Slipknot – Solway Firth (Guitar Cover w/Tabs)

49 thoughts on “Slipknot – Solway Firth (Guitar Cover w/Tabs)

  1. I cant play this (yet), and it sounds awesome. But are those slides for the first main riff necessary? I think theyre just hammers for that part…

  2. Once again great work dude ! Always use your videos for learning Slipknot stuff to make some colab covers ! Keep the shit coming !

  3. After watching some of your vids playing Slipknot's stuff, I forgot about using guitar tab softwares.. Amazing video, man!! Greetings from Costa Rica!!

  4. Damn this chorus is some speical kind of hard for me, idk why. Do you have any advice on learning riffs with such a structure?

  5. Yes my freind,superb!👍and the tabs-WoW!QUICK!I always come to your vids to see if I've nailed only difference was playing the slide down on B+G# 10/13 to 8/ are the master though Haha!🤟👍😉

  6. Только хотел сказать давно, че ты на нее кавер не делаешь, че как не Рома. А тут оба, и сделал.

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