Social Justice Warriors VS Logic #4

50 thoughts on “Social Justice Warriors VS Logic #4

  1. Dancing is not working out it is a bare inclusion of the part of exercise and what this lady is doing has nothithing to do with it

  2. I didn’t know the term gringo was offensive lol I thought it just described a North American like Latino describes a central/South American…guess you learn something everyday

  3. First guy saying niqab bans are racist.. Erm niqab have also been banned in Muslim countries too 🤦‍♀️

  4. Well, there's no freedom of religion in muslim countries either, so what's sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander.

  5. My parents are well off. They work their asses off every day,they’re in their late 40’s and early 50’s and are still going strong. Their parents were poor,and one from the inner city. I’m not handed anything from them,and that’s the way I want it. It’s taught me responsibility and discipline. I would love to be a billionaire,who wouldn’t. And I get the right to work towards that every day if I so choose. It’s a matter of wanting to put in the work

  6. Common theme with all these SJW is the over use of their thoughts and not enough FACTS every video is done dimwit saying I think this I think that rather that this is or that is take your thoughts to your safe spaces and trust trees cos facts don’t care about your thoughts or feelings. Also at 13:00 onwards listen lady the English were enslaved by the vikings the Egyptians were enslaved EVERY generation has been enslaved at some point in history it’s not just central to cultures of colour and btw Africans sold Africans to be American slaves so go be mad at them for starting the enslavement of your granny. Oh wait you won’t cos they’re black your just an anti white cunt fall off a fucking bridge professional victim.

  7. I'm French and I can tell you, this guy take an American point of view to analyse France Religious Doctrine, which is the dumbest think to do. He doesn't actually know what is talking about.

  8. Why would you even enter a "debate" as the opposing side to Shapiro/Milo/Tucker/Perterson (and many others Im sure). They not only know their stuff inside and out, they're incredible debators in general. You just make an idiot of yourself by trying to look clever.

  9. Saying quran is the holiest book is just like saying hitler's written ideoligies would be a good book !!

  10. If anybody can come in every country we have Islamic Warzones all over the world. So no thanks not EVERYBODY should be able to join.

  11. You know, with all these edits of sunglasses, a blunt and a hip hat being placed on Ben in all his wins, one day he's gonna just show up with sunglasses, a blunt and a hip hat and beat everyone to the punch.

  12. France literally has had laws since before mass muslim immigration about no person is allowed to show/wear religious symbols in public. I highly disagree with this but it has been a law. So christians can't show crosses, Jewish people can't wear Yamikas (lol probably butchered the spelling), etc. Muslim people CHOSE to move to France, French people did not choose to move to muslim countries. Muslim people must assimilate or go somewhere else.

  13. The French influenced Catherine the Great … The Great… Assimilation to western thinking makes the rest of the world great and makes great things happen. Maybe art teachers should teach that to their students…

  14. America is not a immigrants country Protestant immigrants made a great culture and a nation now it's there country they are the real American.🇺🇸

  15. Why anyone doesn't talk about Christianphobia. Christians are the most persecuted minority in the world.

  16. College students have ruined their reputations….Now every one looks at them like the idiots they are. Who would pay all that money to become more ignorant…?

  17. We all already know 2020 gonna be a Trump blowout. But I would love to see Shapiro run for 2024. And if you ask sjws which countries are less 'racist' than the US, or which countries do a better job treating minorities right, they'll name countries that are 99% white people.

  18. 0:51 Absolutely not.  this guy doesn't know what the fuck is talking about. There is no ultimatum they get to keep both

  19. Screw the PC culture.
    Screw immigrants that cause problems in their new country.
    Screw the Muslim religion and the State of Islam.
    If you don't like what I say…screw you too.

  20. "France is the modern architect of Islamophobia"

    Lmao, France is the country which give free social/medical security to every people who are living in france (even illegal immigrant). France is my country and everybody is talking about islamophobia and conflation after terrorist attacks in the name of "Hallah" instead of blame a religion which can't stand to leave with us and killed thousand of people on french territory (when the number of islamophobia victim in France is = 0)…
    In france, if you put a French flag on your doorstep, your house will burn during the week and nobody will defend you because you already have the "fascist" etiquette for bein pround of your country with a simple flag…

    The problem is progressism that doesn't give the right to people to denouce obviousness in the name of the equality. Equality that islamic state will never want !
    "French are all white faggot", "We will colonisate your country", "You don't hide your hair, you slut", "all the france will be muslim soon" , "we are coming in france to kill all the unfaithfull"… And no one of those words are blamed. But just say that the islamic state is dangerous for democracy (when all prove it) and you are a fascist piece of shit !

    Is this guy just know what he is talking about ? France is certainly one of the most open country to imigration and here is the result ! This is the country where my step-brother has been disemboweled for having protected my sister muged and rapped for not wearing a hijab ! This is the country where some little girls are rapped and burned by syrian immigrate just because of the white of their skin. The country where no media talk about it to avoid the ignorant speech of "french islamophobia".
    The country of human right…

    Sorry for my very bad english, french sux with english and I hate that too… Sorry to discriminate us (for the few SJW viewers).
    And thanks to all the U.S people who understand and defend us. You are my oxygen in this unbreathable world 🙂

  21. *sigh* I love Ben Shapiro. Thank GOD someone has a pair and is willing to stand up and say what needs to be said.

  22. A nation of immigrants means over half of the population are foreign born. Even the roaring 20s America didn’t have half of its people foreign born. How can undocumented person can be American citizen? A nation means a sovereign country with law abiding citizens. The government’s first priority is to serve its citizens. A successful nation is a magnet for people from unsuccessful nation. Only a parasite will conclude otherwise.

  23. I have to wonder if megan ever gave ben a blowjob after having him on set. Which she did a few times. Id bet she did!!! Lol

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