Slipknot – Heretic Anthem @ Knotfest Roadshow, San Bernardino, 7/27/19

24 thoughts on “Slipknot – Heretic Anthem @ Knotfest Roadshow, San Bernardino, 7/27/19

  1. I was up front, and everyone was pretty chill. People on the floor were looking around, and asking each other “What’s the problem.” No one understood why Cory yelled. Slipknot, come to San Diego! Better weather! At 5:30pm it was 106 degrees! I almost passed out in line buying a t-shirt😅.Other than the insane heat! Knot Fest kicked ass!🤟🏻🤡

  2. I can see why artists are starting to throw phone and shit. Your there to enjoy a show you paid money for it. No wonder Tom morello threw that person's phone. Looked like a good show nonetheless. Hope you had a good time

  3. You are close!!! Were you that up close when volbeat was playing or did you make it to that spot after Volveat finished playing? I’m going to see them in a few weeks and I want to be that close

  4. Jay has gotten waaaaay waaaaay better on the double bass!!! It was the only thing he was lacking. He’s an awesome drummer and replacement

  5. This was the shit got in the pit and everything wish some would of record it when they 1st came it it was the bighest pit of the night

  6. First time going to a Slipknot concert. First song in, I got separated from my friend that invited me, I got dropped with 3 people on top of me, I was suffocating. Got picked up and realized I dropped my glasses and lost a shoe. 5 minutes later I found my shoe and kept it on hand throughout the entire set and continued to sing my ass off and mosh. Found my friend after the show, went to his house to pick up my car and realized I didn't have my car keys. I must have dropped them when I fell. All in all, it was a fucking EPIC night!!!

  7. This show was badass. There was a fight in front of me and people kept staring fires in the back fuck yeah

  8. I was right next to a big ass pit with fire and shit it was such a good ass show

    Also i didn't know u were there too that's crazy

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