Social Justice Warriors VS Logic #3

if black lives matter how come you ain't cleaning up your own community okay before you want to talk to me about me running any type of president seat why are you not cleaning up your own community if black lives matter where were you at in Chicago where were you at in Baltimore where were you at in Ferguson last week when jameelah Baldwin was shot dead in her own home in that drive-by shooting on Tuesday night if black lives matter where are you when this stuff in foolishness is occurring I would be if every president candidate out there should challenge them yes they should meet with him and ask him why are you not cleaning up your own community before you ask me to clean up mines I understand exactly you're saying you're kind of preaching to the choir here but having said that we've seen where some Democrats have tried to say well all lives matter or and they've been beaten down to the point where they've had to apologize and to me that's so crazy it's so nuts and I love the idea of turning it back on if we're talking about accountability we'd always should begin with the person in the mirror exactly I mean like I said before it my message just repeats itself again and again we are going around in constant circles to some people who cannot recognize their own foolishness black lives matter only because they want to protest for thugs you understand what I'm saying they're nowhere to be found in our community I'm still looking for you understand what I'm saying I'm in LA I'm looking for him I don't see him but yet they want to go to police stations and they want to protest it and disrespect other people start with us talk to me start with us because I don't have a whole lot to tell you about what's going on in our own community if black lives matter you understand me people are sick of this foolishness all lives matter understand but yet if you want to recognize black lives recognize the ones that we are killing in our own communities if you want to talk about this you understand no President presidential candidates should be afraid of this superficial shallow movement they are cookies with no milk Lamborghini with no 12-cylinder engine clouds without Tempest shallow you understand there are movement going but when you look inside it's nothing there so you as a person as this person that has so much privilege and and has never really had to internalize oppression in the way that in a press community has what I'm saying okay no so this is my argument is probably where where the but so I feel like as that person you can't speak for a community that has already organized and spoken about what they need in order to why should I assume that the people who are speaking for that to be our representatives of the community merely because they put themselves forward is that we have a democracy so that people can elect representatives that have credibility anybody can stand up and say I am representing community X I didn't give them legitimacy apart from their argument so I'm not convinced that the people who are speaking on behalf of legitimate revenue because they happen to the look like I'm not a legitimate representative of white hands I'm just me now I also have from white since we have Oh judge you are so so wrong let me correct a few things first of all she's not Hilary she's madam secretary secretary anymore you're way off the bat you call her madam secretary like you call any former member of the cabinet by their highest rank all that she was a senator get to the point second she this is a colossal waste of time half of the facts that you just mentioned are half of the pieces of information you just mentioned are absolute in inaccurate what's a hack some of them are downright well that's inaccurate she she she did not pass along classified information did you think she didn't Coco you need to listen back here's she's not under criminal investigation well what is behind investigating her yoga classes the FBI investigates crimes no you're a judge you know that when the FBI ask questions it is not always a criminal matter that what are they asking her about what she was there where to her daughter's wedding initiating Coco I'm not kidding this is nothing more than the witch hunt that's been that's been leveled against this woman for the last 30 years and the fact that you talk about her like she's some kind of crazy self-involved dilettante is is just in soaking because she has given 30 years maybe these prices over 30 years you tell me one thing she did at the State Department one law she passed as a United States Senator that has benefited anyone give me come on tell me let's go Coco aid aid to the to the workers at 9/11 wow I don't think that you see one of the people on the bill that's big of her she's from New York that's it you know 30 years so what the Republicans have spent a lot of time opposing aid to 9/11 work oh that is an accomplishment right let me ask you this sherry of sticks yeah do you know that if you don't have business government business on a server that can be captured that is a crime do you know that it's called again judge that is that if you don't have government business on a server no server on a government sir something this is just nothing more than all of the witch hunts that have been leveled at this woman for 30 years because you all have Clinton derangement syndrome okay hate this woman because she's a woman and a strong one let me tell you snow was not so woman president more than I do but not a woman who is constantly under investigation who constantly dances a federal prosecutor there's news she lies KOCO there no I don't think she lies or shit in our industry of people that have made their fortunes just going after let me ask you a question if she's so transparent why did she scrub that server if she's so transparent why didn't she give that server to a third party why did you do all that she because it's big balls first of all because she there was nothing on it left she turned over all of her emails and got rid of the and said the server scrubbed why would you why wouldn't you that's wonderful piers why would you be so scathing about Rachel jeantel and so patronizing to a young woman who's clearly been through an appalling ordeal and here when I interviewed I found to be a smart cookie like I said I found it to be fun warm engaging street smart and clearly from her educational background no one near as stupid as you'd like to think she is once again I never used the word stupid you did she was the most important witness in a murder trial it was she was standing between George Zimmerman and 30 years in jail and for you to act as if she was somehow abused by Don West whose job was to make sure his client didn't go to jail is outrageous and as far as education is concerned I applaud mr. joiner he's done a lot of work in the black community for education and I would recommend Pierce that we do something about the 50% dropout rate in the inner-city and about the fact that President Obama opposes allowing parents to use vouchers to get their kids out of bad government schools and into a better school so they can have a possibility to get to the middle class that's what we ought to be talking about here instead of some aberrant situation like George Zimmerman going to somebody that he thinks they're suspicious and they have an exchange and there's an unfortunate death as if somehow that's some sort of indictment of America and black people should look over their shoulders every night and act as if some white guy is gonna jump out of a bush and get them it's outrageous hard work wins get an education don't pay attention to negative people and stay focused and you'll be okay in America that's why most of the people in the world want to come here that's why you want to come here piers Richard give me an example give a gift Dana and I an example and if you have one I would think Dana and I will condemn it and will say absolutely we don't support it I'm a tea party member Dana is give me an example where this has happened OOP Shawn I'm happy that you want to condemn it because I think you're completely right I don't think the Tea Party is a race I don't think the Tea Party woman itself is racist I think the Tea Party has been a home for racism and forward with that believe in racist ideology I'm waiting for the specific stain is waiting patiently for the specifics two years a couple years ago when they passed the Health Care Reform Act CBC members reported by the AP CBC members are walking out her congressional Cochran's are walking out of the Capitol they were called they were offered $100,000 for any evidence to back that claim up and if it he reported it there was an AP reporter there that reported it so the mainstream media Dana can get it wrong yeah well Richards omitting the fact that Emanuel cleaver who by the way is a lawmaker from my home state of Missouri actually backpedaled on some of that which was reported as he's quoting by The Associated Press not to mention there were a sea of webcams there there were a sea of iPhone cameras and handheld cameras and not a single one of those cameras in an era where we have such a digital technology and were able to capture absolutely everything not a single one of those cameras Sean as you know captured anything that any of these CBC members were alleging and then of course you had cleaver backpedaling as well so let's report the full scope of the story and not just rely on some oh well the AP said well the AP also said you just said that it was racial in some regard the Tea Party's racial I wouldn't be a part of a group that was racial they know what part of the group that's racial so tell me give me examples and help me out here that's not but that's not what I said Sean I said the Tea Party as a movement is not racist I'm not saying the Tea Party is what I'm saying is she parties become a bastion for racism and you're saying the same thing it's semantics you're saying the same thing it's not semantics at all it is not semantics example neo-nazis who are noted for media for example stormfront calm who they profess to be part of the Tea Party is their anti their anti-semitic there have a racist example yeah well I gave you an example storm forced Brad storm front calm I never heard an organization it's an organization that professes to be part of the Tea Party and they are active a profession to be a Panthers profess to be part of the progressive movement so do you know wait a second I love you very clear we've then any races black lives matter is racist because all lives matter the black lives matter no the black lives matter is divided conquer you cannot you cannot running around doing things you can't going around saying things like on pigs in a blanket fry like bacon and we're gonna bacon and I like bacon death making pieces Degas okay yes early in the morning I got one for here you are you're willing to die to take my gun right because I'm willing to die to keep my gun right and that's what it's about my name is Kenneth Lane and I'm from a medieval I'm waking people up I'm waking up the dumb sheep I'm letting them know that they're being played they are being played I mean from from the uterus we are brainwashed only the people are free thinkers like myself the establishment is afraid oh I'm a free thinker that's what I am I'm a free thinker I don't let what they tell believer things to be tell me because they've been they've been complicit in the brainwashing procedure and everyone out there the best thing you need to do get rid of your TV you Donald Trump set out these diversity outreach programs how did you get involved basically I got in contact with Michael Cohen who is the special counsel to mr. Donald Trump and I informed him that I would like to help out with the outreach for not just minorities but for women for Hispanics for Asians for ABS for everyone to learn about this candidate you know he talked about jobs and improving communities and national security tougher immigration schools everything if you're an American you are concerned about it doesn't matter that you're black or white or purple I always tell people when Isis straps on their bombs they don't say hey let the white let the black person walk by let the Hispanic walk by and then blow the white guy up hell they say I'm gonna blow up Americans they see us as Americans we see each other that way what do you say to people who are concerned about his comments about Mexicans are rapists or the presidents birth certificate or Muslims shouldn't be allowed in the country how do you address I would say is that illegal you know illegal immigrants are tired of fighting illegal immigrants for jobs just like Americans are tired of fighting illegal immigrants for jobs every good Muslim I don't know one good Muslim who has a problem with Donald Trump saying a radical Islamic terrorist because they are sick and tired of the stain that comes on a religion when you have this minority this few that's that's ruining it all for the entire religion that's the same thing as far as with black people you out black people aren't bad we all work we do what we're supposed to do but you have pockets in our communities that are shooting people right here on Chicago 3600 dead in the black community and so we have got to be concerned about one another and what Donald Trump is saying is look I want to be the President of the United States I don't want to be the president of black America wait a minute so you'd want to see stop and frisk on this house and what happen frisk is already on the south in the west side of Chicago I'm in the courtroom every single day and most of a lot of my clients that come in have been stopped and frisked and they found guns or drugs or whatever and some of them they were innocent don't get me wrong but that's going on every single day what we need is for the people in these violent communities need jobs we know that when Americans are at work who has time to think about crime when you're at work we know that the devil's workshop is idle hands and so what we what Donald Trump is saying look his best answer is I want to bring jobs let me do it for you best debate line Democrats care about the inner city when it's election time after election time what do you get zero what was her response quiet why because that is the truth he told the unadulterated truth and even though people don't want to hear the truth the truth is bitter but we have to swallow it the Democratic Party I voted for over twenty years of my life I voted for Barack Obama when he said but he was going to bring hope and change and yes we can and no we didn't the jobs didn't come the better schools didn't come the investment in our communities did not come national security our borders are open we're not safe we're not safe and we've got to stop thinking as black and white and purple and Arab we've got to start thinking as Americans and that's what Donald Trump is saying hi okay my name is tane I'm the current president of our n-double-a-cp chapter great and so I just have a few questions during your entire presentation I noticed that you failed to mention that feminism is the belief that men and women are equal so do you not think this and then also I noticed when you were talking about America's values and about how Great America is you failed to mention that our nation was built on the power of white men without the acknowledgement of black people of the Indians women at least so do not think that men and women are equal do you not acknowledge the problems that we have here in America that does in fact not make America great alright I mean it's not true I understand myself unlike some choice was a perfectly reasonable respectful question let's be respectful on the first half of your question women don't agree with you fewer than one in five women in America describes themselves as a feminist even though over 85% of them believed in equality between the sexes why because they know that feminism has become something different now they know that the feminism you're talking about is very convenient isn't it to sort of treat men like shit and then when people say I'm not a feminist say oh but feminism is our quality that's not what feminism has become it's not what feminism is anymore feminism is a mean vindictive spiteful nasty man hating philosophy that has very little to do with the Equality of the sexes and a lot to do with man-hating and the way that you know that is women are abandoning it in their millions women don't want to feminism anymore they have rejected your version completely they don't agree with you in the UK the numbers are even worse just 7% of women in the UK describe themselves as feminists despite the fact that 92 percent of women in of women in in the UK believe in equality the sexes it's very clear what's happening they don't believe that those two things mean the same because if they did they'd give the pollsters the same answer to that both those questions women know that feminists say one thing and do an women know that the primary purpose of feminism these days isn't to promote equality it is to beat down on men so you've lost you know you have a big PR problem on your hands and when you come up and say you know well how dare you not mention this actually just about quality detectors don't you believe in the closing seconds I've very clearly said in my speech multiple times that I do and that I love women but I care about them but you know this is sleight of hand that feminists play when they're perfectly happy to treat men like shit and and and spread these conspiracy theories about the patriarchy these lies about the wage gap lies about campus rape culture and then turn around and play the victim and play innocent and say a feminist is just about equality give me a break give me a break answer your as to your second part of your question I get some I get some shit from conservatives for this answer by the way but I agree with you I agree with you that there are structural historical problems in this country I agree with you the black community has been treated like hell by both Democrats and Republicans I just don't think black lives matter is the answer I don't think that throwing your toys out of the pram and burning your own cities is the answer I think better schools would help and I think if black people really wanted to improve their lot and improve their situation they would start voting for Republicans because when they do and when people police properly black lives are saved Bill Clinton who signed the crime bill in which took thousands of black dad's out of families and threw them in jail the terrible pointless awful war on war on drugs right replacing you know the the the black dad with the state which is what Democrats have systematically tried to do to you guys for generations and black lives matters response isn't to say we're gonna try voting for the other guys because thought of 40 years of this hasn't worked what we want is better schools so that a poor black child who is smart could go to Harvard gonna do that they cause a fuss they block a road and they burn their own towns down so yeah I agree with you there's a problem but I I think we probably have very very different prescriptions for that you

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  1. Listen again 15:34
    "get rid of your TV" you'll feel much better. I did it!

    Look, I don't want democratic party or any fuckin groups like black lives matter saying what is good for me just because they're black like me at all, I'm pro the second amendment and I want to protect myself like everyone else.

  2. This man i watched in a video said something like "get rid of your TV" was on the dot correct. The brainwashing of the idiot box is perpetual and will not stop till people wake up and realize what the TV does to there mentality.

  3. Conservative Strategy Book: Use facts, unbiased statistics, and logic.

    Liberal Strategy Book: Make crazy claims, don’t explain your opinions, don’t use facts, interrupt conservatives in hopes that they won’t be heard, call people liars, walk away and laugh off people that disagree with you, and pretend that you won the debate even though you know deep deep down that you lost

  4. I love how this email thing is called a witch hunt but the Russia collusion conspiracy supposedly isn't… yeah bullshit.

    And I think it's so funny that the tea party can be called racist because they might possibly have people with racist ideals but yet when it comes to black lives matter they have a majority that are openly racist, that openly call for violence on white people and white police and yet no one makes a fuss about it like they do the with the Tea Party. Double standards much?

  5. The FBI isn't in criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton……no the FBI only stands for Federal. Bureau. Of Investigation.but they aren't investigating anything.

  6. 97% of ISIS victims are MUSLIM!

    Muslims are sick and tired of the western propaganda against them.
    Trump made it worse.

  7. When I saw Podesa being Hillary's right hand man, I knew she would dodge prison.
    Sooner or later they will either both be dead or imprisoned. Corruption only lasts so long.

  8. "It's a witch hunt"
    Well, she probably IS a witch… but…
    She had illegal e-mail servers, she deleted evidence after being asked for it, she lied about A) that she did the emails, B) that she gave all the emails c) that she deleted them after being asked for them. She also sold weapons material to Russia for money. Also murdered a US senator.

  9. I just love how Jordan Peterson actually stops, and lets her speak…listens attentively, and then responds. Respect!

  10. I agree with the third woman, I want a female president, but there is no way Hillary can do that job. I don’t want a criminal as president.

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