Snarky Puppy feat. Lalah Hathaway – Something (Family Dinner – Volume One)

24 thoughts on “Snarky Puppy feat. Lalah Hathaway – Something (Family Dinner – Volume One)

  1. Lalah eres unica. Saludos. Dios quiera un dia tenga la oportunidad de estar en un concierto tuyo. Saludos desde Morelia. Michoacan. Mecicp

  2. OMG! I'm so flipping excited to hear this – My whole life I have felt that I'll never be able to sing, because my voice does this – now I feel like maybe I could learn to control my pipes, 'cuz she is AMAZING! –my only "claim to fame" with polyphonics: I can mimic the sound of the phone touch tones for 7 and 9 (consistently) and when I was in practice, the * and # tones, too. [note: touch tones/DTMF, uses 2 tones to make each "sound" on the keypad]

  3. Amazing song, musicians and performance. I just find a pity that the voice is not as loud as it should be in the mix. The instruments are covering her too much.

  4. Whyyyyyyyyy wasn't I invited to the family dinner??!!!😢😢 Y'all was cookin' something fierce in the kitchen I see!!!!

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