Social Inequality and Intergroup Relations Lab

My name is Yeshim Iqbal, and I’m in my
fourth year in the psychology and social intervention program, program in
the Department of Applied Psychology. So, the social inequality and inter-group
relations lab has a number of different projects going on, all of which look at
how people think about social inequality and, how they navigate inter-group
relations and how these beliefs influence well-being and inter-group
attitudes more generally. So we have studies in several different context, so,
some of them are maybe countrywide, we have studies in the US as well as
internationally for example, in Turkey, in the DRC, in Bangladesh, but we also
look at sort of more focused settings such as, juvenile justice system settings
for instance, and all these settings we study a variety of different questions
about how people interact with one another and how they think about
inequality and inter-group relations. The P.I.s are Dr. Rezarta Bilali, who is my
advisor and Dr. Erin Godfrey, whom I also work with and they’re sort of, it’s
sort of, a joint research lab that both of them have together. So all of their
graduate students as well as a number of undergraduates and masters student
are also part of this lab. I have a number of different projects that I work
on specifically, so one for example, looks at people’s responses to historical and
justices in their past, so, essentially people who have, whose groups have some
time in the past experience, experience some kind of act of mass violence, be it
genocide, or be it slavery or colonialism, how do people respond to
their group having been part of something like this? What do you want, do
you want, what you want from the people, from the group that may have committed
these acts? Do you want them to acknowledge responsibility for having done this, and
if so why do you want that and what do you want? So, that’s one of the projects
that I’m looking at specifically, and we have as I was saying a bunch of
different projects some of which are in data analysis phase, some of which are in
design, some of which are input implementation, and depending on who is
working on what, and what people are interested in. We’re involved in
sort of all different tasks across the range of activities.

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