Social Justice Academic's "White Fragility" Talk Earns $12,000 For 2 Hours

I absolutely despise the phrase grifter we hear it all the time on Twitter and the culture war they'll say this person's a grifter and this person's a grifter if you're not familiar with what this means it's somebody who pretends to hold political opinions in exchange for money there are people on the left and the right who are grifters naturally I can point to many people on the Left where grifters more so than I can on the right but I assure you there'll be people on the Left who would say the inverse which is why I hate the term I look at some people and I'm like there's no way they believe what they're saying that's that's BS and they say the same thing about me and how do you figure out who's right or who's wrong it's just about who you trust so I tried to a good do a good job of using verified sources and trying to be intellectually honest and representing the opinions of various groups but you know what because of that there's some people think I'm not being honest because there are secret motives behind some groups what do you do about it here's the thing we have this story here from the Daily Caller twelve thousand dollars a day how white liberals profit from profit from pushing white privilege it's actually 12 it's actually $12,000 for two hours I kid you not they said in a day yes but they going to say this woman does like a lecture for two hours on privilege and social justice and got paid 12 grand here's the thing though I don't like the accusations of grifting although it is a lucrative industry I want to break down what's happening and what I see and there's pros and there's cons and and it's I'll even be critical of myself in this capacity but I think it's crazy when you hear someone say like a lot of people will accuse Candice Owens of being a grifter and I definitely think Candice Owens falls into that more than any other person but it's insane for you to think she isn't actually a true believer now the reason I say you know potentially is because you did like the American flag thing you know like you can't burn the flag and then a lot of people were like I thought you were just calling out censorship so that's why I think there's some criticism there but the main point is and and and love don't even wrong I'm there's there's many many people on the Left I'm highlighting this as a specific example because she was accused of Griffing because of that but I still think that's decently unfair because how do you know she's not a true believer how do you know she's not just a die-hard believe whatever Trump says it's crazy to me to think that the first place you go to is you can't possibly believe the American flag should be protected by you no no I literally believe there's a ton of people who are like the flag should the flag should be exempt from you know expression and speech and all the stuff and I've heard the arguments and I believe they're being honest I don't think people are making up that they believe the flag shouldn't be destroyed or that's created um and this is true for people on the Left too there a lot of people on the Left I've seen who push this stuff and I'm like I really want to say they're grifters but you just you can't man they probably believe that they believe their own BS like that's what are gonna do more importantly if you go around accusing someone of just doing it for money it's an ad hominem you're not challenging the idea and you're not advancing the argument and you're not going to win it's a cheap tactic so let's read this story from the Daily Caller before we get started head over to Tim cast comm slash donut if you'd like to support my work as a PayPal option a crypto option a physical address of course the best thing you can do is just share this video think it's important but I will stress by all means don't support me at all I'm not like it's I think I think it's rather hilarious that I'm talking about the idea of grifting and making money and then immediately go to and you can give me money too so feel free not to I do this because I have ideas I want to express ideas I want to talk about I'm an individual what we do over at sub verse I always point behind me cuz than the other other office down the hall is completely news straight forward it's more expensive it's less lucrative and it's not about making money these channels where I produce the stuff it's really just like I see an article I think it's important I see a tweet I think it's important and I want to talk about it so I actually want to push back on this article a little a little bit while it absolutely is lucrative to push social justice ideology at college campuses colleges pay a lot the bigger issue we're seeing here let's read a little bit more but the bigger issue here is that colleges are way too expensive are manipulating young people propagating this weird nonsense but overpaying for it's crazy how much they pay people it's nuts The Daily Caller writes white liberal academics can earn more in a day lecturing about their own white privilege then the median black household makes in three months public records obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation and US Census data show left-wing academic Robert Robyn D'Angelo is renowned in social justice circles for crafting the white privilege checklist and coining the term a white fragility listen to her speak listening to her speak comes at a steep price D'Angelo who is white charged the University of Kentucky $12,000 not counting travel expenses housing accommodations and meals for a two our racial justice keynote and breakout session in March according to a copy of the speaking contract obtained by the D CNF through public records requests she also goes on to say a phone calls her deemed necessary it's 300 when T bucks an hour supply and demand baby welcome to capitalism she's not doing anything wrong by expressing her ideas in exchange for the market rate I disagree with her ideas I believe her ideas are wrong but I don't think she's a grifter I think she's a true believer I believe 99% of people are true believers I can point to a few people left and right who are worthy worthy of criticism for questionable principles but that doesn't mean even in that capacity it's hard to say they're not true believers what we really see here as over the past 10 years in left-wing a tenet Arianism has become extremely popular and acceptable in the mainstream partly because of universities but also because of the media think about this and I'm currently working on this report which I've mentioned you have two articles one article says police brutality another article says trans trans black lesbians are being you know attacked by police this is all about black lives matter those stories might be the same thing but one stuffed with keywords all those different keywords come together and are more likely to get propped up by algorithms because they're more prominent keywords it I am of the opinion and this is being explored if it's true you know we'll publish it that in all of these different articles that were being propped up by Facebook from these various outlets intersectionality was bound to win because it combines all of the keywords into one article and there you have left-wing identitarian ISM now also interestingly white identitarian ISM the alt-right is horribly unacceptable in my opinion so is left in an edit arianism we should treat people based on the content of the character not the color of their skins skin we should be judging people for who they are not what they are we can still respect to a certain degree identity politics and the importance of it like civil civil right the civil rights movement but to to have this overarching segregation being pushed by this idea and to target people based on their racing that their character comes from the race is entirely wrong in my opinion is overtly racist however the mainstream left finds it acceptable and thus because it's in high demand because these articles do really really well identity grifting as Lindsay Shepard would call it I guess because it does so well we can see that these people can charge ridiculous amounts of money to go and speak about it here's the thing there are certainly people who believe in trans Speas ism who believe they were born as the wrong animal and some people believe they're mythical creatures in the wrong universe I kid you not other kin or whatever they're not speaking at universities for exorbitant fees so the issue is not I'm not trying to say that um I guess the Daily Caller news foundation is is acting like they're their grifting necessarily they're saying it's profitable sure but it's just the market there is hot demand for this kind of stuff you know there are many feminist speakers big youtubers who went on tour speaking about these ideas because young people liked it it's a combination of algorithmic pressure these different keywords outrage justice these things get shares and then when a million people are familiar with it and someone says hey how about Robyn D'Angelo then also everyone's like I've heard of her okay yeah great whoo she can talk about privilege and fragility and then she does and she gets paid a lot of money for it because of demand that's capitalism and a it's also free speech so there certainly is money to be made but you can't act like I don't know people are just doing it for money of course she's gonna take whatever she can get right who wouldn't capitalism although I do think it's funny that a lot of this narrative on the left with loving identitarian ISM does still align with socialism and you'd think she'd give that money up to the to less privileged she would recognize her privilege and say I'm gonna take this money and then donate it maybe she did I don't know let's read a little bit on they say D'Angelo's fee for the event was more than a quarter of the annual median income for black families which is just over $40,000 according to US Census data the description for the two-hour event said D'Angelo would be talking about her book white fragility why is it so hard for white people to talk about racism it's actually really easy considering most progressives tend to be wealthy white people so I think your assessments wrong unless you're talking about poor people but yeah I think I think then the actual argument is poor white people are confused as to why you're calling them privileged when they actually live lower with lower quality of life than urban everyone which includes white people to her website defines white fragility as a state in which even a minimal challenge to the white position becomes intolerable triggering a range of defensive responses these responses function to reinstate white racial equilibrium and maintain white control truly a delusional paranoid state no I I do mean that it's paranoid delusions but like there was a quote I saw I think was on Twitter they said I can remove us from when a man is trying you know a man of the club is trying to pressure a woman into you know hooking up he's not doing it to reinforce the patriarchy he just want to get laid and that's why I think it's truly paranoid delusions do you know what targeted individuals are I think I'm getting this right there are people who really believe the government is out to get them and they constantly believe like that van over there must be someone targeting them it's like dude you're making this up it's in your head it's not real they're doing the same thing white privilege patriarchy yeah these things are rooted in simple like concepts but have become psychotic and insane right so white privilege I understand the concept and to an extent it makes sense what's really what's really called is in-group majority privileged okay if you are in an area where the majority is Asian and you are Asian congratulations there is an in-group bias among all races except for why liberals that I went office it's ridiculous so they truly do live in this paranoid delusional state where they believe everything being done and every challenge and every principled opposition is actually just the fear of white whiteness breaking down and it just makes no sense what the idea of whiteness it doesn't even exist to most white people so anyway I don't think into that I wanted to basically go over the idea of grifting um and just basically state listen here's the real problem not that that she's making this money it's because well technically the problem isn't her ideas although her ideas are problematic the problem is universities pay ridiculous amounts of money to hear people come talk about things and and and it's bad for college students it's waste of money it's jacking up tuition rates again it contributes all of these problems and then you do end up with people who have bad ideas living very exorbitant lives so in the end here's what I try to do I try to be fair okay I won't call someone a grifter because they call me a grifter and I'm like well I know I'm not I'm just a dude talking about what he thinks and looking at various sources I try to have my sources be balanced and fact-checked when I look at stories in the Daily Caller or other outlets I try to actually look at their source material in this instance because I'm slightly critical of how they're framing this I will straight use the Daily Caller oftentimes I try to find the source to avoid a biased approach and I've recently called it out there's a story not too long ago about a woman who went to Somalia and it was framed by Paula Joseph Watson and pluralist as a journalist who went to Ilhan Omar's home country you know ended up getting killed and then my response was well look at look looking at the source of the story it turns out the one was born in Somalia and you know she was a journalist so there is some merit to the idea she wanted to go to Somalia and show the beauty but it's not you know you gotta be careful about framing and I try to make sure I'm doing a good job and of course they will then say I'm a grifter for even entertaining a concept at all in which case I think the argument is a waste of time complete waste of time but you know what I gotta say who ends up saying who is a grifter it tends to be a left-wing argument look you can call me biased whatever you want I find that the left is loaded with a dominance and the right is someone I've noticed that a lot of the left wing commentators today are super focused on individuals instead of instead of ideas I'm not focusing entirely on Robyn D'Angelo I'm focusing this video on the contact on the idea the concept of grifting and making my universities she's just you know an ancillary character in the in the in the concept but look at the progressives online there are some of them who talk about ideas but I can't help but notice many of them just talk about people now of course they're anti sjw types and conservatives who just talk about people too but I don't finally need that prominent and specifically we're referring to high profile progressive youtubers with hundreds of thousands of subs who are obsessed with Dave Rubin I don't care I don't care talk about the ideas and they make fun of him as a person not interested I can throw some shade towards anti Sudokus for doing the same thing too but it's not it's it was you know maybe some of these people still exist for sure criticizing individuals but and and I will say in the past they did more so but where I'm at today when I go on Twitter I follow a wide range of people I see more ad hominem more more attacks of character from the left than I do from the right of course it exists on both sides but the point is the left is calling the right and independence and centrist grifters and we're lying they say that me and Dave Rubin are lying about what we think no we just are kind of focused on the ideas we think are important and more importantly my main channel is focused on like modern politics for the for 2020 coming up so yeah I'm gonna be talking about what the centrist websites are talking about and they don't like that I as an individual find it important to talk about the failures of the Democrats well that's what I like talking about that's what I think is important and worried something I'm sure Robyn D'Angelo believes everything she says I'm sure he thinks the most important thing I think she's wrong she thinks I'm wrong congratulations let's argue the ideas and keep it about the ideas well I will point out $12,000 a day is insane welcome to capitalism because it's worth it the culture war is valuable to everyone you know they come out with these ideas people push back and then people fund both sides what are you gonna do I'm not gonna blame her for having support of course she does just means you got to really do your best to be honest have integrity target the ideas and try and win Oh win people over with your ideas if you believe you're right same goes for anybody I'll leave it there next time next video will be at 4 p.m. slash Tim cast it is a different channel stick around I will see you there you

26 thoughts on “Social Justice Academic's "White Fragility" Talk Earns $12,000 For 2 Hours

  1. I’ve been saying this for years. None of this whacked leftist garbage would have ever propagated on its own.

  2. If whites get bad press and people respond it is white fragility.
    If another color gets bad press it is bigotry.
    Double standard much.

  3. Tim your wrong with it being supply and demand it's mostly state schools funded by loans people cannot repay through the us government

  4. The human mind hasn’t changed in several thousands of years. Why do we think a mind that once clung to religion won’t cling to other silly ideas?

    Having a doctorate (being well studied) cannot and does not fix this problem of the mind.

  5. White fragility is a disgusting racist term because it is designed to push the victim based racial views of the those who would use the term. It says you are weak as a white person for not accepting a so called minorities plight. It is a form of oppression because it is designed to restrict a white person ability to defend themselves against attack which is how the terms racist or Nazi are used by the left. No argument is a good argument to a leftist.

    I would suggest minorities are always majorities some where and the dynamic would reverse if a white person went to an certain areas where a minority was a majority. If you believe otherwise then you must honestly believe your skin colour affords you some sort of privilege be it white or not. In some countries you had better get a tan real quick if your white or at minimum cover up. So why should white majority countries be treated differently to others?

    I wish these do-gooders would move where they are supposedly needed or in their minds wanted to help the people they believe need their holier than thou guidance. Then the immigrants wouldn't need to immigrate because the whole world would be a beautiful place. They would move because they want to and do it the right way. That is unless you don't drink your own Kool-Aid.

  6. I'm telling you… That Motorcycle is going to start asking for Royalties soon. It's popping up in every video haha

  7. While I appreciate the charity in not assuming everyone is a grifter, at a certain point suggesting they are a true believer is a far greater insult. Would you rather be accused of financially exploiting morons cos you can, or being a raging nonsensical self-loathing bigot?

  8. Everything these lefties whine about really only happen in leftie spaces.

    Gun violence – leftie run cities
    Rape culture – leftie run campuses
    Wealth inequality – leftie run cities

    And whatever else they are ‘saving the world’ from.

    EVERY leftie talking point ends up(at the high end of the stats) at a leftie stronghold.

    Keep voting left …. you can be broke and shitting in the streets as well!

  9. I’m critical of Tim, but I watch so I can get a glimpse into the insanity that is the left…… that way, I don’t have to go full retard.
    You don’t come back from that. <—

  10. I am starting at a university this fall that has banned use of "America" and "American." This university is in the CENTER of America. Academics have lost their fucking minds.

  11. I can't afford to own a car, but I could list 1,000 black people who piss away more money per day than I do in a year – and that's just the black celebrities. Please keep telling me how privileged this white boy is.

  12. So, in a nutshell, Di Angelo says all white people are racist, and a white person denying it is a symptom of "white fragility." Robin Di Angelo was a guest lecturer at Evergreen college not long before the trouble there, call it a protest, call it a student take over, call it kidnapping the college president, whatever you choose. I'm not saying Di Angelo was solely responsible, but the selling of victimhood certainly was, and that's exactly what Di Angelo does, for a big paycheck. The thing is, I think she truly believes what she promotes. She's not a "grifter," if she was I'd have to believe she was brilliant at it, she's just a massive flaming hypocrite. And while colleges shell out big money for crap like this, student tuition and debt continues to go up exponentially.

  13. Tim about 10 years ago when secretary Clinton was working for Obama
    I caught the response to the situation of a political prisoner in China gaining access to the US Embassy
    and them in real time changing the story

    a lot of people noticed it on Twitter
    six months later I was notified by Google how they
    upon request
    at that same time
    had handed over all my e-mails and activity prior
    and that I was monitored throughout that time.
    And that these actions were now terminated.

    they're not watching me now
    but they very much were for six months of my life

  14. Tim, every time you do a video, you always point out there are shittier ppl on the left than the right. When tf you going to realize the left are not what they say they are? They promise Utopia and what you get is Armageddon.

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