Slaying a Group of Base Raiders… – DayZ

okay yeah I can see everything outside now Oh tis good an observation skills there buddy just like you Kevin here in front of the wheel all right oh well anyone intense right now Josie what do you mean rep Josh he was me and I shove a face yeah he's dead I mean it's not really I'll take the ammo Oh kind of a new boxes poor guy I didn't even have anything still sorry yeah and own up on the Helen story now just killed a guy up in a bush I don't know if he's alone I think he might be alone yeah there is another another one in the trees above starry tents he's got a big gun I would a car vine car 90 a I've got a gawky jacket police pants and a mesh fur black cats growling gay men and swinging around laughs whatever the gun was it sounded like a really it didn't sound powerful but it sounded like it was a good gun I'm not sure exactly where he was in those that tree line above dense me yeah I see a CT you're a ghillie right what was this guy word I didn't even see him here just got shot let's come round this way come out to the right and this we'll go check the body took the body that I killed or any money is the right side of the tree line any much you ask oh he's his body's TSP yeah I wouldn't know what to do then how quickly after I said I shot did you guys so you probably would have seen him if he went that way your side so you had to come this way right my god Oh somebody to show me you guys here in shock yeah it was a Camry were you yeah it back back you know the other treatment behind us you frozen back in that tree line I got Winchester here but no an owner scrub gonna go all the way around I stopped in the truth I can barely see anything we're gonna go close yeah yeah sure sure you push in here camera I have no idea house we're gonna do this he was somewhere right here man through some of right in these trees I'll be there eventually guys to this zombie blood too young was that strong yeah you know that town down from for girls like piss toshka is it for social ads for Sasha let's go very Eve I think those are quite a few bases there before they wiped there were quite a lot of bases over there I see you on my right and I see both you guys wow that's not even pistachio that's kind of actually maybe it is it's as like there's people up on the hill above it as well yeah we've all got snipers pretty much anyway oh honey chill nice trigger-happy well it's really close right here there's a dead body on my dead body on me I see dead body another dead body it's a base Road someone's face when he gets a full ghillie over joshiya near the Jeep right yes I'm next to the Jeep I'm gonna quickly lose this guy because he's got some shotgun I think I say guys near the sheds good sheds the wasn't jitney of their red house I see em I see em I see it that's a summary where'd he go okay okay he's at the front of the shed oh there's a base I can see a base it's all around the green buildings that you see him he's on the Left he's gonna go Luther body I think if he doesn't we all here in there good job okay let's move in check with us on Bianca that oh there's another dead body here another dead but it's been stripped it's all been stripped they're making a base 100% some running up on someone running up on us who keeps holding that damn bra no us there's a guy in the shade is there open the shed oh yeah that is gonna get ready to spray all down yet yes amazing isn't it I think I killed in there were you I think I killed him you shooting me me me me okay let's go let's go let's push in I think he's down I'm opening it he's dead it's doing breathing is that he had a norm in Africa norm yeah I think there's somebody in this Shack okay give me a sec almost blew this guy yeah well he is not actually dead now is that since about Canada yeah god damn man that went south pretty quick he I did not expect that guy to kill Camelot I was not ready I don't know how he lived after we I know I know I know okay better reload my my a can-am Arizona well I don't in there's anyone else cuz you would have been killed by now dude we can make a base you know that we could make a base here in a building like literally right now we could build a base okay now that loads is loads to him are you alive yeah did you kill one did you kill one are you a lot yeah I'm alive I'm eleven life behind a shirt no yeah no backpack I'm near the red building up on the hill above that house or the pub of the bomb my shots up on the hill about that boat that canal about that are you oh so I killed you or something you didn't this guy was so good I'm at the haystack he had a Winchester dude my bullets were not my bullets were not registering let me tell you yeah guy breathing still did that guy have a bank what is it with you it's hard to not to iron it's actually difficult to not ruin a backpack yeah okay let's go what do we have nails have you seen any nails I've got nails I'm building it hold on I'm gonna get Hannah and then what let's find a base that only requires one dual to border out in fact I know I know exactly what to do Ambra pardon in a minute father personality

29 thoughts on “Slaying a Group of Base Raiders… – DayZ

  1. if your describing a location or giving directions in DayZ, & You begin with "you know that….?" it means you need to study the map FAR more.

  2. Great video my dude !! U know now that i rly enjoy your content. I've learned so much thanks to you !
    Thanks Josh !! 🙂

  3. I love how you completely left the shovel out of the little montage at the end, even though it played somewhat of a big part of that video. I have never felt such a sigh of relief when you found it, but I also don't blame you for ignoring it's existence haha

  4. This is super satisfying to watch! My base in Pustoshka got raided yesterday for a TON of gear that wasn't locked away yet :/ and they got away with it. Watching a group of base raiders get wiped makes me a bit happier, thanks!

  5. Hey I started watching your videos a month ago and I love all your videos. Keep up the good work and slay those players at bases it’s kill or be killed in dayz

  6. Me: Watches Jlk demolish players, "I bet I can do that"
    Gets In a fight.
    Me: Gets absolutely demolished without even shooting a full mag
    Me to me: this is why I cant get good guns.

  7. I’m waiting for the update for PS4 before I start playing again I love this game though it’s amazing.

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