I'm a mask up and take it mask up and take it mask up to take it mask up and take it mask up it taking what is going on ladies and gentlemen AJ good here at the house of masks the only mask page that's followed by some Slipknot members and blocked by others and in today's video we are obviously doing and we are not your kind era look not mask unboxing but before we get into that I need to go ahead and thank a couple of my high tier patrons people such as surf smiles 5 5 5 tyler Rizzuto nightshade Clancy James Jordan Gleason and Ryan Matthew thank you guys all very very much for your patronage I do genuinely appreciate it and without your guys's support I wouldn't be able to crank out nearly as many videos as I have been so not only do I thank you but all of my viewers need to thank you as well and if you guys are interested in becoming a patron I'm going to add the information down below there's something on there for everybody here levels from $1 to $100 with individual reward system set up for each one you can find your happy place and just relish in it now with all that being said we're gonna go ahead and get into this unboxing obviously it is a gym route we are not your kind to era mask I actually ordered this before I ordered any of the other we are not your kind air masks but for some reason it just got stuck in a Russian customs and sat there for an entire month so it was the first one I ordered and the last one that I've received so without further ado let's go ahead and open this up and take a look at it very strange tape method very weird box it's like all impacted on itself and I'm not real sure we're open up front so try this alright let's see what we've got here never heard of or seen this cellar before but someone posted it in a group and there was only a few available and it looked pretty good to me so I went ahead and scoop one up and now we finally have it I haven't seen anyone else get this yet so I think I may be the first to ever see you bears so let's take a look alright there we have it it's a little smushed up from packaging which makes sense because like I said it sat in a box for an entire month yeah it looks pretty good man I want to get this on a head because I'm really bothered by the fact that it's so bent up and misshapen and I really think that it's thrown me for a loop so give me just a second alright so we've got a drone ahead now obviously looks a little bit better once it's actual shape is taken onto the face there so yeah I'm super impressed with the sculpt the mask itself looks a little flatter in person than I thought as far as like the paint job goes jim's obviously looks very clean very bright white and the one in the photos definitely looked a little brighter than this nothing that a real quick repaint won't help but honestly everything else looks solid the sculpt itself looks pretty fantastic the communication with the seller was easy even though I waited so long I knew that it was out of their hands and they quickly got back with me about sending a tracking number and stuff once I started to get a little worried about the package price wise I believe it was pretty solid especially since it came from overseas I think the shipping was like the worst part of it so all in all I'm pretty happy with it this is definitely one of my favourite chinless gym masks I'm not really crazy about the fact that he started doing that because I really think that the beard is just laying but that's my opinion it is what it is what's the worst you gonna do lock me but I definitely think that it is a step up from the 0.5 mask we've lost one entire side of a jester face and now we were just left with this really smooth really clean looking face mask and even the other design has changed drastically from the typical Jim root jester style got this red ring which is just carved into the face which i think is really cool and I don't know I just like it I definitely think that it is the coolest out of his chin list version mask and when it came up I knew that I had to scoop it up because it was a very solid replica can or will someone beat this probably but like I said the only thing that I'm unhappy with is the fact that the mask is a little less bright white and smooth than what I expected but honestly once it's on a shelf you're not really gonna notice I don't even know if you guys can tell from the video me holding it up here but I will go ahead and give you guys some close-ups of this thing just some nice detail shots I don't know if I'm gonna wear it it depends on how big and silly it looks on my little tiny baby dad but we'll see so yeah that is going to be today's video I hope that you guys enjoyed it I'm going to add the information for this down below if you guys would like to pick one up for yourself I honestly don't know anything about the maker this wasn't someone that contacted me and asked me to show the mask on the channel I just saw this wanted to grab it real quick and do a big and that is what we've done so I'll add their Etsy store down below and that will do it for today's video hope you guys enjoyed it and until next time we will see you later you


  1. Hey AJ, I’ve been looking online for specifically Corey Taylor’s new mask. I managed to find a pretty decent looking one on the Etsy app. A fella by the name of “VillianFxStudio.” Have a geez at it mate it’s not bad, wouldn’t mind to see if you would be interested in it it is however really pricey. But yeah, just thought I’d let you know in case you wanted to get one wouldn’t mind seeing you get it before and review it before I buy it myself. Cheers matey, 👍🏻

  2. That's it Mr Good you're blocked! Lol, fuckin ridiculous. Pretty slick looking mask, already a hell of a start to your wanyk set. Keep the good shit coming brother!

  3. James beard is beautiful. Second how do you get 2 members to block you 😂 I guess vman I understand he is boring as shit and he knows lol. Third drink some fucking water

  4. Man one time I made a Joey replica of my own hand designed and painted and everything it was my most prized possession and I lost it when my mom and I had to move….man still breaks my heart I made it with my own two hands and it's gone now….😢😢

  5. These new masks have grown on me so much. I was eating rice paper the other night stoned out of my fucking mind and I said “hey babe, look it’s Corey’s new mask” we had a good laugh then I was like… hey they came out with a new song

  6. Lol that tiny snip of Jim roots blocking 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣this video was dope I can't wait to make my mask soon I will try my best to send you a special mask for a mail box Monday or something

  7. Oof. Hitting my spot with that tasty Jim content. I dig how his new mask looks. it's very "Phantom of the Opera" feeling. something about this replica feels off to me though. But it's probably nothing because I literally don't know shit about masks. Keep it up my dude.

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