So, You Think You’re Tolerant?

Tolerance. It’s a word we hear a lot these days. So, let’s define it. Tolerance is “the ability to live with people
whose opinions and behavior you don’t agree with.” That’s essentially how Oxford defines it,
how Merriam-Webster defines it, and how we, as a society, have always defined it. You might be for the death penalty, and your
cousin might be against it. You might be against a $15 minimum wage, and
your coworker might be for it. Your dad might have voted for Trump, your
mom might have voted for Clinton, and your brother may not have voted at all. Whatever differences we have, tolerating others’
opinions is a prerequisite to a functioning and free society. America itself was built on a foundation of
tolerance. The Declaration of Independence guarantees
us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But there’s an implicit contract there:
To have your life, your liberty, and your pursuit of happiness, you have to be tolerant
of somebody else’s life, their liberty, and their pursuit of happiness. This contract, though, seems to be breaking
down. If you listen to the mainstream media, only
one side is living up to this deal: the left. The right, according to the media, is intolerant
of everyone…except those darned white, heterosexual, Christian males. There’s only one problem. It’s just not true. Incredibly, the left isn’t even tolerant
of the very people they say they’re tolerant of! If you’re gay, or black, or an immigrant,
and you’re not in lockstep with current leftist orthodoxy, you know exactly what I’m
talking about. If you believe we should judge people on the
content of their character and not the color of their skin, the left calls you “racist.” If you believe that America is a nation of
immigrants, but that our country should also protect its borders, the left calls you a
“xenophobe.” If you believe that men and women are equal
but fundamentally different, the left calls you “sexist.” Here’s the thing: those who only tolerate
people they agree with or like… aren’t actually tolerant. So, who is tolerant? Is it the organizers of the Women’s March,
who had to apologize for the “hurt and confusion” they caused when they invited a man—leftist
icon Bernie Sanders—to speak at their convention? Is it the Antifa thugs, who caused UC Berkeley
to spend $600,000 on security when mainstream conservative Ben Shapiro showed up to give
a talk? Or is it democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters,
who scolded Kanye West for “talking out of turn” when he dared suggest that blacks
should think for themselves? These aren’t isolated examples. I’m guessing that you—person watching
this right now—have silenced yourself because you don’t want to suffer the wrath of the
outrage mob. So, let me ask the question again: Who is
tolerant? Well, here’s the surprise: It’s actually
those “scary” right-wingers that the media and the universities demonize every day. I speak from personal experience. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment here,
but I still consider myself a liberal. And it’s my duty as a liberal to say what
I think. I would rather stand for what I believe and
be hated than bow down and be loved. The left, sadly, has become utterly intolerant
of anyone with whom they disagree. Why? Because they believe that they know how you
should live and how you should think. Any deviation, any non-conformity, is dangerous
to that goal. Believe it or not, the right, these days,
actually welcomes diversity of thought. I can tell you that in the last few years
of my political evolution, I’ve consistently found conservatives to be tolerant and open-minded. Don’t take my word for it, though. Test it out for yourself. Go talk to some. They do exist, and they do things like watch
movies, travel, and eat ethnic food —you know, regular people things. You know what I found out? The right, much more than the left, believes
in the notion of “live and let live.” And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the true
definition of tolerance. I’m Dave Rubin, of The Rubin Report, for Prager

100 thoughts on “So, You Think You’re Tolerant?

  1. Conservatives don't tolerate too, if one agree with some points regarding socialism, they will label you communist or dictatorship.

  2. I wanted to post Jordan Peterson video on my facebook and thought "Oh what if my leftist friends leave mean comments and be disappointed" so I never did. They post pro abortion videos on their fb and offend me but I tolerated it. Maybe I should just do whatever I want offending them or not offending them.😁

  3. Every fanatic right or left wing(or religious/ unreligious)… is intolerant, if you say my way of living is the only valid your intolerant … i dont think most people get the irony of his fingerpointing. ( tolerance can also be a negative thing just think about the familys of terrorist its not quiet usuall that every familiy member shares the same values and their tolerance of another intollerance does not benefit society).

    I dont like this right/ left wing nor tolerance/ intollerance narrative … people who try too make a complex argument into a debate of flipping a coin tend too want too sell you something. Why should somebody accept one of two sides of a problem when he can choose none (: .

  4. The definition of tolerance mentioned opinions and behaviors. We can tolerate all opinions because they are simply thought and speech, but aren't there some behaviors we cannot tolerate? Isn"t that the whole point of laws?

  5. I am British, and I am a Fascist, because I am white, male and strate, there you go, but yes I am tollerant, provided everyone agrees with me

  6. People on the left are the most extreme examples of pure contradiction. Everything they say they are, they are not. Everything they accuse the right with is exactly what they should be accusing themselves instead. I don’t care if they prefer to live in their echo chamber of cognitive dissonance, as long as they don’t erode my rights. But their agenda is so clear and they are becoming so crazy in their madness that we urgently need collectively to calm them down before they destroy our civilization.

  7. I love the advertisement where you have these bloated cows trying to wear clothes that don't make them look like the fat bloated sows they really are. Losing weight isn't even an option. 🤔

  8. This was what irked me so much even as a liberal college student. I’m still a liberal, twenty years later, but the lack of intellectual rigor kids espousing liberal ideas today is lacking. Too often SJW promote policies based on vague ideas of “fairness” rather than real justice. What about creating a “safe space” for conservatives to hone their own thinking or even change your mind? Iron sharpens iron.

  9. A high schooled student becomes a national hero after taking down a school shooter

    But was expelled because of the schools zero tolerance policy

  10. Rights are so right if leftist tolerate to hear what right has in their mind…they fear that it might change their mind. They fear the truth that truth might convince them to become right.

  11. Sound hypocritical. The tolerance can't be towards everybody, so no, the right just can't be so open, because being friendly at the same time to two groups that hate themselves is dangerous for yourself. The book Captain's daughter by Pushkin is a great example of this situation.

  12. Had to watch a pro abortion ad from aclu that states abortion is a constitutional RIGHT before I could watch this video

  13. Well I guess according to leftists I am a abomination because I'm a straight white male who is a Christian

  14. There are posters all over my office promoting diversity tolerance and inclusion. Everyone knows it means don’t talk about anything controversial.

  15. The left doesn't care about real ethnic issues, they're just self-righteous.If they really care about racial equality, they should not be so sensitive to the skin color of black people.

  16. This reminds me of the interview Lacie Green did with Steven Crowder. She talks about when she was a raging SJW none of her conservative friends were rude to her, but when she got more conservative and left feminism behind her liberal friends refused to associate with her. Because of her prominence in the community, this is an excellent example. I'd actually like to see her elaborate on this on a PragerU video if possible.

  17. Tolerance is a word weapon used by the left and I don't like it or use it.
    I TOLERATE some ants at a picnic.
    I TOLERATE some flies when barbecuing.
    I TOLERATE my neighbours naughty noisy kids when they visit.
    Heck, I TOLERATE my dick head brother in-law because I love my sister. (you should meet my dick head brother in-law)
    In other words, we TOLERATE those people/things we consider to be beneath us.
    When the left says we should tolerate immigrants, minorities, LGBTQ community etc, they are saying those people are BENEATH us, just like flies at the BBQ or my brother in-law.
    I don't think immigrants or LGBTQ people are beneath me, so I DON'T HAVE TO TOLERATE THEM. I just accept them as they are.

  18. Unfortunately, this argument is non-argument all through. First off: the definition of tolerance as "the ability to live with people whose opinions and behavior you don't agree with". That's a non-definition – what do you mean by "don't agree with" here? Do you mean behavior I think is morally wrong and maybe even poses a threat to my rights (by the vast likelihood of voting them away)? Your argument doesn't distinguish between that and ideas or behavior I find annoying. Secondly what do you mean by "live with"? Do you just mean not aggressing against those people's rights, or do you mean I have to associate with them (you used the phrase "*live with*"!)? Therefore your definition could be interpreted as anything from the non-aggression principle to full-on relativism. Your argument gets its appeal from this vast ambiguity, so that you can use the emotional appeal of a less extreme version of your beliefs to argue for the more extreme version.

    It's also horrible argumentation when you talk about "the left" as the enemy, as if that word has some kind of specific meaning. That word is borderline meaningless and there are lots of people who could be considered "left" and would agree with you, so targeting your criticism at an ill-defined and massive group of people does nothing except pander to your existing audience who already hates "the left" and increase feelings of label identity and division. This isn't how you promote rational dialogue. Neither is proceeding to pick out a couple of specific people and not really explain the cases or give citations.

    Most of your criticisms of "the left" suggest that you believe it's unacceptable to call someone a racist, a xenophobe, or a sexist. Yet you're supposedly arguing for freedom of speech and association, so you should support their right to call you those things and not associate with you.

    The pretense of an argument against open borders is also a boomerang. At least at a glance, and especially the way you phrased it, the "left"'s position certainly seems cogent. You framed the argument against open borders as "people in America got here by immigrating, yet we should forcefully prevent other people from immigrating". There are some potentially strong points you could make there but you didn't make them; you just accused the left of intolerance and moved on.

    The saddest part here is the hypocrisy. Your video doesn't make any kind of arguments against any opposing position, you just repeatedly accuse the left of intolerance – *the same thing you're criticizing them for doing*!

    And when you say "[The left] believe that they know how you should live and how you should think", you're going into full-on relativism. Every person thinks that their beliefs about how people should think and act or correct – that's what it means to believe something. If you "believe" that X is a bad way of thinking but don't believe that people who think that way are wrong and you know how they should think, then you don't actually believe X is wrong, do you?

    And to be clear, I *agree* with your conclusion. I'm just as fed up with "the left" (again a term I try never to use without quotes) dismissing people for being "intolerant" as you are. But this video is so bad I had to leave a dislike.

  19. Are you kidding? I invite the left to attack me in any form they wish. I"m kind of a dick, you see. I WILL overcome any attack against me.

  20. Well, here it is a year after this video was put out. Have we seen any positive changes in the lefts tolerance levels?

    Absolutely not.

    Sadly, it's gotten much worse.

    I'll revisit this post in a year to update the progress, if any.

  21. До тех пор пока мировая толерантность будет идти в ногу с цензурой, она будет толерастией

  22. its funny how the animations of people representing conservatives all look attractive. very loyal representation.

  23. I am an equal opportunity offender I hate everybody equally I say what I'm going to say and being offended is a choice one make you choose to be offended by the things people say and the things you hear I choose not to be offended I am the offender and I don't give a rat's ass

  24. Karl Popper – “
    Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them. “

  25. LOL This is hilarious. So the right is tolerant? Lol. So the racists and sexists are tolerant of others too? Lol. Why don’t make an HONEST video with tolerant people of BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE instead of this hit job of misinformation

  26. Is the right tolerant of other religions? If so please explain why these are the same folks that get angry when some tells them “Happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas. Lol

  27. What i really find fascinating is that the west is falling and all we are doing is carefully documenting it, just like this video and many, instead of defending it? very strange.

  28. The problem with that statement is a Hillary KKK Clinton supporter would never marry a Trump supporter because Hillary Clinton hates Black People.
    Her mentor was Senator KKK Byrd and she had Black slaves in the 80's.
    Now she's going around calling Blacks Super Predators and saying jokes about how all Blacks look the same.

  29. It's awesome to know that someone is also on the same side of liberalism as I am. There is no shame of being a liberal, as long as you are the true meaning of one and not the communist "liberal".

  30. There is not a single "Holy Book" revered by ANY of the world's religions that defines "Tolerance" as a virtue. Tolerance is, in fact, a product of practicing the virtue of "Prudence." If you are confronted by an evil about which you can do nothing without making things worse, you must "tolerate" it. If you are confronted by an evil which you can fix without making things worse, yo do not need to "tolerate" it. "Tolerance" is ALWAYS directly related to EVIL!!

  31. America's real problem isn't the left or even the right, it's that we define the political spectrum by just those two terms. It's a dangerous extremity that leads to divisions and partisanship.

  32. Another value of being intolerant: Once you label your opponent with things from the Basket of Deplorables, you no longer have to admit that you lost the argument. AKA: Ad Hominem

  33. Islam promotes tolerance ,
    Quran (koran) Surah Al-Mumtahina, Verse 8:
    لَّا يَنْهَاكُمُ اللَّهُ عَنِ الَّذِينَ لَمْ يُقَاتِلُوكُمْ فِي الدِّينِ وَلَمْ يُخْرِجُوكُم مِّن دِيَارِكُمْ أَن تَبَرُّوهُمْ وَتُقْسِطُوا إِلَيْهِمْ إِنَّ اللَّهَ يُحِبُّ الْمُقْسِطِينَ

    Allah does not forbid you respecting those who have not made war against you on account of (your) religion, and have not driven you forth from your homes, that you show them kindness and deal with them justly; surely Allah loves the doers of justice.
    (English – Shakir)

    via iQuran

  34. For leftists it's I don't agree with what you said but you're a racist for saying it that should be in jail.

    I will bow down only to God no matter how I'm treated.

  35. At the Heart of Conservatism is the key value of efficiency. If something works we implement and sustain it; when it can’t, we reduce its influence or remove it if necessary.

  36. I can't honestly tell if I'm liberal underneath all of the distain the left has accumulated from me with their downright bigoted or false platforms. Guess I'll stay independent to be safe but damned if I'll even be able to take a democrat seriously in the foreseeable future

  37. I just don't care this guy who was talk I said who are you talk to. He gotten angry . Or maybe I just look like I care but I don't care .

  38. No Mr. Prager, as a liberal Jew I pride myself on loving my neighbor rather than merely tolerating them as you & conservative Christian's complain about having to do when they wish they could hate their neighbor outright.

  39. Great video!

    ALL Americans whether I agree with you or not. Have the right to carve out their own little slice of happiness in the US

  40. Many conservatives are intolerant, but the left has more intolerance, I also find more conservatives more often open than left

  41. I'm a conservative. Proud of it,too. People should have their own opinions etc. My friends and me are that way and we're still friends.

  42. It’s sad how divided our country has become. Being forced to fit into a little group so you can have an identity or a label. Can’t we all just be people?

  43. Okay let's examine the right's tolerance.
    -Women should not have control over their own bodies.
    -Supporting a man who said: "Mexicans are murderers and rapists."
    -Dead children under ICE custody.
    -Refused to bake a cake for a gay couple.

  44. When Michelle Obama said, "When they go low, we go high".  Her quote became meaningless. Getting scolded or assaulted just for wearing a MAGA Hat is Low.

  45. This incarnation of the left reminds me of Maoism; the only difference is that their reeducation camps will be called something like “extreme sensitivity training”.

  46. "America is built on Tolerance" Yeah, America was really tolerant of black people the way they enslaved them. All the murdering they did on Native Americans was just an act of tolerance!

  47. I put a "Zero Tolerance for Intolerance" sign on my classroom window to see if anyone would point out the irony. Not only did nobody notice, but I was complimented on the sign by a progressive friend of mine. This was back in California (of course).

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