Social Justice is Uncool

intersectional social justice and all of the ideologies contained within it are not cool and that's because all of the cultural output it produces is preachy cringy moralizing shit pick any genre you like and you will find progressive cultural items that are just the worst take for example feminist slam poetry [Applause] and don't forget follow us up with a bit of feminist scream singing [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] we might be thinking okay well that's low-hanging fruit that's fringe nonsense that nobody likes that's not popular why are you showing me that and you're right it's total nonsense so let's have a look at intersectional social justice web comics one of the more popular ones is assigned male comics which has more than a hundred thousand followers on Facebook this is the cast hi my friends call me CL I am a gender non-conforming 7th grader I like acting tap dancing and dogs people use they when talking about me but I also like being called she this is Stephanie she's my best friend in the world we're both 13 like me the doctors thought that she was a boy when she was born she's intelligent has a weird sense of humor and often gets us in trouble here's a recent one let's go to the mall I won't see if the game zone has many blitz blaster ok oh wait they don't have gender-neutral bathrooms there do you need to go now no but at some point if I was wearing more typically masculine clothes I could have gone to the men's room with you I don't feel safe going in the women's room alone I hate constantly needing to take this into account I wish people understood how alienating this is this isn't a story this is the author having a self-indulgent wine another popular web comic creator is Sarah Anderson who makes comics like this intelligence pretty good memory also good creativity good – time management oh where is it again self-indulgent nonsense every comic that Sarah Anderson makes can be just summed up in the words I'm neurotic ha ha ha but as with the assigned male ones they're all infused with the preachy quasi religious rhetoric of social justice which is why the white nationalists have such a good time parodying these comics and these versions of these comics are being widely shared because they are offensive and funny and they call so widely shared that Sarah Anderson had to come out and say look some people have been editing my comics to display white supremacist acts I am blocking under reporting as I see them please do the same but the thing is Sarah Anderson and a sign mail are by far the worst of it they are basically stock SJW web comics there are some truly progressive ones out there like this ode to cuckoldry actively encouraging the reader to try it and it goes on and on and on expounding the virtues of letting some other guy fuck your wife this is totally an ironic it's just the way it is it's just the best thing in the world as well just fuck yeah this is basically a day in the life of a verified Twitter journalist and you can imagine what dealing with the people who create this kind of content are like they are fucking awful in fact they're fucking embarrassing which is why YouTube is filled with SJW and feminists cringe compilations and these have millions of views they are red pilling the public as to how awful social justice warriors are because social justice warriors are terrible at creating their own cultural output and nobody likes it because it's fucking lame they have to try and co-opt other people's cultural products which they manage with an alarming amount of skill and after the co-option has taken place the progressive media halo will insist that these things did well because they were diverse diverse films perform better at global box office study says the study which hails from a University Center for african-american studies examined 63 films released in 2014 and discovered that the median global sales product of productions with a 40 250 percent non-white cast was 122 million compared to the 53 million for films of the non-white cast of less than 10% well it must be diversity that's responsible for that I mean there could be no other explanation let's just ignore the fact that 8 out of 10 of these films are part of an existing franchise and therefore were practically guaranteed to make huge amounts of money at the box office and the fact that you are classifying diverse films as films that aren't exclusively white and note these are films that are not promoting a particular agenda they have their own stories to tell but ok you know what let's just say that diversity is doing great in the film industry and everyone loves it it's just the reason people go to see these films how is it doing in other culturally significant industries like the gaming industry oh that's right the future of the culture wars is here and it's gamergate in 2014 after the sjw's had spent five years culturally-appropriate nvidia games journalism they decided that with one voice they would push feminism and social justice on the gaming industry when nobody wanted it and nobody needed it and despite gamergate they'd put out articles like diversity in gaming is happening so let's rejoice and then when it turned out that diversity in gaming doesn't sell the problem isn't with them and their ideology it's that everyone's a misogynist and still in 2017 they're saying the video game industry has a diversity problem but it can be fixed all you need to do is convert to the Church of social justice but the thing is the information they needed to know to know that this was going to be a failure before it even started was already in existence for example this study from Helen Wu in 2014 video game sales does diversity pay and the answer is broadly no especially not in the largest genres in video gaming for example shooter and adventure games are very negatively impacted although in some genres such as role-playing games it does actually have a positive effect but the one thing that really positively impacted the whole industry was the idea of personal customization if you give people the ability to my character to their liking people prefer it rather than being dictated to by some bloody ideologue what a surprise but the industry that has suffered the most stark decline after adopting social justice is the comic book industry the cringe-worthy challenge is being led by Marvel who decided to include Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in their Marvel Civil War comic book where he is apparently the sparring partner of Ironman not to be outdone DC Comics decided to include Hillary Clinton in one of their most recent issues of Watchmen and we've got to go through this because this is just the worst thing you've ever seen in your life just starts with you see Hillary Clinton at some sort of press conference where she's being heckled and asked questions she doesn't want to answer so suddenly in a flash of light Hillary vanishes but where does she go suddenly she's out in the woods again looking for Bigfoot a place without Trump without Bernie without the medals and then she begins to rise into the air like some sort of corrupt version of birder and to finish our enlightenment and for some reason Hillary's logo begins to sideways raise up out of the earth pointing at the heavens I think what the fuck is this do you think this is resonating with the kids do you think they're thinking wow Hillary's so cool and hip and God knows why DC is jumping on this bandwagon if anything you'd think they'd be making comments about Pepe because Marvel Comics and their promotion of social justice and feminism has been a fucking catastrophe I won't go through the entire list of well established characters who have been subvert advice oh shal justice because frankly it would take too long I'll just focus on a couple of the most prominent ones such as Marvel's feminist Thor and I'm not joking this is full-on feminist propaganda not only has Thor now become a woman rather than a man she also has become a feminist and unsurprisingly finds herself battling misogynists look at these captions for are you kidding me I'm supposed to call you Thor damn feminists are ruining everything you want to be a chick superhero fine but who the hell cares get your own identity Thor's our dude one of the last manly dudes still left what do you do send him sensitivity training so he'd stop calling earth girls wenches by giving Thor Eanes opponents this kind of dialogue they are making a direct statement that this comic is an act of cultural conquest but the most ridiculous one and the one that pissed off so many people was making Captain America a fucking Nazi I don't even read comic books I just don't I've got other things to do that I prefer to do I don't give a shit about comic books I don't read them I don't give a fuck but even I know that Captain America's entire comic book career was fighting Nazis this kind of open subversion of the source material is a direct statement of contempt for the source material and that's what people are getting pissed off about they don't want you to take a shit on their favorite heroes and that's what you're doing but worse these arrogant elitists are attacking the fans themselves look at this from this article and just like that white Captain America was back because they had previously made him black just so you know and to make Steve Rogers a Nazi was an excellent commentary not only on the fandom but on the country itself Captain America fans aren't Nazis you fucking idiots this is actually the cover of a Marvel Magazine Civil War to ask me about my feminist agenda that is a demonstration that the ideological conquest of Marvel is complete it wasn't on my Nazis it wasn't done by communists it was done by feminists Marvel is now feminist territory feminism is the hegemonic ideology that they can't al to and if you want to enjoy Marvel Comics you'd better enjoy feminism as well because you're going to get a lot of it and after fully embracing it in 2015 the progressive media halo were digging it up oh look how success Marvel's been because of their diversity Marvel controls around 40% of the comic-book market share in the US therefore diversities paying off with co-opted Marvel with Nathan do feminist diversity shit and fuck with their characters this is surely gonna pay off this surely isn't going to start crippling Marvel to the point where they have to publicly renounce diversity oh wait no that's exactly what happened Marvel VP of Sales blames diversity for failing comic book sales people didn't want any more diversity they didn't want female characters out there BAM right on the nose isn't it what we heard was that people didn't want any more diversity they didn't want female characters out there that's what we heard whether we believe it or not I don't know if that's really true but that's what we saw in sales we saw the sales of any character that was diverse any character that was new our female characters anything that was not a core Marvel character people were turning their nose up against since Marvel appears have absolutely no idea what's going on here at least they're pretending that they don't here's some free advice it's not that they're female it's not that they're ethnic minorities it's that they are social justice characters these characters weren't either created or modified because it would tell an interesting story or it'd be interesting for the character they were created with the goal of promoting of that ideology that's why people don't want it because it doesn't tell a story it doesn't speak to people it doesn't resonate with them it doesn't do anything for them other than propagandize them and people don't want to just be propagandized by their entertainment but worse than that it shows a fundamental level of disrespect for intellectual properties that people love but if you are pissed off at Marvel getting screwed up because of a bunch of annoying whiny sjw's prepare yourself for non-stop autistic screeching Marvel fans in up Raph the boss says diversity is killing comic book sales we know what Marvel you're wrong you're all wrong you don't know anything about your own company diversity didn't kill your comic book sales let a bunch of progressive bloggers explain the comic book industry to you just because your sales are slumping don't blend diversity anything but diversity because diversity isn't the real problem for Marvel Comics let us tell you what the real problem is you know what we need to do we need to start rationalizing this let's talk about Marvel Comics and the diversity doesn't sell me in fact now we think about it this is all your fault don't blame us for making your comics political your comics have always been political after all of this autistics reaching the VP had to retract his statement blaming sales on the slump and divest comic books it doesn't matter that it's true it doesn't matter that this was the literal feedback from the audience reality is offensive to these people and they simply don't want to hear it and it's not just the cultural products themselves that are being infected with social justice and then rejected by the public you can listen to any of your favorite celebrities embarrass themselves on a stage spouting social justice rhetoric I am a nasty woman my spine is about to cringe I have my back what about Madonna's revolution welcome to the revolution of love to the rebellion to our refusal as women to accept this new age of tyranny yes women are under a new age of tyranny but the worst one of these was what I thought was a parody from Team America world police when the cast of stranger things got up and accepted an award and made a speech that basically sounded the same as the speech from the film Actors Guild and I would just like to say that in line of all that's going on in the world today it's difficult to celebrate the already celebrated stranger things but this award from you who take your craft seriously and earnestly believe like me that great acting can change the world is a call to arms from our fellow crafts men and women to go deeper and through our art to battle against fear self-centeredness and exclusivity of our predominantly narcissistic culture and through our craft to cultivate a more empathetic and understanding society by revealing intimate truths to folks that when they feel broken and afraid and tired they are not alone we are united in that we are all human beings and we are all together on this horrible painful joyous exciting and mysterious ride that is being alive now as we act in the continuing narrative of stranger things we 1983 Midwestern will repel bullies we will shelter freaks and outcasts those who have no homes we will get past the lies we will hunt monsters and when we are the loss amidst the hypocrisy and the casual violence of certain individuals and institutions we will as per Chief Jim hopper punch some people in the face when they seek to destroy so marginalized and we will do it on his own good heart and with joy we thank you for this responsibility good God have you ever seen anything more pompous and self-aggrandizing than a roomful of millionaires applauding themselves because they think they're going to save the world with their fucking acting it's this kind of self congratulatory self-indulgent bullshit that people are looking at in horror these people think that they are something special they think that they are above other people and that has put them into a bubble that other people can no longer relate to and they seem to have lost all sense of perspective and the thing is being wildly out of touch with what the average person thinks isn't a crime in and of itself it's not even the worst thing in the world in and of itself it doesn't engender hatred or any kind of resentment if they weren't also the most preachy self-righteous bunch of shitheads you've ever seen have you ever tried to watch social justice comedy it is the fucking worst I dare you to sit through an entire video of Samantha be a marmalade hairball with the whole world watching what we did was the Democratic equivalent of installing an above-ground pool if we're lucky and it doesn't seep into our foundations the neighbors will never look at us the same way again that is the most bourgeois joke I have ever heard in my life Rousseau would be pointing and shrieking that that's exactly what he meant when he said that they want to be looked at and look at others in turn this is embarrassing it's so out of touch holy shit I would love to have an above-ground pool and fuck what the neighbors think in the coming days people will be looking for someone to blame the pollsters the strident feminists the Democratic Party a vengeful god but once you dust for fingerprints it's pretty clear who ruined America white people I guess ruining Brooklyn was just a dry run [Applause] showed up in droves to vote for Trump so I don't want to hear a goddamn word about black voter turnout many times we expect black people to build our country for us white people this is the worst thing we've ever know I'm sorry that's a very high bar but holy shit and don't try to distance yourself from the bad apples and say it's not my fault they didn't vote for him hashtag not all white people shit shush shush if Muslims have to take responsibility for every member of their community so do we fucking hell I just can't she is insufferable in every single way that you can possibly imagine I don't know how anyone can stand to watch her but everything that has come so far is just leading up to the brow of the hill now that we've reached the top we can see over the other side and this is what we're gonna get holy cow see search from third base appropriation happens when I press culture gets co-opted by a dominant other so settle back for this quick recap by two white dudes in a rap okay and it's at this point that social justice becomes evangelical Christianity desperately trying to reach out and be cool and down with the kids well I wrote this song for the Christian you I want to teach kids the Christian truth if you want to reach those kids on the street then you got a do a rap do a hip-hop beat so I gave my sermon an urban kick my rhymes are flying my beats are sick my crew is big and it keeps getting bigger that's because Jesus Christ is my nigga there is literally no difference between you now you have a moralizing normative view of the world that you're trying to push on everyone else and you will do it in the most cringy uncool fucking way possible cornrows run by Kardashians agenda that Rachel Dolezal avait I remember Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift working do you think this is bringing people indeed do you think people who look at this and going yeah this was cool and funny this isn't gonna age terribly is it Jesus and then we were given a gift from the gods of cringe this is a clip from Bill Nye saves the world his latest show on Netflix Nick Elaine but stain that's nuts no offense nuts come on vanilla somebody wants just one flavor of ice cream I do haven't you ever wanted to be in the Neapolitan I I can't I can't come on it's natural all natural cocoa and strawberry fresh from the field it's so creamy and delicious mmm big ice cream in the sky help me it's good meet you at the ball yeah him nuts I don't like using the word degeneracy much bill but you just had a cartoon of ice creams having an orgy and promoting that to the people watching presumably no it fucking wasn't bill that was the antithesis of cool that was cringe but it doesn't stop there we are not done yet is very special this is a cool little segment you know this woman from crazy ex-girlfriend please give it up for Rachel woo this world of arms it's full of choice but must a choose between only johner choice options only harder boys my vagina has its own voice sometimes I do a voice for my vagina please don't tell me our bottom over top off versatile of may have some but stop it there's nothing taboo about sex you just add salt for Jerrod a party French treasure if they're alive all datum training or Jenna Tatum I'm down for anything don't box anti box give someone new a handy then give yourself props oh you think you're so smart did you learn gay in college and with all of that while I drop some knowledge sexuality just stuck from everyone that's on it even you might like it if you sit up on its rad queen drag king just do what feels right you're tall pansexual flirty would write who enjoys a flashlight in the cold moonlight with a sad clown Skype and via satellite dan Skippy home with lots of is that anyone watching who thinks this is going to age well do you think in 10 years time people are going to look back on this in the same way that people look a big hair and shoulder pads in the 80s do you think that people in the future are gonna be like yeah that was cool they're gonna think this is lame as shit some kind of narcissistic twat running around talking about her own vagina and trying to push this bullshit on everyone else is not cool it is the opposite of cool this is embarrassing this is the sort of thing that people are rapidly disassociating themselves from and with good reason [Applause] yes exactly exactly the right message because all of this was was propaganda it was just to indoctrinate people into what you believe for god only knows whatever reason this isn't something to fly I mean there is there is actually a clip from a young lady from an t far who will lay it out exactly as I have described okay so this shit is corny like this isn't gonna work if you want to come here with good intentions and you have a side that you're fighting on satire is a really really powerful tool and right now the right is fucking killing you guys they're way way funnier than you like by miles and it's a really really good recruitment tool like it makes people want to join them like I'm not gonna I'm gonna be as a political as I can when I come here like I want to join like the Red Hat kids it's like bad because this shit is wack it's not cool like this isn't funny you gotta do something better like when the shit gets real and it starts to hit the fan like you won't be able to hug a bullet and like tell them oh it's all about loves like these people are coming here talking about how you know it's all about love and like we're all one but people here don't like each other like there's people that come here and there's immediate like tension between people so it's not really about that it's a more of virtue signaling like look at how good I am let's take a selfie in front of the camera type deal like it's not it's not about love at the end of it like there's obviously a culture war here and if you want to win it you can't be corny because it's fucking wack you look like herbes like this sucks it fucking sucks you got to be better you're fighting like this underground internet subculture that has been doing this for a really long time and now they're starting to choose a side and people on the other side who know what they're fighting against need to come out and fight against them in the way that the other side is fighting because this isn't gonna happen like going out on the street with a sign with a pussy on it isn't gonna happen like this isn't it's so boring like it's so boring and not funny and it's embarrassing like it makes you look like idiots so maybe like do something better okay let me stay loving like peace

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  1. 13:38 he says while unironically ignoring the stories of all the comics he’s talking about and taking shit out of context and blames everything on sjws. Holy shit sargon is a fucking moron

  2. Tell ya what, you wanna be a cuckold, that's cool, but you've gotta find a better wife, because I'm not putting my dick in someone who would be seen in public with the kind of manlet that marries feminists.

  3. White regressive leftist are the real white supremacist, they think they can save the "minorities", they are worst kind hypocrites.

  4. i've never considered sarah anderson a feminist comic. if that's the intent they were written with, then it never came through very well. i always viewed it through the lens of someone with an art degree complaining about how hard her life is. i treated it like a parody of someone complaining about "first world problems" if they were intended as a serious criticism then it only changes my opinion on the author. in that, i feel sorry that she's not also laughing at her work

  5. "Does anyone think this will age well?" About as well as bro country music…it's okay to a certain group at the time but to everyone else past present and future it's a special level of cringe that's embarrassing for everyone involved.

  6. I’m pretty much for diversity until Islam is brought into the picture, I can’t deal with anything but that.

  7. They tried in the extreme METAL scene a few years ago & try again from time to time. You know INCLUSIVE & none hateful 'HEIL SATAN NOT HEIL H!TLER' & 'SATAN IS LOVE"""""""" & guess what it never goes down well.
    They cancel tours & boycott FESTS till management/FESTIVAL organizations go bust but the fans still are not buying there shit.

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