Social Innovation Video- Group 1

Where does the adventure of your dreams take you? Iceland Costa Rica The association promotes the idea that anyone who dreams of traveling can and should. The group collectively plans trips and learns about their destinations which creates chance for those who would otherwise
struggle with travel a community to lean on for support. All participants of the association will have equal roles and will take on the role of a member. Every member is encouraged to contribute their dreams, abilities, and knowledge to the
group, which will result in each and every one being valued by the rest. Every trip results in hard-work spent fundraising out with the larger community. We would also be contributing to the communities of the chosen destination by promoting our belief that all should adventure as much as they desire. Each member votes on the destination and only those who want to
go to that location go, as attendance isn’t mandatory. With all the time spent planning, learning and traveling together the members will become a family of
their own and will belong to one another connected by their passion for travel. So, start dreaming of all the places you want to go and the things you want to
see, as adventure awaits for you alongside all the members of the Calgary
Inclusive Traveler’s Association. Thanks for watching! For more information or to join, visit our Facebook page.

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