– Ah, my new favorite pastime, trying not to get rose on my white couch. This should go great. (party music) Oh, honey, I got thoughts. Welcome to Wine Wednesday, where we don't believe in complaining, but if you're gonna whine, pour me some. That joke's not getting old any time soon. I'm very excited that the
first episode went so well even though it's a
little bit echoy in here. Y'all didn't seem to care, and you're really twisting my arm to sit on my couch and talk
to you with a glass of wine. I mean, really. This is hard. Today I'm having a glass of rose again because I am so basic. This time it is Gary Vaynerchuk's
venture Empathy Wines. I'm a huge fan of this rose. I think he did incredible work
on his first wine company. And I'm actually looking forward
to trying his other ones. He's got a couple more
coming out, white and red. But you know, it's gotta be the season. Those wine folk would know. I just like getting wine in the mail. But you know, I hate to say it. I'm getting a little bit older, and drinking alcohol isn't
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with a little shot of this, the next morning, I felt really good. And these days, I'm getting
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throw it in your handbag when it's time to go out. You're gonna thank me later. You can get 20% off with my code, AMYTV, with the link in the description. So I wanted to sit down
and have this conversation because at the time of filming this video there is a lot of drama on YouTube. It's so funny because every
time new drama happens, I'm like, "Oh my god, do we do this?" It particularly gets
crazy because there are so many people on this platform who have an audience of millions, so something really oddly dumb and silly can go to the national media. Don't they have better things to do? That's a different topic. The thing that happens when it goes– Oh, excuse me, pillow. I was here first. The thing that happens when
it goes to the national media is this one word just keeps popping up, and it just bothers me. "Influencer." I don't know how you feel about this, but I'm taking this opportunity to finally express my feelings
about this word out loud. I'm personally not a fan. I know there are a lot of
people in the world right now who are aspiring to be such
a thing, to be an influencer. So I just want to share a
couple of my thoughts on this and how somebody who is
aspiring to something like this can think a little bit differently and go after the life that they want, but in a way that's actually
going to pan out for them. Before we can get into it,
you know what time it is. I have to give a little
bit of Twitter Gratitude, and today I'm shining a
light on @ashandauburn. Thank you so much for
watching these videos. I acknowledge you for your time and your attention and for your retweet. That was pretty sweet of you. Make sure you follow me
on Twitter @Schmittastic. And the next time you see my video, if you're following me
and you retweet that, then you could potentially
be the next person featured here on Twitter Gratitude. Okay, let's get back on topic here. "Influencer." I guess it's the new celebrity, right? I want to "be an influencer." I want to "be a celebrity." I guess you can technically
get paid for both. You can be somebody who is paid because they are an influencer, and you can be somebody who is paid because they are a celebrity. But I have a problem
when someone just gets blanket labeled an influencer
or even a celebrity, because they had to do
a lot of other stuff, like a lot of other
hard work at something, to get that label, which is basically a byproduct of something else. Even if someone came at it
with the wrong goal in mind, and that was to be an influencer, they still have to do
something else really well in order for them to be a success at that. And no matter what the actual
logistics of that thing is, there is one goal that you have to achieve in order for "influencer" to
be a perk of everything else. The thing you have to achieve, the goal that has to be
met, is trust of people. And if you're familiar with trust, it's probably something you
don't just dole out, right? You don't just get to
have someone's trust. You have to earn it. You have to do a lot to earn it. This thought came up additionally because I was introducing
myself to someone this weekend. And it's already a little bit challenging sometimes to explain what I do. And I usually look at
somebody and who they are to try to customize the message for them so that it can make the most sense and can be the most beneficial to them. Because I do a lot of things that can benefit a lot of
different types of people, but I believe that a message needs to be customized for an individual audience. I knew that I could just
say, "I'm an influencer," and this person would've
known exactly what I do. Maybe not known exactly which platform and what my forte was, but they would pretty much have it figured out. But I absolutely didn't say that because I'm not an
influencer, in my opinion, and I would never call myself
that in a million years. I've actually had to go to brands that I was working with on campaigns and say, "You need to remove
this word 'influencer' "from these promotional graphics. "Because you're basically saying, "'Here you go, here's a photo "'with your face on it and our name, "'and we're calling you
one of our influencers.' "So you're basically saying I am to "go and communicate to people "who follow me on social
media that I am an influencer "when I'm supposedly influencing them?" That is like me walking
up to my best friend and introducing myself to her as her most trusted non-family member. "Hi, since I am your most
trusted non-family member, "you should attend my birthday party." I had to do a lot of things
to become good enough to be someone's best friend. So to say that I am her most
trusted non-family member is not only a massive assumption, but it is also a result of that hard work. As a self-respecting woman who
has been working her tail off since she was 18 years old,
I refuse to be called that. I am a lot of things, but
I am not an influencer. I host a web show about how
to go after the life you want. I host a podcast about people
who have done the same. I'm the author of a book that helps you use tools that can help
you go after your passion. I'm a public speaker who teaches on stages all over the world for people who want to make
their grand plans happen. And most importantly,
I want to tell everyone everything I know because I wish I would've had that at an
earlier age in my life. And I feel that it gives me
a lot of purpose in doing so, no matter what the medium. A beautiful luxury of all of those things, and actually doing them consistently, is what allows people to trust me. P.S. You are watching
this in part, potentially, because you trust me, and
especially if you know me, you know my dog's name,
you know my husband's name, you know where I live,
you know about my life because you have been following because you trust what I have to say. I do not take that for granted. I know how hard I worked for that, but I also appreciate it more
than you could ever imagine. And I refuse to let someone
just slap the word "influencer" to describe our relationship on my bio. If you are interested in
becoming an influencer, if that motivates you,
if there's something about what you have seen
that gets you excited, I'm not asking you to change your mind. I'm asking you to think differently about what the end goal is. Actually wrap your mind right now around what it means to be influential. Who are you talking to? What do they stand for? How are you gonna represent them? And better yet, how are
you going to help them? When you get into this line of
work with the wrong reasons, one of two things will happen. One, it's not gonna work out
at all, just plain and simple. Could be because you gave up too soon. Also could be because you have
no idea who you're talking to because you're only
thinking about yourself. And number two is going
to be very hard to hear, and it could be a little controversial. If you are successful at this, even getting into it
for the wrong reasons, you will have at minimum one
stint of mental health issues. And that is because you
are leaving your self worth up to a lot of other people. And a lot of other people
change their minds all the time. And they could be on your side one day, and they could be
against you the next day. And if you don't truly understand who you are, what you do,
and what you stand for, and how you help people,
that will tear you down. I feel really grateful that
I am so focused on others in the sense that I want to help, but also in balanced focus on myself to make sure I can give
what I've promised, that I don't think I've experienced a level of mental illness
that we're seeing a lot happening in "influencership." And that's because sometimes
you reach your goals, and then you have to have new ones. And then you go get those other ones. And you keep growing,
and you keep growing, and then you realize you were
setting all the wrong goals because they don't actually
mean anything to you. They looked good to the rest of the world. And that is where it all happens. That's where it goes down, and that's where it
turns into a nightmare. It's a ladder on a building
you never even meant to climb. So instead of trying to
become an influencer, figure out what it means
for you to be your best self and how you are a resource to others. Your whole life doesn't
revolve around other people, but other people play a huge role, and you get to decide what that role is. If that role is an audience of yourself, make sure that you can wake up every day, look yourself in the mirror, and believe the words that
are coming out of your mouth. This might be a really
interestingly controversial topic, so I really want to hear from you. How do you feel about
the word "influencer?" Or even better yet, how
would you describe me to somebody that you know? Share that in the comments below. While I finish this, I am
thankful for Morning Recovery for sponsoring this episode of Amy TV and helping me out with
my morning tomorrow. The details for 20% off your first order are in the description below. That's all for today. Thank you so much for tuning in. I appreciate it, as always.
(party music) Make sure you subscribe for good vibes, kiss the ones you love, and go after the life you want. Cheers. How was the lighting? I really (laughs) struggled today. By the way, I'm sorry if this jacket is (laughs) really long. It's very cute though, isn't it? That's all for today, socials. Thank you so much. "Socials."


  1. I would discribe you and myself when I think about this topic….as a Motivational Soul Mate…. Motivational because its better than influencer and soul mate because we are kinda friends but not physically…. and because my soul feels the same way as yours…. what do you think?

  2. I just read the quote about the ladder against the wall you didn't even mean to climb from "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" this morning! Thanks for the reminder/reinforcement!!

  3. I love this Amy! Your advice of focusing on being a resource for others and finding the meaning of being your best self', resonates so much. Life becomes meaningful only when we are able to authentically connect and be of service to others. Thank you for underscoring this.

  4. Amy, you're awesome! You actually show us the 'how' of going after the life that we want by showing us how you're going after it. Just keep up the great work you're doing consistently. You're working so hard and we really appreciate it. It helps so many of us 🙂

  5. I hate the word influencer too. It’s always sat wrong with me and seemed like it could be easily exchanged with the word “manipulater.”
    I’m a blogger (with a few YouTube videos) and after years of trying to figure out where my place is, I’m just barely starting to get a grip on what I want my blog to be in order to stay true to who I am and provide real value instead of just fluff.

  6. I would describe you as a life coach, if I could only use a single phrase. I agree that influencer feels very commercial; it’s almost synonymous with a brand. Whereas I wouldn’t refer to you or any of my favorite people/channels as influencers. That’s because yes, you might recommend a product or service, but I truly don’t think that’s the purpose of the channel. You could be a vegan or eco-friendly YouTuber, and the real purpose or point of your channel is to share that message. But it doesn’t have to be that lofty. I watch curly hair YouTubers that yeah, promote products, but at the end of the day, they wouldn’t spend so much time educating their audience on the ins and outs of hair science (lol) if they didn’t want to help people accept their hair, learn how to do it, and feel good about themselves. Someone who only promotes products, and isn’t educating their audience, is an influencer in my opinion. In other words, a salesperson. (Not to down salespeople; they can be good too haha.)

  7. Every time I hear someone use the word "influencer," I do exactly that. I correct them and I put quotation marks around it. I have one coworker that when we talk about social media (which isn't often), she will make a comment about someone who she enjoys following and she makes a point of how they aren't "one of those influencers." It drives me bonkers because its just like you said, even though these people are making a living in a way that no one thought could have ever happened until it did, that doesn't mean they didn't work their tushy off to get all the followers and views and other stats. I see so many youtubers who need to take breaks because their channel is about their lives which is great but separating out their lives from their work is difficult. It means they are working hard. They aren't just sitting in their swivel chair waiting for sponsorships. I don't know what these people could be called but I don't think its the word itself but rather the stigma behind it. what's worse…. its a made-up stigma

  8. I’m new to all of this YouTube chat but am really enjoying your message… I have a similar vision for my channel. Thanks for your inspiration, guidance and motivation 🙂

  9. The first video of you I watched was about how to wake up at 5am, after that, I was able to discover a brand new life just by changing some of my bad habits. I'm happier than ever and become more productive at work. Thank u Amy~

  10. I was trying to be an influencer but suddenly I found that sometimes I don’t do what I talk about or I don’t deeply believe in it so I stopped that for a while now until I just focus on one thing that I truly believe in and do in my life

  11. I used to like your videos, till this one. If you can't see yourself as an influencer, how can you see yourself as a leader or a life coach?

    Everyone, everything, everywhere influences us and everyone around us everyday.
    Religion influences us to be better people.
    A dark cloud influences us to bring an umbrella in case it rains.
    A fitness expert influences us to live healthier lives.
    A life coach is also an influencer because they want to share the best information so that someone, somewhere, can be the best person they can be.

    Please put down the wine and go look up the word "influence".

  12. Oh my gosh… so much wisdom on this video!!! I've been wanting to create a video like this but you've sum it up pretty well. Thanks Amy!!!

  13. I love your Wine Wednesday videos. I agree, the term "influencer" shouldn't be used because it implies that the viewers are simple minded and easily manipulated. I call you all YouTubers because that's what you are and watching your videos helps me make informed decisions on things I'm facing in my life that y'all already experienced.

  14. LOVE this video and your real talk about it! Yes!! It’s a great point and perspective about “influencer” as a label… I’ve always felt the same, like WHAT are you actually doing to make a positive impact on the world rather than just posing in pictures lol! 😂😂 I am a writer first (Degree is in journalism I wanted to be a magazine writer/author) who has stepped into the “influencer” world as a blogger, published magazine writer, dipped in YouTube. I’ve taken a step back recently to really re-assess my path (I have a daughter and just found out I’m pregnant and so my time is EXTREMELY valuable in how I am approaching my career goals) and how I can ensure I’m living in alignment and it’s felt amazing to stay true to myself and my original mission! The “influencer trend” and working with brands etc etc etc can get you off track if you’re not careful. I’m learning to stay true to the backbone of my mission and brand first which is so dear to my heart and soul and solves an issue in the world. This video inspired as I’m taking a step back 😌💜PS I’d call you a “Productivity Coach & Speaker” I’ve always said generically “she’s one of the only youtubers i follow and is all about productivity, success, & being a #girlboss” 😉 cheers! 🍷🍷

  15. I think the word influencer kind of gives me the impression that it is someone who influences for the sake of influencing… idk kinda like "Hey look at all these people that listen to me" It seems like a word that is not genuine. I would put you into a category closer to "advice giver who cares" lol I cant think of a nice word. Maybe a coach like others have suggested but I am not sure I like that either.

  16. This was honestly the best advice I have heard regarding this topic! Thank you for this video.

  17. This was honestly the best advice I have heard regarding this topic! Thank you for this video.

  18. This was honestly the best advice I have heard regarding this topic! Thank you for this video.

  19. This was honestly the best advice I have heard regarding this topic! Thank you for this video.

  20. This was honestly the best advice I have heard regarding this topic! Thank you for this video.

  21. This was honestly the best advice I have heard regarding this topic! Thank you for this video.

  22. This was honestly the best advice I have heard regarding this topic! Thank you for this video.

  23. This was honestly the best advice I have heard regarding this topic! Thank you for this video.

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