Social Justice Warriors vs. Logic Thug Life Compilation #1 – NEW 2018!

26 thoughts on “Social Justice Warriors vs. Logic Thug Life Compilation #1 – NEW 2018!

  1. I don't get the last clip what's so thug life about a man defending a fairytale book by changing the subject. Old testament new testament what's the difference.

  2. Dude the last one though, owned. Failed the bait and switch, continues to get rekt and has to “move on” fleeing the debate. Fucking gold.

  3. You know, the irony to this is that I actually disagree with Ben Shapiro substantively on the transgender issue to a degree, although I also have some disagreements with "Zoey" as well, but "Zoey" 's threat of violence to Ben, along with the not-caring reaction of the rest of the panel, was outright unacceptable and this is an example of why the Antifa types and so forth are able to get away with their violence. It's fine to threaten violence if you're on the Left, try that on the Right though and Holy Hell.

  4. "Being transgender is about the bravest thing you can do."
    Soldiers on the transfer boats to Normandy on D-day: Am I a joke to you?

  5. I know this doesn't have to do with any if the real stuff of this video, but what son is the one in 9:52?

  6. Being transgender isn’t the bravest thing you can do the bravest thing you can do is risking you life to save someone else

  7. I agree with literally everything said in this video except the dude at 3:35. I can't blame the woman for getting annoyed as he was the only person here to be ignorant. "You are making a mistake. You WOULD be happier at home with a husband". Absolutely ridiculous to assume he knows what she, or anyone else needs to be happy.

  8. The definition of Obviously means : something that someone can figure out on there own. No one can figure out on there own what they think unless they are one of them.

  9. it makes me laugh that these retarded liberal sjw commies actually think they make sense and are fighting a good cause its freaking hilarious they are jokes

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