Slayer – Seasons In The Abyss Guitar Cover

29 thoughts on “Slayer – Seasons In The Abyss Guitar Cover

  1. Very nice…Seasons is such a killer record, I listened to it every night when I was going to bed in 10th and 11th grade. Tom whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

    RIP Jeff ya crazy bastard, the guitar community is a smaller place without you

  2. Great video, I wish I could enjoy Slayer like everyone else, I just can't stand the awful guitar solo's, but they definitely know how to thrash! Keep up the good work!

  3. Very nice cover dude, what kind of Marshall head are you using tho? Keep up the work ^^

  4. Mr. Lamb, Mr. Chopper, thank you! I've been waiting for you to do this for quite a while. As a member of the "I Only Play Guitar As A Hobby By Myself" club, this is one of the few songs I can play front to back (minus the solos, sadly). Love it!

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