SMART: Using Social Media Data for Emergency Management

It's a system to help public safety
officials understand what's going on during crisis situations by what people
are posting on social media. So it's a way for the first responders to actually
find out who's in need where people are without power where people are flooded
through crowdsourcing information that people are posting publicly. The problem
that most people face with trying to look at social media is there thousands
of posts coming out of a small area and all of those may not be anything that
help you understand what's going on and who's in need. Our data mainly comes from Twitter and Instagram, so we're using a free version of their API to get around
two percentage of the entire Twitter firehose API. Around 300 million tweets
are posted every day two percent is around maybe six million or so. The goal
of the project is now to transform it into a tool that's available that first
responders can download for their phone and be able to use in a crisis situation.

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