hey everyone welcome back to my channel today I'm going to be talking about my skincare which I have actually been discussing in my previous videos this video was to come as finally here and I'm gonna help you guys achieve that glowing get beautiful skin now I will mention quickly if you've not watched my previous videos I have no makeup on I were absolutely no makeup and have been this way for about six months now so I do wear the eye shadow I do wear the mascara and I do wear lipstick but any kind of foundation CC cream I do not allow on my skin due to the fact about six ten months ago I had my worst hormonal breakouts I have ever had and a big impact in that was the foundations I was wearing how oily they were how they made my skin greasy they made my spots worse and it felt pointless using you know face cleansers and products and then applying a foundation straight on to it after the application I came to a point where I really wanted to embrace my natural beauty and just step away from makeup I do believe in makeup when it comes to you know big fashion shows big events a family event a wedding you know it can be really beautiful but for an everyday basis I think we as women should not be pressured to wear makeup and if we actually stopped feeling pressured we'd get to a point where we have clear glowing skin and you don't need make-up to feel or look beautiful now my skin is really clear this is a proven success because anybody that has ever known me has known me for having unpredictable skill it's always been honor enough and all of a sudden my skin is not only just cleared it is just glowing and I do get a lot of compliments on it because people know how my skin used to be I mean okay it wasn't the worst acne in the world but it was more of a reaction acne so it would appear for a week disappear I'd have clear skin for two weeks then another acne breakout would hit it wasn't something that constantly clogged my pores and therefore it left lots of scarring however on left cheek I had lots of scarring from the last breakout I had which was about six months ago and only recently has started to fade now the whole point of using the products in the first place I'm going to show you was to clear my spots and the second thing that I wanted to do was to clear my scars from the spot I had spots that were there for a long time now if you're suffering with whiteheads blackheads I have all of the products for you so I'm gonna first off talk about the brand that I've started to use for my face cleanser my toner and my serum which is a replacement for moisturizer I also will then go on to talk about some orders that I made from look fantastic a while ago which is a silk eye mask a silk pillowcase so the foreo cleansing brush and the spot light treatment which will be mentioned a little bit later on in the video their journey of my skin the past few months has actually been life-changing and it is safe to say the better skin you have be more confident you will feel it in the long run and you just feel like a whole new woman I feel great stepping out of my door every day not wearing makeup I'm more on top of my skincare routine as you get kind of through that stage of clearing your acne you can calm down on using the cleanser as much but first of all I have actually written down some things on a diary because there are a few ingredients within the products that I can't remember off the top of my head and I want to be kind of truthful with you guys so I want you guys to know what's in them I want you guys to know that you actually probably at the minute using the completely wrong products to clear your skin so please listen carefully and let's see if we can change your skin journey as much as mine now everybody is different I do believe that these of all I've tried all Dermalogica everything and this is the only product that has worked for me I really want to share this video not because it's an ad because it most certainly is not and it is not sponsored this is genuinely to help people out there who are struggling with maybe itchy skin dry skin you know generally just dehydrated skin acne all of it fits into the products I'm going to be showing you so make sure you listen carefully when my skin got to a really bad point my mom had noticed that she noticed her down it was getting me so she went out there did her research she's the best person for it and books all the rubbish that's out there she finds the best products hair products skin products to enhance your beauty and to feel like a woman and to feel like your hair's glossy your skins glasses your well-being is amazing all of it she knows what today I've been following a woman called trinny Woodall for a long time along with my mum we've really admire her now the only problem was Trinity was always promoting products every day that was new and I don't know that that's because it's sponsored or just generally because she's like try and get new products all the time so I was very hesitant on to buy certain products that she would say would treat acne because I felt like it may not due to the fact that she'd only used the products very briefly but then my mum came across an IG TV video which was trainee wood or discussing her daughter's skincare routine our daughters a lot younger than me but her daughter had suffered with hormonal acne and that's exactly what I had so the products were very natural that she mentioned for my mum research where the products were from where to purchase them about them their history and she really took a shine to them believed in them and she sent me over their information and everything I need to order for a skincare routine a delivery process fantastic everything is amazing natural health concentrates on well-being and health and their philosophy is education and the environment which is why they are so successful within their products you'll find that most of their products are very natural and what I love about Victoria Health is that they're very honest they're very truthful if you go into your local drugstore you know UK booths or Duane Reade in America any place look at the back of products you will see a lot of ingredients you turn the bottle around and it will say natural but how can it be natural with so many ingredients now the Victoria health products you turn around and is only a very few ingredients within a product I'm talking about four or five now I find that absolutely phenomenal because you really take an interest in what is going on your face at this point when you see bottles with lots of ingredients you don't do your research you just automatically believe the front because it looks nice it's and bigger bolder letters now Vittoria health are not so much concentrating on what the product looks like on the outside it's more what it can do for you and how it can help a woman improve her skin and you know this would even be good for men hormonal men men who are suffering with acne it would still work for you and I would hope that actually men take my advice and do that because I know it's not just for women out there so I'm sorry I mentioned that actually it's for women and men Victoria health have great education and great knowledge of what helps the skin in the most natural way now one thing you will find is a lot of people are trained a lot of time just to sell you a product but the reason why I take a shine to Victoria your health is because their Instagram page is constantly doing questions Q&A s asking the public you know if they need help what kind of products can target certain skin types and to take effort out and to do something like that it's very very special because they know what they're talking about I've done it two times and the response I've heard of them it's absolutely phenomenal they taught me things I didn't know that is a very very knowledgeable description of each product on the website so you can learn about each product even more after this video if you click on the direct link the first product I use is the derma e acne deep pore cleansing wash with active salicylic acid with tea tree oil and chamomile so where to start on this product it is amazing it reduces breakouts this clear acne cleanser removes any built-up oil bacteria it really only clogs your pores as well and you feel it straight away it's not something that sits on your face for a long time it doesn't leave an oily texture it strips your face but in a natural way as I meant before it's not you know intense it's not going to harm you in any way it's very very natural and it will mention the ingredients in a minute but this has been this has been my best friend as soon as you put it on your face obviously the first process is to dump in your face and then to put this clear formula on and then I use a cleansing brush which again I will show you after I've shown you the products from Victoria health and I just do it for about a minute or so let it sit on my face for a few seconds and then I dumping it off with a warm cloth make sure that cloth is clean as well and you'll find that after your face feels phenomenal it feels so clean it does have natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties which delivers that cool you know fresher look when you go into a spittle then you have that antiseptic wipes things like that they are not so what natural obviously this is a very natural version which does exactly the same thing and it just completely prepares your face for your toner and then your serum and you find yourself each day feeling a lot more glowy I have noticed throughout my skin clearing it's not only cleared to look dull or dry or dehydrated it looks really glowy on camera off camera out and about and I feel great and if I do feel a spot coming I just go straight to my routine that no matter if it's you know in the day they do say use this three times if you've got intense acne the minute I use it two times but again if I have that actually break out quite quickly just one spot I will immediately go to my products wash my face with water it cleanse my face immediately to get rid of any oils because oils is the biggest problem for acne and it's what creates blackheads whiteheads and the reason why this is amazing is because it's active with salicylic acid and salicylic acid dissolves the type of skin that clogs pores and you know clogged pores that means a lot of spots so I just want to get my little palette to show you what it is free of and what ingredients are so the ingredients are all natural they're teetering it willow bark rose lavender and chamomile and is proven to be effective very much so at that especially with my skin it also is 100% vegan cruelty free paraben free sulfate free mineral oil free gluten free and GMO free so it's free of many many things very natural products and it's just amazing to use this will be your best friend while suffering with acne it's a great product it's easy to use no it's not accessorizing this fancy you know huge bottle or something that's bling-bling in your face full of big fonts it's to the point and that's what I love about it when I first receive my delivery I remember thinking it's actually quite casually packaged everything is very how do I explain it quite low-key and then I realized why because the product is more powerful than the packaging and that is what you need to be looking for within a health care brand I just want to mention before moving on to my toner that you need to be using hundred percent cotton cloths now in bottom of my wardrobe I have about three boxes and I have a lot of these cloths that I can go to a lot of the time so get always important to use a hundred percent cotton cloths now timeout is my toner this is a knockout alternative for bug bites eczema acne cold sores pet rashes fungus psoriasis poison ivy and any skin inflammation I'm out is actually scientifically proven to be more powerful in eradicating the oils and the bacteria that starts the acne in the first place so this is a great product to use to prevent any future breakouts while clearing the one that you currently have it a way to use this is by obviously using your cleanser first and making sure your face has been patted down dry and then what you want to do is get a caution wall pad I normally get the babies cotton wool pads from stores because they're more delicate I just really like they're what I do is just pour about three drops onto one of cotton wool pad and gently dab it the face you do not want to be aggressive with it you do not want to wipe it on you want to dab you immediately get that beautiful kind of like an oil smell but it doesn't leave an oily texture it just sits on your face for about three seconds and then it dries really really quickly now products in the past have never done that for me they just sit there for ages and then wiping off it really absorbs it into your skin very quickly I'm gonna tell you what's in the products is where else so you can see how natural it really is but how powerful it is oh one second it has it here so don't need to look at my diary ingredients a time tincture made from organic time purified water organic grain alcohol an organic aloe vera that is it guys that's the only thing that's in this product and this is why we are able to see our skin clear using it because there's no added sense to make it smell you know nice it's got a very natural smell and you will know what I mean if you come to trying these products then moving on to my two serums that I have salicylic acid and glycolic acid now this is five percent active and this is 2 percent active now the salicylic is mainly targeted at spots in general glycolic acid is more for reducing the scarring on your face from having the inflammation in the first place it's the perfect thing to use I'd say in the evening and then in the morning salicylic is the best now I just want to mention quickly salicylic peel is a lot more intense than salicylic products and it is a bit more unnatural so I wouldn't use it so much I've experienced salicylic peel and one time it stripped my face completely but the process to get there was you know I had a burnt face I had to put a lot of pseudo cream on and I just think it's a horrible way to move forward with your acne and do not recommend anybody using get would you not be put off by the term acid because the think we're the salicylic acid when it's only in my new amount mixed with natural ingredients is as soon as it's put on your face it immediately calms straight away it's just a skins reaction to the acid it's nothing that's gonna burn you it's nothing that is intense but again please stay away from acidic peels because it will not help you it will actually just burn your face silly good acid is alcohol-free so it is supporting the natural skin oils salicylic provides a beta hydroxy and the beta hydroxy is an exposing it for the skin use it as a serum which is kind of like a little bit of a replacement of a moisturizer it's you know a lot nicer than a moisturizer absorbs into your skin I'd say out of the cleanser out of the toner this takes I'd say give it a more of a minute for it to absorb into your skin but after that it's just gone you know don't touch your face that's one thing as well and never use your fingers to touch your face throughout the day because that can also cause breakouts and bad dietary you need to make sure you're eating a lot of fresh foods because eating a lot of starch eating a lot of foods that are going to cause you to feel inflammation and to feel kind of like greasy and oily or fried foods a lot of chocolate sugar is the main candidate of acne you know it can cause an immediate and breakout you'll notice that sometimes I wake up with clear skin and then you'll have a spot in the evening and you've had sugar throughout that day so that really makes sense so try avoid your sugar as much as possible but don't obviously restrict yourself enjoy life I do think that the salicylic acid has been my main product for the clearer brighter skin all of these products forget their work and without one of them it still works but they all complement one another because they do something slightly different now that salicylic acid in the cleanser is different to the salicylic acid in this serum serum is designed for that final you know skin tightening close your pores but the salicylic acid at the beginning is kind of opening pores to you know get rid of all the dirt and bacteria so depending on what the ingredients are along with salicylic acid is how it will work on your face so in the size tillich it's a hundred percent natural organic spring water and salicylic acid with a few other natural ingredients reason why I like the glycolic acid is because the skin is held together sometimes by glue so bacteria and lots of other things that's why we can't really get into our paws because our skin is so tight over them and we've built up layers of skin now glycolic is more for getting underneath that layer to not only make the outside look good but to prevent you know the underneath from resurfacing again but also clearing it at the same time it has alpha hydroxy which alpha hydroxy is what you find in milk is what you find in plants for a beautiful natural formula which you know is just perfect and soothing for the skin when you've got to that point and you're intense acne or mild acne has calmed down or just have like skin inflammation in general you can noticed a few scoring's now sometimes those scars could be a lot more visual than a natural spa so your confidence could still be a little you know on edge but you definitely feel more confident as the spots disappear the way that you get rid of those scars is called persistency not to change your products it means that you need to be persistent with this product again but in a different perspective first we'll fight this loss and then start working on the scarring I'm six months later into using these products and only recently have I just discovered my skin has been clearing because I was thinking why is it not disappearing yet and until you really reach that level of you know glowing skin and you see your spots generally disappear you will start to notice a further on your scars will disappear too in time not everything happens overnight and we need to understand that we want clear skin so we can work with it better in the long run to prevent it happening again enough discussing the Victoria Health as much as I love them I'm now moving on to a few products that will help that routine even further now it's not a necessity so if you can just about afford those products then stick with that for now and if you get to a point where you can forward a little bit more these will just help it so much and also not only for your face for your hair as well you'll see what I mean in a moment and the first thing I want to mention is the foreo at Mini 2 it has a three non porous silicon touch points which gets into your skin in different way so you have that option as I mentioned before it does actually pulsate so you can feel it on your face whilst you're cleansing always that use this with water first so when you put your cleanser on make sure you put water on the foreo brush and then move it around on your face for about a minute that is exactly how it works it just removes more dirt than a person's hand basically that is what it is targeted for there are different ones this one which is a little bit more expensive than this and there's a one that's cheaper this is in the middle about 119 pound or I would recommend getting this one or you can go for the little bit more expensive product which I think he's just got smaller or more intense silicone brushes to get into your skin I just think this is perfect you don't need to go too overboard this is spot on and it's the best product to use one thing I want to mention is well is that it is actually waterproof so it's a safe product to use because there are few people who have asked questions on that before about this product and but yeah completely safe to use amazing product I would add this to your collection as you keep it for a while make sure you wash it you clean it keep up with it and it will just be with you for a long time next which I have it in the box because I very rarely use I only use when I have a really bad break out but let me just get out of the box for you guys Oreo is actually a Swedish beautiful and who actually really knows what they're doing they are just beyond they have really come up with something that a lot of people have taken a shine to and kind of gone worldwide a lot of people are enjoying this product a lot of amazing reviews on it I haven't really read any bad reviews at all so the whole point of this product is to create LED lighting on your face which goes deep within the surface of your skin which prevents a breakout in the future so if you have a breakout this is your immediate product to use straight away it has two sonic pulsations with its powerful blue light and also it's really amazing to use at home we all go to skin clinics you know for this type of product so to create something that is safe to use at home or we can understand it very well it's just perfect really know what I mentioned just quickly as well how to use it so you guys a clear understanding of it you turn it on just once with the button you kind of hover it don't touch your skin with it over the spot that you'll have except ten of got one here I'm going to hold it here and a red light will indicate wherever you want to go so you will see when you turn it on the red light going across your face then place the clearing panel on the spot directly and you will see when it comes into contact the pendant with your skin the lighting will turn blue you want to leave that on for 30 seconds and depending on how intentional acne is you want to keep doing that for about three or four times with if you've got quite mild skin mild breakouts I would just do it for about one or two times that will generally work this is an amazing product I'm so grateful for you because they have worked amazing for me I generally have to say the products that I'm using are above any of these things that I'm about to show you definitely the cleansing the toner but to have something that will just advance it that little bit further in the most natural way that is a home usage you know we don't actually two sons and paid thousands of pounds this is it it's really great stuff and I know what I'm talking about because I'm really happy with my skin the last two products I'm going to be showing you are very beneficial for your skin and your hair now I haven't actually used this yet because I've been wanting it for a long long time because I know the benefits of it I know a lot of people have used this and since some real changes within their sleep routine now this is a slip your silk pillowcase this is a queen-size those of you who have supported my channel already well now I mentioned in my previous video which was the dream bed and styling gear I mentioned how I wanted to get a silk pillowcase well if you're watching this and you've watched that this is it I've wanted it for a while now probably about three months now I wanted to get the mulberry silk because that is the highest level of silk when it comes to pillowcases and that's exactly what I got it helps anti-aging anti sleep crease and also anti bed head because Bette heads let's face it we all have it we all hate it and it's about time we did something about it now the reason why it helps our skin so much is because the majority of people out there without knowing it are sleeping on synthetic fibers which can cause our skin to be you know creased or wrinkled even more so especially when were older so the silk pillowcases you know it's not something that drastically changes your skin overnight again it's kind of like the products when you become of age people ask you what has been your secret and I suppose these are the products that will be your secret the synthetic pillowcases actually cause friction within the skin it normally can actually wipe off your skincare routine as well if it's not absorbent quickly but the skin care routine enough to show – is absorbent quite quickly so you don't have an issue with that even if you did sleep on synthetic pillowcases but there's still just you know it complements the skin care center but why I can get away it's a great thing a great necessity to have it smoothes out your skin and also it tames your hair by not tangling it not making pieces and strands of hair rip out during the night because that's what happens on synthetic pillowcases the majority to time when we toss and return I have is being tangled without knowing it and sometimes we cope in the morning with strands of hair on your bed and it's a horrible feeling you don't want that you want your hair to be silky smooth and silk is the best way to achieve that again some things that I've just got is the holistic silk pure silk lavender eye mask now it does have two valve it ties that you can tie according to the size of your head so it's not one of those eye masks that's quite pressurizing around the head it just sits perfectly the idea of it is to block out the light but in a gentle way as you will see as well this is a hundred percent pure mob result which is the best silk to get in I masks and pillowcases you will pay that a little bit more for it but it is just the best thing to use it's fair made and it's filled with real lavender this I mask actually reminds me of 13 gonna 30 where she have so groovier I mask I love the coloring of it it's so beautiful you can tell it's pure silk there was also another one on the website which is a kind of like navy blue I will link it below so you can check them both out thank you for all your support I hope you guys have a fantastic day and I no these skincare products are going to help you okay the silk pillowcase the silk I mask the spotlight treatment the pen and the foreo cleansing brush our products you would buy if you had a little bit more extra money to put into your skincare but you've got to remember as well even if you do put money into this it's a lot cheaper still they're going to salons and having all of the spotlight treatments and the LEDs and their acne clearing peels all of it is much healthier much better more controllable for yourself to keep up with instead of turning up to salons paying thousands and thousands and it's a home usage everything you use at home you can travel with but again it's taken me six months to get these products so don't watch this thinking I've got them straight away that's why I wanted to show you two of the things sealed and box to show you that a normal person I've had to save to get them I hope you guys really enjoyed this video if you did and you made it this far give it a huge thumbs up if you have any questions on skincare health or anything like that any stories that similar to me please leave me a comment on any of my social medias or my email or just generally if you wanna pop a comment in the comment section below I will link every product show today below this video if you want to go shop it directly feel free to they also do big descriptions of what they have in the products so you can double check and have reassurance that that is the case and that they're going to work perfectly on your skin with no harsh chemicals cruelty free everything is on the website there for you to read so please go ahead you can have a lot of trust in these companies they are amazing I've taken a while in a few years to get here with my skin but it is absolutely worth it all the skin care products I have a Liberty cosmetic bag which I use for skin care and the makeup that I do use I'm going to show you that in one of my upcoming videos which is discussing all things makeup and eyeshadows and lipsticks to discuss what I actually do use considering go don't use foundations or blushes I thought it would be worth showing my eyeshadows my lipsticks and maybe in the future do my eyeshadow routines which are actually really classical and natural I know you guys will enjoy it make sure to tell and so on and I shall see you guys in my next video bye guys


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