valerie Plante a organiser une commission sur le racisme systemique. De notre cote nous allons demander une commission sur le raciste anti-Quebecois , qui date de la colonisation Britannique. Bravo les Belges j'adore votre idee.

  21. Bravísimo jajajaaaaaaaaaa. ¡Viva Rubens y sus maravillosos desnudos! ¡Fuera la ignorancia de Facebook!

    Facebook, Nudity is not pornography, uncultured!

  22. Rubens is poor, poor… The founder of Facebook is rich, but is stupid

  23. Facebook is a misogynistic website, so as YT, google and the gafam. It's up to us to stoping using it. Fuck you mr "suckerberg" ! Woman ain't obscene, neither is nudity.

  24. Bravo…. Nude art is not pornography. I'm sick and tired of watching family photos celebrating b-days or making barbeque😂 Viva Twitter..

  25. Sharing this! So many of my artist friends have had their content removed or the profiles banned for posting their artwork, that has, OMG, a nipple!

  26. contrast it with this: Zuckerberg defends Facebook users' right to be wrong – even Holocaust deniers –

  27. Does any body know what is the background music, something like the opening theme of a mid-century TV series?

  28. Brüll!!!!!!!!! Genialer Streich! Musste es mehrmals ansehen. Die Dame ziemlich am Schluss, die ihr Hemd hoch hielt, hat für mich den gleichen Humor, wie der Touristik Verband, der diese nette Aktion in Szene gesetzt hat. Bravo!

  29. Google isn't much better. They "demonetized" lots of videos just because there is woman trying and reviewing some bikinis and lingerie.

    Big companies care only about is money. Profits, stock prices, CEO bonuses, how to please stock holders… If nudity makes it more profitable they will allowe it, if not they will censor it.

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