SLIPKNOT : " The Devil In I " + " Psychosocial" Sheffield 16-1-15

23 thoughts on “SLIPKNOT : " The Devil In I " + " Psychosocial" Sheffield 16-1-15

  1. that Clang noise during the verse is so fucking annoying how it's ahead of the beat the whole time oh my god so goddamn annoying can't you fucking keep time makes the whole verse sound so rushed

  2. Quick question, im seeing them tomorrow in London at Wembley and as you know its freezing out but dont wanna bring a coat cause i fear ill be too hot, what shall i wear/bring?

  3. I went to Slipknot when they played in Ireland and sweet baby Jesus what an amazing gig highlights for me were "The Heretic Anthem", "People= Shit" and"Surfacing". But to be a nitpicking fucker I don't like Corey's new mask.

  4. Great video! Although you should have had a quick scan of the crowd when Psychosocial came on, mosh pit I was next to went to a whole new level when it started.

  5. Great quality. Epic gig. Must have been some serious mosh pits near the front. My ribs are bruised from the barrier

  6. Awesome night! didn't see most of it was too busy getting fucking squished to death! Seeing them in Nottingham! This is the most I've seen of it.  Is there a bigger musician than Mick? the guys fucking huge!

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