all right I mask up and take it mask up and take it mask up it take it mask up and take it mask up it take you what is going on ladies and gentlemen AJ good here at the house of masks the only channel that can wipe its own ass and in today's video we are building a chris fehn bust it's another installment to my tattoo the earth slope not bust series and I'm really hoping that this one turns out cool because I am still super disappointed over the last bus that we did the mick thomson bust didn't quite turn out the way that I wanted it to when we first started the mick bust I was pretty excited with how it was turning out because I did genuinely think that it was turning out well we had a nice mask the start of the bus was nice and then it came time to do the hair and it was just a big fucking mess the hair stylist took forever didn't give me exactly what I wanted and the bust very much suffered because of it and it just took so fucking long that I was kind of like about the whole thing so I'm hoping this one breathes new life into the series for me I'm pretty excited I don't really think that there's going to be much room for error here because it's so straightforward and simple knock on wood but Before we jump on into that I did want to shout out a couple of my high tier patrons people like Jordan Gleason sir smiles 5-5-5 nightshade Tyler Rizzuto and Clancy James thank you guys very much for your patronage and if you're watching this and want to join the cool kids club I'm gonna add the information down below we have the maximum amount of patreon tier levels everything from $1 to $100 and each level has a different set of rewards and they're all pretty fucking rad so if you guys want to gain early access to my videos join a private Facebook group get a monthly goodie bag have a shout to receive stuff like Stinky's locks of hair a random mask some of the stuff that we've used on the 365 day clowns so far exclusive official merch and so on and so forth make sure to head over to patreon link is in the description check it out it'll be fun cool ok bye so on with the Chris bust obviously we have everything that we need here which isn't much we have the mask itself I've got the jumpsuit this latex bondage hood and then in the box we have the bust I have it opened this or the jumpsuit yet so I figured that I would do that on camera because I knew what they were psyche no surprise there so we'll go ahead and take those out real quick and then we'll just start setting this thing up Wow so I don't know how well you guys can tell but something here just doesn't quite look right you know we're going for a nice crisp faint look just a average white Iowa guy and I actually ordered a Caucasian bust and I didn't I didn't receive that this is not this is not what I ordered all right so I I don't know how well you guys can see it I knew that the mannequin that I was buying was a little darker complected but I just I didn't expect it to be like this and luckily we can get away with this one because every single part of Chris is covered his neck is covered by the bondage hood as well as his ears and his hair he's got face paint on obviously he's got the mask and the coveralls so it's not that big of a deal this time but I would have been super fucking pissed if I had tried to do this with like Corey or even Paul because Paul is not even that dark and he's half black so yeah that's a bummer I don't know if they just thought fuck it he won't notice or what but yeah I don't know I guess we're gonna see what we can do with this guy insert AJ's a racist because he didn't want the black mannequin here disclaimer I'm not calling AJ a racist in this segment this is what sucks is when I started this this fucking display company I contacted them and I said hey do you have this many of this exact same bust I was gonna do them all on the same displays and they said yeah and I said hey would you mind just selling those to me and they're like oh fuck yeah that's what we'll do and then they listed all of them and they all fucking sold before I could buy them all so I started knocking out larger members like Mick and clown and I'm gonna have to change gyms to that because he looks fucking goofy being tiny and then all of those ones sold so now I'm just trying to do what I can and I'm fucking getting the wrong collar fucking displays man this project has become very discouraging very quickly started out so cool I thought I was doing the harder ones to like the cygwin is like the most complex one that I could have fucking picked I did it first it turned out great okay enough complaining let's see what we can do here all right we are finally fucking complete this one actually took more work than I thought imagine that and not just because the bus shown up is a different color it just was a real pain in the ass trying to get this mask to sit on this head correctly and I kind of saw that coming because this is the tightest rat mask that we've done since the c3 but that one wasn't really a big pain in my ass this one is because obviously these masks are made for display but mannequin heads are all different sizes so the head that Jimmy strap this mask one may be different than the one that I have here which I clearly think is the case but I finally got it on there I did some tweaking to the actual straps pulling certain ones tighter than other ones and kind of stuffing the mask and playing around with it for a little bit off-camera and I finally got this which I am pleased with we've got the weird saggy droopy evil eyes and I had to play around with the mouth a little bit but we finally got that to kind of look correct so I'm pretty stoked with it I think it looks good I think it captures Chris's liked entity there or whatever you want to call that and I'm just excited to see it with the rest of them so I'm gonna go ahead and give you guys some up-close shots of this let you take a nice good look at it and then we will throw it over with the rest of the tattoo the earth and bust set and show it off there as well I hope that you guys enjoyed today's video Paul is up next so stay tuned for that and until next time we will see you later


  1. i'm still waiting to see what you come up with for the corey bust, because these normal mannequin heads ain't cutting it.

  2. Aj- "Alright so i need a caucasian male bust for a detailed project i'm working on. Thanks"

    Worker- "gotcha, female black bust coming right to yah bruh"

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