Social Justice RPG

[Ninja, in green]: I need to recruit a party to fight off the evil that threathens this world. [Ninja]: Black mage! White mage! And warrior! [Warrior]: Uh, that's social justice warrior. [Ninja]: Uh, yeah, right. Whatever. [Warrior]: I'LL deal with this. [Ninja]: (exhasperated) It's not your turn, warrior! [Warrior]: Oh I get it. The ninja ALWAYS gets to go first, huh? At least be aware of your agility privilege. [Warrior]: (in pain) Ugh, black mage, use Firaga on that troll! White mage, heal me! [Warrior]: Wooow, so the black mage kills and the white mage heals? Talk about regressive labeling. [Ninja]: What's wrong with that?! Black mage's job is to – [Warrior]: Oh my god, listen to yourself. Black mage?! Are we living in the 1950's? [Ninja]: Uh, well that's what he IS! [Warrior]: He has a name, you bigot! [Black mage]: Uh, she's right… It's Derren. I didn't wanna say anything but… yeah. Derren. [Warrior tries to equip the Black Garb but can't] [Ninja]: For the last time, you CAN'T wear ninja armor. You're a WARRIOR, you have to wear WARRIOR armor. [Warrior]: Oh-ho! Forcing me into traditional class roles with my clothing. Don't you know MANY people identify as class-fluid? [Ninja]: I don't get what any of that means. [Ninja]: The hour is nigh! We must destroy this foul harbinger of evil. [Warrior]: Evil? Uh, wow. Okay. All you're doing is 'othering' people you disagree with. [Ninja]: That's IT! I totally agree with you that there are harmful societal trends that negatively impact traditionally oppressed groups and that we should work to remedy them and grow tolerance and equality. [Ninja]: Ignoring them and attacking those who try to bring attention to those topics would be shameful. [Ninja]: BUT. Can it wait until after we stop the 40 foot tall god demon from casting the world into eternal darkness with the hell crystal?! [Demon]: Yeah. I get you're trying to help me, but I am *explicitly* trying to end all life on the planet. [Warrior]: Stop right there. Trigger warning. [Demon]: Psh. Trigger warning? Ha ha ha – [sounds of shots firing, demon crying out in pain] [Warrior]: I SAID, trigger warning. [Ninja]: Ha-ha! Social justice warrior, you've done it. Here's your 77 gold. [Warrior]: Thank you Ninja. Ah, this is so – I… my job is so hard – [Ninja]: Aaaand 100 gold for the rest of us. [Ninja]: What? What's it – Oh shit. Right.

49 thoughts on “Social Justice RPG

  1. I know this is an old video at this point but it popped up in my suggested for some reason in 2019…. it's kind of funny looking at Dorkly through this lens ever since they replaced Tony as the host of Today In Nerd History with a woman that nobody wanted for reasons that I have to assume are SJW in nature. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  2. This is NO LONGER funny since SJW’s and Fem Nazis have ruined everything. Time to put women back in there place.

  3. Can we just make this game and give it out for free to every social justice warrior? Maybe they'll finally shut up

  4. Oi, fake nerds ruined everything. Real nerds who didn't get over high school and college and entitlement ruined what was left.

  5. I don't agree with any social justice crap an i don't care if it offends you. Your problem not mine.

  6. How is this supposed to be funny ? That's annoying when it's true, and it's barely ever true outside these shitty parodies.

  7. It will become the reality during the PS5 era, now when Sony is underdoing a metamorphosis from being a japanese company into a nazi-xenophobic-SJW-american company.

  8. "Black mage is offensive!"

    Black mage has white hands. Black mage is a white mage. Typical social justice warrior, not checking their facts…

  9. The b!tch earned what she deserved because she wouldn't shut her gawddamned mouth. Everyone else did their jobs, stayed focused, and mostly quiet, rather than become offended at every little thing while the entire world was in danger.

  10. THE FUCKING IRONY of this video. 1 year later you IDIOTS would make an anti-trump animation disguised as a Mario Dorkly animation.

  11. THE FUCKING IRONY of this video. 1 year later you IDIOTS would make an anti-trump animation disguised as a Mario Dorkly animation.

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