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about three cams Latoya hey y'all as you come in please hit the like button epic are you there yeah I'm here would it do what's up with you oh sorry mo different days in the lab thinking thinking up some stuff bout to get this China poppin real soon so y'all stay tuned this is about to go down real real soon as soon as I get settled in get my little station together I'm going to start dropping the link okay um so you're here to tell us what these bitches want from a nigga oh yeah hey about we just won from a nigga end we gonna talk about the good guy with a with a good guy or the nice guy whatever we want to call an asshole okay okay I'm gonna give a couple shout outs I see you skinny boy that's what's up you finally caught alive I see you Bubba was good Taylor Kinney was good fam I like all my stuff cool gent 87 I never seen you before welcome to bayous house baby Taylor again that's my baby what's up Charles how y'all doing I hope y'all is having a good little night oh yeah oh yeah what it do chat about in the chat what it deals with a can with a cane hope y'all sipping on some tonight man you step in a night I just a little bit just a little bit just a little bit what you sit now um no a little bit of my 1730 oh yeah oh yeah I keep it brown no way no way okay okay um Chad tell me what y'all listen until we got talking getting go ahead and get to it what's up um Jim Murray yeah I love me some wine girl I'd be feeling all bougie and shit yo so mouth what's up kissy it's good to see you baby char's raspberry tea I though this is pretty much your show tonight I have to shut the fuck up when a real niggas in a room you know me and my enquiring minds but I mean if I got a question I've gone one in no baby so subscribe to money and please make sure y'all subscribe to me I'm getting my life together right now and I'm dropping content give me like a half or a month or a month and nothing start dropping this current you got no Google Hangouts disappearing soon so about to get up them but anyway don't get to it first I want to talk about the nice guy nobody tell me in your opinion what is a nice guy slash you know peanut woman I think it's different levels to it but when I think of a nice man I think that it is a working man a man of good moral standards good family values and a gentleman very very I don't like calling men sweet but it can be loving I don't like that word sweet for me but I mean I like either but you're not I'm saying yeah okay but what if I told you a nice guy is a jump and a so mixture he's it's a mixture of that guy now this is what the nice guy do the nice guy he buys flowers he know he'll gentlemen he buys flowers for a woman I always calling her checking up on her and stuff like that but usually the nice guys they come off so nice because they trying to suffice for the lack of masculinity or today or they trying to clown out a problem they have okay this how he this I kind of mix with her a so buoying got today asshole you said this person is mixed with the sim this is a sentiment to the nice guy yes because a nice guy he's nice he would do all of those things but he's nice for a reason most nice guys from what I've seen they tried to suffice for unless of masking it because they don't have masculinity like they have or they probably abuse now this thing a nice guy he'd probably pay your bills do all this here do out there he goes tell you yes a lot but the moment he checks you for what I'm saying nice guys are abusive because they like to give a woman they want a woman to say yeah they want woman to say yeah he hit me but he does this he does that he does this because he don't know how to use his words or how to handle a troop of females nature so he tried to be nice to suffice for the last masculinity he has and plus nice guys once once this woman gets around him and once you get around his friends you know it's an or person you get to know they friends cuz the birds of a feather flock together so the nice guys once once you see him around his friends he is very sometimes socially awkward and you will come to find out did a lot of his friends don't respect him because he's so damn nice sometimes nice guys are pushovers huh so they might be very sweet to you but around me they jest is sweet me and look at them too sweet too and no female don't want a nigger did you looking at me sweet bow to me and look at him like this oh sweet as nice as okay I can understand that completely so does his friends Punk him or do they just treat him like he's basically a sin it depends like I said nice guy is a mixture of a simple asshole you got some nice guys that's honestly they got their masculinity and they can't stand they on ground they don't man find a man they don't mind checking the next man deny all this stuff but you have nice guys they too scared to check a man but they nice of a woman so since they too scared to check a man they go home feeling they go home feeling like they got Punk'd and once she say something he takes his anger out on her through his words through mental abuse or straight up to physical abuse part blank period so don't let the nice guy mad fool you too much because he's dead nice for a reason he's trying to use his niceness as an incentive besides using his masculinity as incentives that's very interesting and that the way you just brought that down at the end yes so he just sometimes he's too nice he'll know when to tell a woman to shut the hell up sometime because some women a lot of women ready I want to admit it or not y'all do one the guy just go tell you but the shit show ass up right now I wanted shit because a lot of women do look at it is if I can run him over if I can just grow roll out on top of him he not gonna make me feel secure on these streets he's not gonna make me feel protective yeah so that's what the nice guys be doing what you think I have yes okay what was the problem I don't like men that can be dominated by other men I don't like men neg voice changes with a woman says I'm crazy too I can't do that like I'll eat him alive and not even necessarily like I won't even do it intentionally but it'll happen now yes I see that with my female cousins a lot but the thing is this was a nice guy get confused see he go nice guys they use a lot of them can get the woman they probably meals man painting and keeping that one that's the problem because like when one man gifts when I'll he's so nice he's so sweet he does this he does that he give me this he give me that but she gets bored with him real quick there is no challenge there because he's too goddamn nice that toxic masculinity what females like to bring up so much Oh a toxic masculinity that's what women won't point blank period you won't party their toxic masculinity because their same toxic masculinity is what keep the Wolves away you don't want no nice days do be around you in the baby I really can't I can't fam yes you know yes but what do you think that nice guy like give me a prototype of a nice guy which might explain what is he a like the age economic level like justifying him what you what do you what do you envision when you think of a nice guy well you got to understand being in the black community in the way and most of us was raised and single mother households most men especially black men are indoctrinate indoctrinated and so being a nice guy you know do this for a woman this were the woman once this were the woman needs but he never reflects on his own needs a nice guy he's been indoctrinated basically so I almost really be sipping but at the same time you still do for yourself he has resources but he's just too goddamn nice he don't know when to say no not you he will say no but he don't know when to say no but at the same time a lot of them nice guys for what I think they are very abusive it's like he don't check a woman about telling her to shut the hell look he won't smack her he probably yeah yeah like when I and I that I do for you on that cuz some man they take and take and take and then when they finally snap on them they snap one of my favorite snap on a man there's not one I told right there Thanks now this how now nothing is playing what it still feels now since we just got on the nice guy first oh I think it's I think the ship isn't get deep around here y'all what stopping now his words still being used around you too so goddamn much not seen so I've heard so many guys use this out of context everything is goddamn simple now if a guy who you playing a slow song in the background like it's like it's like some of these guys think just falling in love or being in love with a woman it's being a silk now niggas nah no no youyou Borden lying gay at this point you think everything is goddamn scepter yeah to me just might as well or just might as well go Midtown Midtown men are gay to me though not necessarily but this was that's a different conversation but this was simply attempts he panders to a woman he never checks her she is never wrong regardless what she do he always finds a way to blame it on his self or the actions of other million or something like that he never and the thing gives a silk he that's why he coming apart is why nice guys a mixture because the simple he gonna be very very he gonna be overly nice he's very very nice but the thing is he has really more estrogen than he has testosterone and his goddamn system he pretty much act like a little bitch because a simp his goal is shout out the Grinch naughty in the writers room but his goal is its again some pussy from a woman point-blank period he want a woman to be submissive to him he's trying to get her goddamn pants that's the goal of the simp so he tell her she's right all the time he gives her this he gives her that and she basically treat him like a damn picked a lot of these imps they are sick dogs because everything the woman does or say he gonna make sure he comply with it Point Blank period yeah now this is Nick just an example of what a simple say okay I'm give you this scenario let's say a man get with a woman a real man taksim asking in order he gets with a woman he have a couple of kids about her some year about five years ago down the road or whatever all of a sudden the relationship go to hell and they break up now since they breaking up he since they break up let's say she leave him because she just don't want to be with him no more and he and he try to get back with or whatever it just don't work out so now that man who was doing the right thing he moves on now he moves on the woman he used to deal with she starts taking the through the wringer stop withhold estranging him from his children trying to you bring them through the court and all this type of shit just absolutely doing wrong now a still we tell this man that you should have chose better you shouldn't ever do this you should never do anything oh thank you another example a simple tear this man if you cheated on her okay you just fuck up you just cheated on her that something you wanted to do okay cool it get some truth in that but he cheats but she's on him a simple Sarah the same man you wasn't satisfying her emotionally you wasn't satisfying her economically there is no accountability towards the woman it's all on to me I never gives never hold woman speak to the fuck oh fuck if he beats herself up he takes a lot of punches I feel I'm say he being his self up yeah pretty much yeah he beat me bitch yes but the thing is he never holds a woman accountable everything is his fault or the next maybe if he gives me if he's giving advice everything is dead man's phone he were always telling man you didn't do this you didn't do that besides telling him hey man he just got a man she all fucked up ass female and that's fucked up because we can do no wrong in today I'm surprised he Candice to her regardless what she does for God is how much fucking Russia engage with he always finds some way somehow to revert the conversation back to the goddamn man he is pandering to a woman and he is pandering to that woman because he is trying to get in her pants he's trying to get some pussy or get her to be with get her to be with him with some type of way not realizing that she's gonna take your little hundred dollars from she go go on free media which is she gonna do all this but she go Kyle didn't you get the end of the night I see give you their little church they're gonna kiss on the cheek to come blow her goddamn Becca the thing gets here the thing is he took away the insistence he had to give to a woman she's already getting it without giving him no pussy so her why should I even give this nigga anything we're all I got to do is get his nigga just a little bit of attention he go give it to me y'all Point Blank period that's what I like how they used to say about women at least why buy the cow you get them for free or some shit like that you know what I mean like that that's how the woman is thinking like okay you doing all this shit for me I don't really and sometimes women do get to feel like that especially if they're not as attracted to like that much sexually attracted to the man they do get to and that's how men become tricks in my opinion – yes that's basically what it simply is a self is basically a treatment effect I ain't gonna need to say that because this a trick a trick will pay a woman straight up for some pussy a trick would call a woman a man it's no connection that's it it's just pussy only yes he bring it yeah he tricked him but the tiny eels he gives them pussy at the end of the night he'd get what he won't now Phil he's giving he probably paying bills giving huh bout $200 there we can get nothing at all Point Blank period in your eyes and your eyes is a trick better than a sip honestly in my eyes yes because honestly because at least the trick no at least the trick straight up or why he or what the fuck you trying to get or will he go get at least the trick go get some pussy at the end of the day cuz me and we are very sexual we want some motherfucking pussy we want some ass at the end of the goddamn night regardless what we saying what we doing after this move out to this dinner date whatever we're trying to get you in that goddamn bedroom and the thing is I didn't hurt so many sips you some dumbass shit okay the thing is the reason why a simp would never check a woman especially if he's in a relationship that's why you got something hos women know that you give a man a lot of sense cuz women know you give a man to put some pussy she got that nigga wrapped around his goddamn finger enough it would do everything in his power to keep her from walking off that's why he won't never check her and she knows this because she will hold that she's right above his head like nigga you get your ass out of line i'ma leave you go get this pussy no mo and he then on his knees no no no I don't want that back she could be saying something the damn ring could be due tomorrow for $700 and he could say baby I need $400 I'm trying to buy this goddamn outfit this man would take out money from his own goddamn ring just to make sure she go buy some shit for the goddamn Club and would do his best to make her forward and working out is she just a please ungrateful bitch that was dipping it you give a female undeserved attention hmm let's the woman excuse me I think the sim it lets the woman control the entire relationship in every way because I mean let's just be honest if you are with the woman and that woman is your partner your maid it is certain things she is going to have control over you know what I mean but I feel like in every single way the simp the woman has she has control over everything she's running shifted okay listen you can you can get with itself right now you can get couch seat somehow he can be balls the y'all could be in the goddamn bed the thing girls there's still no little be no bitch handsome could you do got so dangers ass you're dangerous imps out here they got they got that masculine L masculinity on them and like I said they are sick dogs too and they will fucking kill the next man over there female but there'd be like damn nigga you fucking my woman you fucking my warming not thinking about that your woman opening up her goddamn legs to let this man fuck he's feeling me he looking for some damn pussy like you is so in the woman that's gonna open up days balls fucking legs just nigger that's trying to get some pussy so a sip can be very dangerous could be very dangerous because he still is the man you know what I'm I was telling I was telling you guys the other night whenever we were talking about this that mm-hmm the biblical simp I think I've said Enoch but I think the name is actually what is it I'll think of his name right it's Jezebel's husband and and he does you know talk about how many examples of the test bullets at like his 3128 if there's not something like that but he talks about I'm sorry could you say no go ahead good it's a half they had this his name they have is the biblical sin he enabled her he let her have too much control I was just exactly what like what you were just saying when your description and he just laid out okay so how do you think sentence act when they are in relationships how big and chips act appeal all right I'm sorry like a baby I'm sorry helps at the pen to know how their woman he is wit let him act he don't control his self their woman controls like I said he treated like a pit he is a goddamn sick now thing is he can be with a ratchet ass this was a simple dude he can be let's say y'all go out on a date go to the movies or something then let's say a guy making mistake and bump it to this ratchet-ass female and that guy named man says excuse me it's just an honest mistake if I rested and she started going off nigga you need to watch where the fuck you going I gave my nigga to whoop your mom for your nails and all this shit like I said them since they are sick dogs besides check man bitch yeah tell her hey calm the fuck now and here the fuck out this mean that man they mean no harm by like I said he don't want to check her he is never go check her so he just go go along with her motherfucker side and probably end up getting his ass whooped in front of her because you don't want to check her motherfuckin ass with her ratchet ass goddamn behave and eventually she goes to you leave your ass in the way because she goes she go no like the rest of us no you basically a little bitch my nigga check that motherfucking bitch make is you go get right or get left but seems like oh never say that because like I said they feel like the pussy they get oh don't let it be a bad bitch hold on quote bad bitch it feel bad bitch I got this nigga wrapped around both for her goddamn pants tight period because he respected them man we run yourself bankrupt to make sure she don't go nowhere because like I said he just wants to push he just want the pussy not realized to come a dime a dozen my nigga that's why you could tell from the niggas dead enhance them they like verses might like me I'm 31 I went to the army when I was 28 my teenager I did a lot of fucking in my life but now since I'm in deed at all this shit I can stick with one woman and be straight with you cool is amol okay yeah sorry let me know oh I mean I you know I just like to interact with the chat and I know you usually do too but it's just you know I mean I just I don't know I saw a few people came in please hit that like button y'all hey Frew hey Colonel Minh ask a black man so one seconds colonel and em said again her mind it's like why race why raise my body cow when dude requires no effort and I get all the benefits good yeah Leo Anthony leo Anthony says the trick ain't the trick a be emotionally manipulated LOL mou5 yeah ask the classic black man says a step is short for a simple telling young amends young young guys make up definitions and never research things they say the Mack movie is where the word became famous Charles Martin said I saw a bunch of Mexicans simps last night they want a fight over there with Haley oh I see you I'm so after classy black man breaks down simpleton diction arm it says is slow mining it has nothing to do with women if you can't be a sampler camping business shout-out to giimpse shout-out to two grimy grandpa got grimy giimpse so yeah so basically assume he wants validation he defines his he defines manhood based off the amount of personal he you get or the caliber of woman he is with that's how he define he's got now man cuz cuz he is looking for women validation I'm talking about he could be masking he could be a football he could be your fucking UFC fighter and all of me and God and respect him but he don't look at that his man who he look at it is oh how much person if I got damn I'm not a goddamn man simply finds his manhood based off the Kyle bitch again point black dude okay anyways said shit a sim can be very calculating be very calculating he had to look once to open up the pen I'm gonna ask your mother what he mean about there if you come up man very calculated because that's very broad statement okay ask a classy man said of Mexican culture it is to be romantic they were not something that's the culture yeah like it's a thin line it's sometimes do comes to a thin line between sometimes you just being a gentleman to your woman and being the same because if you marry to a woman she gives it up to you she and he is complying with you and stuff like that it's okay to be romantic with her and all this shit so it depends on every person is different so you just so you just can't really look at a guy say oh he's simple unless you know what's going on unless you know that unless you know the female he wait they're like oh yeah she might be on the dinner with his Navy he could be sending the opposite hand or the goddamn table just laughing at the nigga and she takes you the whole time like after this nigga drop me off ya gon come through in the same in the same you go get that pat on the head and like a goddamn dog he gonna be satisfied for the night what type of woman do you think subscribe what types of one man thinks Simpson track simps they attract number one the ratchets especially materialistic Erasmus usually be materialistic ass females that's al that's how they won't get all they care about is themselves and on rations note that this self ass nigga go give her everything she want without putting in no effort in no work for without even giving up no way as for so that's the type of woman usually they want damn Sims or unless you just a masculine woman that whole super-strong and if I'm a strong independent woman and now this sometimes they even like selves because they want in this modern day neo liberal democratic republican country we staying they playing a lot of these women playing the road where they think they playing the role is a man anyway so they okay with the goddamn still because baby here to the house later king good a motherfucking house he the basically the queen and they gave him a chest once see the game with chest once you catch the goddamn King the game is over but in the rip ass once you catch that Queen he probably quit the goddamn game even though the King got even been such yeah the asshole ladies already you know or not the asshole is the guy that you won't ready you know it or not that's the one that you need and then it's like don't be mean to me be mean to everybody else but I mean yes yeah but the asshole the asshole is the guy this straight up like a asshole straight tell them on me his standards he go be very unapologetically a bad bad man standards he go tell you what he want from the game you go no off the rib yes a hands over tell a woman listen you're trying to wait to wait you get married to have sex I'm not that nigga free you probably need to go on go somewhere else asshole go tell the woman a listen I'm trying to get some ass at the end of the night the old Mac probably like this rude ass nigga but the thing is always go complex because you since there Matthew since they're toxic their own testosterone all over his ass you sense their toxic masculinity all of them and you go feel secure around an asshole because like I said here asshole he don't give up no goddamn ground he gonna stand his ground round his partners and he goes stand his ground round he's warm he is not all extra nice and shit he's a me what you see he's a straight-up motherfucking real nigga here man Point Blank period and is no wrong with being a so pump like to listen when I was in the military I was a sergeant I was the e5 in the military you think I got them strikes by being nice to my soldiers if I'd be nice to my soldiers and all this shit they run all on top of me they ain't gonna listen to what I say but if I come in there hey everybody getting a goddamn lie get in formation what you doing right now no this shit ain't good enough do some air so besides now I want to hear that do some damn push-ups you too because you will pump black carry that's the guy that gets shit done that's how the asshole get shit done his house this was the asshole do even with the kids now this whole extra nice ass nigga he'll need to control his goddamn kids either do self to an extent but when the asshole come in what the kids do oh shit dad come home ain't money but it's not hurry up cleaning up but if I can do something right yeah if I did they homework it asshole get shit together asshole creates boundaries they create structure they don't let shit get outta fucking place things go falling Claire Jess Murphy's Law in Murphy's Law is anything bad that can happen probably weird but assholes know how to get shit goddamn done in the thing girls just what the asshole want from a woman it's very simple ladies he just wants you to be feminine Point Blank period asshole understands a woman's nature he understands he understands that women are very hyper goodness Point Blank period he understand that women are very emotional emotional equals very reactionary and you being very reactionary this going off no emotions you just go fuck up but the asshole is logical he think things out before he makes his move he's a very good chess player that's why a lot of these guys don't know how to play chess and all these women guy who got them around here playing checkers the check is a very simple ass guy but like huh do you know how to play chess I mean know how to play chess that was nine years old tell me how to play chess now Kaneesha his own okay okay miss pity had a question earlier and then we gonna go back to this asshole she said they told me to read it's like bunny read my question she says so the final verdict for the simp is the toxic relationship dynamic you the toxic relationship die man making you get you gave him an example of question mark the toxic dynamic relationship Pam that would well it depends on what you consider in a toxic dynamic relationship it depends on her definition of death because a sylph is basically I want a god that Pender's to a woman and this let her run all over him he would never tell you you wrong that's what it simply is so ready you considered toxic dynamic relationship it depends on the person so I just can't say yesterday but yes but thing is if a woman would have self he could be a million dollar soon but she gonna be cheating on their man with a guy they work at McDonald's the reality of it because he'll bitch there's this straight up and down but that asshole that could be the guy working at McDonald's machine go cheat on him with even with a fuckin meal you know what blank period because you know he go put his goddamn foot now and you know if your ass do this or you do that that's a get his standards just against where he go that's against what he stands for he go kick your ass to the goddamn career and I go think nothing goddamn about because he understand that ok cool even if I love you like the end of the goddamn world I can replace the goddamn woman point-blank period like a lot of women that's why it's very important for me and to endorse of mine state of I'm the prize because women already endorsed their mind state because women are the gatekeepers of sex unless a man is right from the woman which I don't was I don't tell them man do never I can't stand talking niggas but women are the gatekeepers are six y'all got a little man enter you but the ten years that asshole he understands that he's no ass don't want to do that no problem I know what I bring to the table the thing he gives here asshole but he know how to use his resources we equals incentives to get his woman to comply that's why a lot of assholes real man they understand a lot of time they're fit to fit the shit don't fucking work like heat my hair by attitude sometimes when you cut when you consider that attitude or whatever you might even think he trip but he getting shit done a lot of guys these assholes like me for example before I know I'm an asshole the thing is I don't believe in shit the shit but I wouldn't want me if I'm courting a woman she moved in with me these are some of my senses I paid her rent by myself I made a light beer by myself pay for the food by myself and I pay for this damn cell phone bill by my goddamn self those are incentives for oh yes we bring to the goddamn tape but even if she worked this one on the steel this what i'ma still do regardless no just the benefits of being with me I might be an asshole but the thing heals assholes when they got to realize just because you being feminine to this man he go give you a peaceful environment because he wants you to be his peace and why you being feminine towards him he's going to open up to you more you go beating in everybody gonna be thinking damn they nigga me in his hair but you gonna be the only one walking around saying Oh sweetheart if people be looking at you like he'll sui all with dying heels they just don't know him like you know him and they don't supposed cuz everybody know posed to know that most on the side of a man because man help emotions to poor blank like saying that the man is supposed to hide his emotions from his on me it's partnered Heights or emotions it's not necessarily a kindness emotions it's just for men emotions then everybody know your emote emotionally so weaknesses in witnesses leads to fears so he'll understand him or she understand he see motional where he bent doing stuff like that because most men are very sadly when we're going through stuff because we know that the world shapes us in a word don't give a fuck about our feelings feelings just emotional so a man there's no how a man or a so especially he know how to tame those emotion besides whining about it let's say he got some bills to get paid besides whining about he working for two hours he's gonna figure out how can he work six to eight hours this guy barely in the next week in the thing years he be so focused that he's gonna come off as me sometime even so his woman she's gonna be like ah this nigga on one but the same time she'd go look around clarify manosphere goddamn peaceful he's getting shit done right now he is focused and something and most of the time ain't no room to be goddamn nice when you focus so what is his relationship with his woman his relation with his woman is good because she understands him like I said she is being feminine so she so he is opening up to her more point blank period he he pretty much course where he courts her he treats her like a woman supposed to be treated yes he is about his goddamn business he's giving her probably what she need and what she wants and laying it down in the goddamn bitch he know what the fuck he got caught period so she his relationship with this woman is very good Point Blank period he works hard but we have fun he have fun Point Blank period and this woman knows how to be around him she knows how to be around him because she don't even got to try she got genuine femininity I see a lot of these women fake femininity to the so-called secure bank with a man either get Mary to have a baby bow but a real woman has genuine immunity it comes out so naturally they don't gotta try I got to be in the front of a brain I think I am so like feminine but you're not I mean like it's crazy it's crazy like for the right man and I'm smiling right now um further right man yes I love submitting lightly Oh huh yes yes in like trillium just sit down in the Chapman I just looked down there I'm sorry miss anybody else coming but he say exactly he took care of what's his then we're assholes do we don't take care of the world honestly assholes like me personally I don't give a fuck about what the way I think about honestly majority I don't give a flying fuck with your personal feelings about me cuz hey most likely I feel the same way you feel about me I feel so it's mutual my nigga fuck me fuck you if I'm okay with you you okay with me I'm gonna carry with you hey is whatever with me I really don't even think about but I a so yes we take care I take care of words man like my woman she gonna be straight Point Blank period ain't nobody go fuck with because if I show up on the scene there's a motherfucking problems like that I'm the motherfucking it's how I feel right now oh you'll fuck the president I'm the motherfucking in charge right now what the fuck going on with my lady and if it's to that caliber somebody's gonna get this motherfucking work baby gon give me a motherfucking return the feeling I'll get some bail money yeah sometimes just it just goes back to the quote sometimes a man got to do what a man got to do in the asshole knows that Point Blank period but I want to open up the panel to any brothers or sisters they want to come up right now I'm sorry I'm sorry you broke that down pretty much I mean it's their finger in your opinion dad comes in your opinion one second I'm gonna drop the link hold on let me see if I can figure this out there were Colombian put your email address in check email me it's Bayou bunny 85 anymore you can just put it in a chat they were a Columbia you crazy you need to get that point-blank period on the shirt what's now belfry about it bitch I appreciate a man making y'all subscribe seem like I was saying really a man cuz uh hey I'm getting everything together in the layout man and once the curtain start dropping I'm finished are dropping man I'm talking it's all about empowerment over here man you know I'm saying shut out the man shout out the blackwater there it's all about empowerment man you know you know I'm gonna be exact you know I'm gonna be room for the black man of course a lot of things I'm talking about it's empowering man but I want the women to come over there – man hey you know goofy shit from the ladies though ain't gonna angle I will play that goofy shit but mom's gonna be disrespectful to what we say ladies I come over there mind kinky man I mean we're gonna be over to some time to talk again we feel like our input over this because me and we talk about this because we want the women to understand what we want yeah I'll be talking y'all shit listen we listen ready I'll know it or not we've been listening Point Blank period so meaning we try to so man we tried to give you our child wanna stuff let's come to a point we seen a lot of ladies down we're trying to give them what they want they're trying to give us what we want so ya better make sure they come through and he's gonna do the damn thing who was there mr. RJ would he do my brother Leo had a nice boat to everybody yet skinny boy tennis balls I'm not even liking too much paint but what he do man what do you do may I see the trailer I see real black here I'm getting the link right now for the check y'all know man ice is kind of slow oh yeah kisses corny would it do sweetheart what's all kids kids II seem like that type of chick light you could just kick it away you know I'm saying she's high-energy as though her Energy's very very genuine oh yeah Elise yeah Thank You Man I got one of mine a guy we want a woman that can be a wife but the same time we send down kicking the washing TV we see some shit funny we can put we can stick is out I can give you some DAP like down it was funny you know that's what we want man in the 10 years on my side man listen ain't no sense and the thing is fellas look in the mirror and gotta be honest with yourself you don't got to do it in public but you really got to be honest with yourself is you a goddamn self do you pander to win it it needs to be on the commercial goddamn do you penance of women do you never check your woman in her place do your one running on top of you we're down one 800 no simple yeah we can get they reappear leo systems [Laughter] [Applause] anybody want to come anybody want to come up man drop your email in the chat and buy you'll get you a comment about it got any questions or whatever man there's more I wanted to be this getting Boyd you stealing in detect um I feel like women we want it I don't know I can't I can't speak for every woman I know what I wanted well I would think women like me one myself is I want someone kind of like the asshole but your asshole was a little bit to the extreme and in some sense but you are speaking from a man's point so you know I can't try to I'm not gonna try to let that experience see what I'm saying is at the end of it I am still a woman but for the most part yes I would want an asshole I mean just what I like that Souls I like move in okay yeah I just used the term asshole because that's especially women okay this term picked me is a turn there's something real picked me used to man with that toxic masculinity they use the term ASO but just pick me shit has gotten out of hand nice when they work I'll be honest I said I might pick me be honest you not a peak me yes yes you would get chosen language because a woman cannot get chose herself besides X besides asking herself what it is about this women this woman that he like so much that I don't fucking get that's jealousy so she her car hidden just here call her a got me on keeping blank here and they said you gotta share the Google hangout link I can't see it on my side actress oh yeah you can is right it's just it's at the page that you look at just what you're looking at right there mmm the link there's a link down there yeah I called in arms anyway what's up skinny boy I got the gigs on rush to go but yeah I'm just gonna say the same thing I agree I agree to a degree but I do think that temps can be dangerous and can be when I say underrated I mean I was listening to chatting peoples like their simpleton and I've seen simple icing stem to be very conniving bro be very calculating and what I mean is yeah they go they don't know shit I'm saying is they don't set back and thought about all day I just seen they just sit back and be calculating since bro but I thought I was clarified when I say seems to be very calculating they can be very controlling because you could have a synthesis self and then the female is running over him per se controlling him per se but it's by his own you talk about playing chess a lot of sips play chess 20 especially if they trying to move in on another niggas female or some shit I didn't seen that bro I didn't hurt I don't hurt niggas talk like that and I'm sitting back you know la colline talk to some shit you sitting there like yeah I'm nigga really is that she that service for your breath and so that's all I want to clarify on the simple on the simple situation is they can be don't don't sleep on those steps no yes they ate a silk again because they still born a man point-blank Pierre I drag akule with the treatment you don't saying cuz like you say even I'm a man level like O'Keefe like I I'm not calling you a true you know but just say you a trick I'm saying yeah I know I know what's up like I know everything from the be downing me to buy you or to whoever to get his foot in the don't worry ever just don't come through the door a man I got this hundred dollars I got this drink I got some but what up thanks you know and when we come when everybody comes to the table everybody know what it is the the SIP is gonna be calculated he gonna act like he want to be with you he gonna he gonna do calculating shit even in this simple even in his simpleton you give him Sam yeah I've seen it bro so don't sleep on the sips is all I'm saying y'all don't sleep on them niggas cuz I didn't see I seen the move very calculated gig true yeah I got yeah because yeah guys are they being conniving that's one real there's one reason they're not checking that one because they got her thinking that this is this and this is that and yeah it wasn't get the goddamn pussy I mean it steal some shit because you can probably spent a nigga promised me about fifteen hundred dollars on just the bus'll goddamn yeah and then once in and I'm gonna be honest with you I believe the usuals would control the nigga ain't talking about the ad solely to describe you know the control and do I'm talking about yeah you get um Stan Lee when he just like you say he ain't never had this caliber a female before he you go Sam we've seen that bro like you said you could tell who then had a bad female had some nice females on who this a personal one we have had pussy before who ain't you you know you like come on man we men talk yo yes you've been in the military I was in the air for six years for all over the world bro yeah but this part of the nice guy to me to the nice guy they sell like I mean very different form for like you ain't shit in your hometown dog and now you you they got into a new town or you overseas now now you you putting this whole nother force on home but like I just seen especially in the military it's like nigga stop this like that you know you laying with him back at the crib on payday quick plan now he was good I'll use good brother you straight know I thought I want to say man about that specific you right on the ass whole thing I can't be like ankle are you yeah but to me that falls in the category like I was saying earlier the nice guy kind of like a mixture to skip in a so he's trying to suffice that's why he being so like he trying to suffice for less masculinity or he trying to suffice he trying to cloud out something else and it something else he could be trying to cloud out is that controlling ass personality he get that's right yeah nice that he's trying to control your ways at the same time yeah yes oh yeah are you exactly I don't point bro yeah and the thing is reason one reason I know a lot about this shit because this guy was shining with everyman me grow not being specially being around women I was a nice guy even though I was trying to cloud outlet hello net effect I was kind of controlling through a goddamn point because at the time I didn't understand the fucking females nature I was trying to control the females nature and I was trying to change pretty much change to the goddamn nation not realizing you can't change the goddamn one this nation went black Peter woman is a woman so yes I had to get out at bullshit about me luckily I'm 31 and I figured out this shit out by time I was with 28 29 so yeah man this in the same party is you got guys and they beat this some guy going even back then to be 62 you trying to figure this shit out guys and they late forties and shit man so the shit is bad out here so that's why won't God still reflect look in the mirror what type of God you honestly like no bitch I get the business if any nigga in a nigga listening man let's get the bitch okay I asked the classic black man just what a do bro what's going on what's going on man I mean it's it's a valid conversation I give you a lot of props for at least you know having having your stand-your-ground opinion cuz what's so sad is the cast who are younger than you they ain't even halfway there they still blaming chicks and I don't know if that's a credit to your military or the credit debt you got up out of your county and you know when and when they saw the world early in the game or what it is but hats off to you for having that type of understanding because this still dudes 30:36 mad at chicks thinking that white chicks are different or Asian chicks or different females of females and you got to know who you are as a dude a leader or builder for you to know how to deal with a female or not even deal with a female but it's just sad seeing so many young you still pissed off that chicks yeah yeah I say you like to meet them young guys they just trying to figure it out and this and those ripples you know we child to reappear aged once they realized the truth and how to get out of reappear age just gotta forgive women for being goddamn women point blank period that's class man y'all Mewtwo of nor nor but yeah yeah I always always put myself on me when I'm not talking that way any interfere with nobody else to stock it okay courtesy courtesy younger people have a big issue you ain't she's never lied they're all followers they and they're afraid to go against whoever basically is that is that man is that guy is that boss well we'll see what I what I would without without what I think EE is trying to share with y'all is that a lot of the dudes y'all called me in ain't ain't even me and yet yeah a lot of these dudes couldn't take care of itself if they had the parachute in a different country you you need to be doing it you need to be able to do that if you're calling yourself a man if he was just a wind up in the in fucking Iraq tomorrow could you survive see that's a man though and a lot of dudes can't do that no matter the age and and women will sit up here and go get that dude head and I do they deserve it this Rex but a lot of women that's one reason I was pointing out earlier today that to me in my personal opinion that's why some in the hose around her because they know he not really a fool of man they know they give up the pussy they can get this and I can get this and they become hoes because they thinking we're down I can give up my puts to a few these goddamn guys and get out of this material product but the end of the day she going into the mailman giving him some goddamn pussy and giving her nothing but a goddamn conversation and probably a piece of bubblegum good least he's a real man at least you got their testosterone middle least you got this so-called you keep saying toxic masculinity in ladies in the chat I thought you guys honestly tell me what do you think about toxic masculinity I don't want you guys to be honest I think I mean people I know rheya and you know just people that have been around for a while know how I feel about tops of the would be viewing the tribe toxic masculinity oh one second before you do it baby um Leo just entered the building y'all what a Dubrow what's going on can you hear me yeah all right so I got a question for Ruth like is the nicest guy on the same kind of like the same thing or like did definitely for I mean uh epic my bad man so is like the the nice guy in the descent they sort of like the same thing would you say the thing is he's being usually nice guys they are too nice to the point where even their peers don't respect them as a man and use they are trying to cloud out if sometimes a lot of them if they take a woman they get a like they get abused by the chick no they abuse the one they wanna want me a lot of nice guy I want a woman to say oh he's nice he pays my bills and he do the stuff that a real man supposed to do but he'll be with the fuck out of he could his hands on so they overly nice that should be a red flag over okay so I agree with you with over nice thing I think like you could be well I'm like a nice guy mixed with a little bit of asshole I wanted to say I'm a cent because I make it hard for females to take advantage of me like I tell them from the jump like when I started dating them don't ask me to pay your bills don't ask me for no hair nail money unless like being a relationship and then I don't try to be like no single moms but like a whole bunch of kids – no no I have a reason for that by that if you're not with her you don't pay for her here and Nelson get done okay so if you're not with her then what what did you don't what I don't I understand can you explain it to me a little bit more please yes so I come I know a lot of females that take advantage of guys and like they have them in their phone as okay this dude I pay the light bill this dude i paid a phone bill this to do that help me pay my ring so I'm not cool with being taken advantage of like that unless rotation if if she doing it like that I mean she's slinging a pussy like look daddy's at the woods though then you know what I'm saying like so that means he would know that cuz that caliber would she then he was still with I think I think Leo I think Leo is trying to suggest that he's not gonna put himself in a position it's not necessarily the female he's not gonna put himself in a position for it to even be a discussion inside and some thing what a EE is saying is that when you are such a we when you such a loan yo you so much on your coat it doesn't really matter if a person is is in need of your help it didn't look like it's gonna jeopardize you you don't you don't you don't do that yeah but I think they were a woman for him to do all these for a woman get your nails done get your hair done those are the one to comply with him already you know at night so the thing is you did not tender woman I'm day I'm gonna do this when you're gonna do this for you because he's not gonna let a woman bargain with him by her pussy like I said like I said I learned a long time ago a woman's pussy's no more important than the man this shit easy quick this is equivalent give me some place I give you some dick yeah so he go not let a woman bar yeah his doors moving and stuff you know I'm sorry but yeah he just not gonna let a woman bargain with him with using her pussy Point Blank period if she wants to get her nails done nails done hair done or his goddamn die that son you gotta work for it he was nothing to be you was nothing to be a sidekick or this restaurant chic and won't wife it won't wife's benefits point-blank your wife benefits you need to give me wife's behavior and and and if somebody say in the chatroom from the jump yeah that's what all three of us are saying from the jump I do a dude of caliber a dude that's that that's gonna be loyal to a female in 2019 he has no problem telling you on the first date what these rules are if you don't want to roll with that there is a dude who gonna tell you what you want to hear up the street the men that I've been in relationships with from the gate from the first date I knew what they expected from the game boundaries are established but classy man thank you so much for thank you for that because I've been telling them that from the beginning if you if it's if he really is interested in you and he's the man that's for naught you know just say that I don't like using that term alpha because I think it's overused but just that dominant man and he's going to tell you from the gate what it is I'm sorry for interrupting I'm going back on you know what I feel like you have to do that because like if females will try to like take advantage you'll see how much they can get away with sometimes so sometimes if I feel like a female's try me like that I'll say stuff like that nice guys a mixture of two but a nice guy it can be a nice guy slash lip fill or it can be a nice guy slash asshole thing is you was a nice guy yeah you don't want to be that's okay because you want to be good to a woman but at the same time you go check her ass when she's doing some crazy shit not go do that she always right it's okay paying heals don't let nobody shame you out of your position if you did nice guy that's cool but just make sure you understand and y'all excuse me but okay here's the thing I pick like I feel like I go online like if you come across as like I do does like respectful towards women or like you agree with them on certain things they automatically label you as a saint now I think that's a misconception though wow wow why would you even do that online nobody you know you know you see that you see guys that be doing that like um they'll grieve with whatever the woman say they won't check her they won't hold it accountable that to me that's a simp now but then sometimes I see do so I like like respect food they don't want to like disrespect your sister um you know sometimes they'll agree with their points and like take up for them and they get labeled as a saint so I think that's that's where everybody say is can using because you have people who say that that makes you a Sam to a lot of these guys you agree with a woman on a couple of points she made no necessarily make yourself Asim feels basically when you know she owns me goofy shit like I was saying earlier if you cheat on if you cheat on a woman that goes here you you were dog ass nigga whole you fully accountable for that well she's on you then she tried to say in the chat some shit like well I cheated because he wasn't he wasn't satisfying me emotion he wasn't satisfied me some way now you were fucked up as female besides she should this when I on the into goddamn relationship a simple gonna tell you yeah man you wasn't doing this to her he wasn't doing this for her you should have chose better now this no you just didn't would have fucked up as motherfucking woman and she just don't want to fucking be and she just don't wanna own up to her bullshit point-blank period that's one itself is never gonna tell a woman she is wrong a simp is you cannot criticize a woman in the goddamn step ass cuz he can do no wrong he think her pussy is everything he don't want their pussy to go away in the lobby these niggas online they be doing this shit because they be trying to slide in the try to slide in the hangouts trying to try to answer you know I'm saying in that backing baby female validation you games and being socially comfortable with females like you these are things that we have conquered like in high school bro middle saying like what time you're grown man like I'm sorry brah I'm comfortable with the female to hang guys that have that validation like like epochs I don't know what I'm bringing it to the table but but but but I will say this you you may say that skinny boy but there's a lot of dudes that say that and in the same breath they'll say I can't work around women you see what I'm saying so the two don't match cause it's like I'm probably I'm probably harder on females than been most dude I just don't care I don't care enough no no seriously I don't care enough whether they breathing I don't care any of that but I will treat them like a human being but I had the ability to walk away from from from a woman that's burning on gasoline and and and and I think too many dudes will save what skinny boy just said but really not mean it and then and then will you say when somebody saved me well how you making all that money I work around women these females they they stick together and they make they make this bread and brothers don't brothers brothers don't do Brotherhood the way Mexicans do Brotherhood and the way Irish dudes do Brotherhood so I gotta go where the papers at but I don't care about my female boss I don't care about my female managers they ask me hey what do you think Oh cute whatever y'all think it just don't even matter to me but I think for some dudes skinny boy they say that but they really ain't living it okay a lot of these yes cannibal like kind of like the military a little bit you know how you know like you know you could say anything is like in the military for example and you could say oh these niggas from like they nearly reinvent like you know I mean and let me say the more you like because you know idea especially when my words get to the yard or some mix them around in the junk and MIT the club here and their shit like that but at this time go on you know and different in there you see how they move because you come saying like you from Memphis or from wherever from Chicago with em you know how real niggas move like so even with this uniform on like you see how my fuckers move me like man you ain't that bruh yeah it's same thing with this international man same thing a lot of these they get over here they try to Inc like yeah I'm checking a woman like this I'm checking a woman like this she sounds good but soon they hang up the goddamn phone they call him Big Buddha quisha's out on a date BAM I'm sorry bro I can't take you seriously you in the middle of the fucking Hermes club gang banging on the dash LeBron my taking you serious be there is he different I'm not taste like we overseas bro doing other things you bringing that with you my G there's a difference between king pandu because of do the whole point of doing dirt is so you can do better you don't you don't do dirt to keep doing dirt and you get some dudes who are really scared and they just find some gun game or they are they really scared and they just dump out the gym and got that muscle game on these dudes can't think past block and the same thing as it relates to females some dudes can't can't go conquer nothing you know what I'm saying so the only thing making it they feel like they can make a chick my own a bus a bus I'm on her face he feel like okay let me go tell EE what happened dude man go buy some land or sup man I mean ain't you supposed to be having your own by now why you still stand with your girl yeah it's stuff like that that's that's real crazy to me that that shows do think from the hood you do dirt so you can do better saying real gangsters don't wanna real real gangsters do it for some bad these other niggas they do it just for clout they it's a it's a dream to them because they so influenced by what these rappers saying and now this shit man they not they own man Point Blank period me for example yeah I should do my motherfucking thing before I joined the army and now this shit I already had my rep in Memphis but when I came back to Memphis I am now you know I'm saying I see the homies this shit you know they all one thing and me I'm like nah don't and there's no respect love with me because they understand nigga I don't blame you goddamn or I don't know but you don't invested in your motherfucking situation moving forward like and it's not to be funny but that nigger may not have what you got to look like you said you just when did your time limit yeah you got shit to lose like that you don't put your time effort and damn near your life on the line folks and I'm like I ain't on that like again steak – hamburger help from IG ya feel me like we going backwards and and they they cool with that going back today I don't know no think it like that yeah I mean unless it's not real unless you yes but we kind of slur but we kind of we kind of got our topic you know what's like real simple I seen in the military because I was a marine for like four years so I seen a lot of sense it is niggas that with like marry scripters niggas that would like get married like super quick just to get the benefits and shit and they never get screwed over by the females to me that that's some same shape because you put yourself in a position where you can easily hit play about women and you won't even know what I like that yeah I'm saying the benefits but they were well no still shit that was real Oneg I'm trying to get my money shit but you know they're checking motherfucker ones you know the contract marriage with a lot but they won't real oh no simcha but I see where you going like that though because you can't get screwed over you can't get fucked over them just niggas there done that that was just doing it not really knowing the woman and and again you know end up getting fucked over because she end up finding out oh I can this collar his chain of command fucked over and once ting once he started doing steel silk this was a simple dude once she called him change command install I trying to fuck you over and shit like that she might be even getting some pussy every now and then he still I go check this year because she's being given some goddamn pussy a real nigga don't be like okay cool he's gonna take his lock but he gonna take this losses like a motherfucking man but ok I'm gonna carve out his motherfucking new boyz though he gon get you the fuck up out this motherfucker ok what do you think is the simplest to marry a script because some dude try to make it seem like you know they got like the baddest bitch I'm like nigga she using you for your money and once she's done with you she's gonna take half and drain yo ass well let me actually oh what's the purpose of marriage really does just like you find in like personal fulfillment pretty much I look at marriage as a business man I'm only getting married to a lady as it relates to me being able to buy more land and more property I'm doing the same thing Boaz did in the Bible he didn't want the chick they had to convince them you to be in a be to his benefit husband is the is the Jewish word for for manager and I'm managing this marriage now I'm not gonna treat her like a human of course am I gonna treat her precious of course but while I'm going to buy some mo property or I'm working hard to get XYZ you need to be managing this house and uplifting these kids to make sure they super educated so my son can take over everything that we don't set up here and build if that's not your reason for being there if she's just there because she's cute and her titties are perky then I made the wrong choice when you look at half of these dudes they do not have the finest chick on the planet they had a chick they like coming home to and the chick got some value within the marriage if not they do the same thing the white man do they trade them in so let's be honest marriage is a business at the end of the day and for those people for those people who go into it for getting some chick because she makes your penis heart you took a loss I work in medical finance fellas I've had I love dark skinned chick I mean Louisville the darker they are the better but here's here's the problem most of the chicks I run into ain't doing nothing career-wise they like beauticians enough now I'm not even gonna do it I'm not even gonna try I'm not even gonna attempt I'll let y'all go ahead and handle that I'd rather get a square chick that works in medical just like I do so even if it's a loss and we split I still won Rex marriage is a business in the wake if it wasn't the business you won't be signed in the country point blank period that's why a lot of guys got to be got to be real careful who you marry because especially stuck state sanctioned marriage because it's something you know a lot of guys do you know put you in a different tax bracket and for the tax benefits and just because of so many incentives that the culture especially being in the military that the country gives you for being married but marriages beings in the way because if it wasn't like I said he won't be signed in the contract and is it kind of goes with what America was built on Vanessa me enlightenment theory then you know once after World War one you know on President Roosevelt will and I did not the world won't work but in America in general you know those women wrote the gender contract the social contract and all this stuff so and it's built off capitalism and you're dealing with capitalism everything is the business point-blank period I don't care what it is everything is a business in from okay bunny bunny you back yet because I wanted to see me no more no more women want to get up here because I'm yeah I'm trying to wait to bunny get back we go close this out a little bit because yeah I just want to get on what these niggas how these niggas out here be simple and not checking these women to where they supposed to because that's why women behaving the way they behaving because it seems like it's most out here the real niggas nowadays that's why these women behaving like this man and once they come across a real man really and we are getting shiny when they trying to shine muster crop away with them okay you can do that to an extent but they're not trying to cooperate with you they want you to do I'll to change they want to continue on they fuck shit so this is getting the point where man from the start pretty much purge and sense because they want this validation you recognize women behavior and quite frankly I'm sick of it too like now I'm dating the woman right we pretty much good man we you know I'm saying she straight she understands I'm a real man now these stuffs you understand what I'm gonna take what I'm not gonna take point-blank period and a lot of guys beside no guys don't know really what it still feels because you can be in a relationship with a woman from their car you were still like oh you're on the flip with one one gonna fucking one one are you sipping ice a nigga like that I'm saying that's why I gets confusing because they call you a cent for almost anything ya know just like these no no don't don't listen to that come shoot yeah yeah just cuz you dealing with there's no you just want to deal when one goddamn one point blank there's no wrong with it it's nothing wrong with it at all man gets on this makes you point blank period like we get another pounder where we was talking about the pain and everybody keep hurting each other it's time for us to really start licking like twice before when I was still doing my thing pooping out of her like I've got so many late-night phone calls and missions for married women complaining about they hood this bitch nigga do this bitch-ass nigger there and now this you someone like you get the fuck up out of here and my mind is telling them what they want to hear now you just arrested a his bitch because he checking your motherfucking ass and you're like he's just too scared so fuck you know he's cheaper to keep attack shit he's just too scared the motherfucking get your ass to fuck about it but it is about time we just started having real conversations man dealing with one woman that's not sitting it out man that's just you maturing and you just ready to take it to a next level we're one goddamn warming pump grant period I just don't want you to apologize how are you leo Anthony I'm 32 apologize for used to be a hole in the military and I mean you know I tell dudes now you know I did one check out of time because I don't want to deal with all the headache of trying to keep in touch for like three or four girls at the same time that shit was a headache so I was like you know I'll just focus one at a time and niggas was calling me sent for that what's wrong with that I'm like that's less of a headache and I ain't spending that much money or like being all over the place trying to entertain these hoes is trying to please everyone I mean listen me personally I don't give a fuck with no body thinks about me if a nigga think I'm the self nigga think what the fuck goddamn I don't I can pretty much care less if it's called me assemble more for your internet Heath man he doing this shit on the internet thing here's real niggas real me and we get respect in real life when I walk in the motherfucking room so nobody fucking disrespect me I'm 5:8 but nobody got damn disrespecting me and I don't disrespect nobody not because I'm scared of them but none I just feel like I just don't feel the need to be all disrespectful and be our hyper masculine unnecessary very unnecessary yeah thank you I see these niggas on the internet they don't get their respect and real life that's why they come on the internet like to me they given a bunch of ice that won't really work in the real world this is this I'm gonna give you this i'ma give you your comply please that's not good like what was I don't want to talk about sitting in it's like I'm handing a business card thing I'm like I don't see that shit working in the real world because I don't see it working at all like no matter what type of dude you is Lee I'm sorry cut job leo leo that's all we got smartphones now bitches and like email you to get to know ok what's your email gee wish you wish your wishes whatever like my buck is not really walking around giving business like even on the business level let's just be for real here motherfuckers are storing you they handled but I get where he was going with that Leo but I'm older I can I can I've been on panels in chats with epic for a while now I'm just I'm just meeting you family but one is y'all brothers man y'all I'm good y'all know what it is bro found you got to move within your time frame too so even when you're getting wisdom from oh geez don't take everything somebody's Oh G sound like in sales and he been in sales for years you need to bring it to where you like you sayin like if you take a girl out on some dates and you ain't getting no pussy like right away I'm like I mean if that chick is using you for dates and you can't tell and read the signs to me that's that's kind of on you because I can read when a bitch is not interested in me or not like if that bitch is in her phone the entire date that bitch ain't into me I'm not gonna go on another date but if that bitch don't call it text me like that that bitch ain't into me I'm not going another date or she only call you her days you should I feel like as a grown man like once you dating you should be able to read a woman pretty well like I've gotten pussy on the first date a bunch of times but I didn't expect it I didn't even press for it I just know how to read a woman and go if I see the opportunity to and even if I don't get it that the first day I'm not tripping over it because I don't be tripping over pussy because like my brother told me like the best way to get pussy is not to try to get it so hard just play just play the bitch will hand it over to you but I'll be seein ICCA's online just like stressing over when they gonna get the pussy and I'm like that's why you ain't getting the pussy because you stressing over when you gonna get the pussy I'm there nigga yes I'm asking for pics I'm asking for all that type of shit yeah I'm just being more fucking new the tiny ears though I know I know how to operate finesse a bitch like this with times where like before I went on a date like I had a bunch of conversations with the girl but then I was like start having like phone sex with the girl and like she will want to fuck me on the first date sometimes she would be like fuck a date let's just meet up so I'm like you just got to know how to like operate within the game you gotta know you gotta know your pros you gotta know you then I think a lot of it is to like I said earlier I think it's comfortability with the opposite sex like again family I was not even know no trying to highlight every female but I was the nigga to intellectual tables like anniversary look I'm over there with the females like kickin it like just because I'm I'm just naturally cool with females and I'm broken ain't talking about the broken wrist kick nigger I'm talking about like I was just naturally cool with females so as you evolve into manhood and shit I think a lot of that is just like you say like we haven't I think some of this conversation family the fact that we having these conversations it tells you in itself that what you're saying to you it's like okay you know the type of man you dealing with bro because again most of us fight I'm you and you're 25 special especially thirty bro you if you can you don't know how to come pick up signs and communicating and really our vibe with a female it's a person that's a social issue there it might that point to me bro I'm socially awkward you call it what you want to call it bro but that's just to me because I don't I can't even being a Sai even in my side days if you've had a peer in your life where you as a side dude I was never uncomfortable around females to where I couldn't read them or even get my point across in mmm-hmm like like epic said I ain't finna bullshit which and like I may be a asshole today at this moment but you gonna know what you're dealing with and that's really why women take to that type of personality because at the end of the day I know I know what this motherfucker we're this for me and my kids like look I ain't from the prom look I'm gonna make sure the bills you got a roof over your head your fear man this is what I fuckin expect you can't roll with it then hey let's just keep it platonic and keep it moving sex over yo that's what they be saying dr. Davies FEA – no they be like oh if you if you friends with a female by you and a friend zoned and us for like being friends with I'm gonna I got a bum rap on that friend-zoned all family but but again you can't take what a lot of dudes is saying I'm older than y'all and what I'm trying to suggest to you is that new dudes nowadays they they they they name calling the way females do to stay relevant skinny boy just gave an example about back in the day at school back in the day you pop that females just for practice you you pop that chicks just just for the hell of it you even care about getting sundown yeah yeah well you even care about the number even if you got it after time you know what I'm saying those dudes dudes who did that early in the game by the time they hit 25 they just me you know like like I grew up in Cali and and our thing was real okay you don't have to holler at me shit how leo how that somebody in the clique but in retrospect just because ee1 he ain't gonna go running his skinny boys throat you know what I'm saying yes it's those type of Purdue's that don't understand those type of rules in Brotherhood that a name calling people leo those are the dudes a month man fam we can be in a situation be added a party that's some shit right like you like fantasy I guess I can be on I can be like damn well I see Leo I'm gonna come to Leo you feel real nigga wait to run my bigger ass up them stairs okay so classy man you hit something on the head I swear it coming kicking yeah you spitting real game to God old school old school what is family column they in black man shit on y'all marriage is about business it's an adjoining of the essence it's a business and when you think about joining of the asset you do get to you're talking about family you're talking about leaving stuff for your kids if that is continued what are the what is the end result of it I'm classy man well the end result is for dude because that's all I'm looking at it and sorry you are you are doubling your situation you know now I'm not talking just financially because what you're supposed to be doing it as a dude you spoke you're trying to get land like right now I'm looking at property behind my parents house waiting for that to come up and I plan to buy that so I can connect it to my parents backyard that's being strategic yeah that's that's that's making move and and and if you if you happen to get that best friend kind of like doubly said after the fact then so be it with that but I never put that as the first thing because if she's a human being 2019 if she just want to leave skinny boy then guess what skinny boy need to be in a position to say okay I this I'll at you it was great if you're really trying to build a family and I mean I've been from the south a lot of black people people like to down black people and they like to trash their own race but a lot of us down and the way I came up was in the way of my grandparents came up in their parents came up was is that's an adjoining of the essence and it's if you keep all youth driven that generate that generationally that's generational wealth you have the marriage is a business it really is yes it is I think I think dudes get mad at marriage because that's all they do is get married they stop trauma progress and they just sit in their marriage for five to seven-year-old go ahead no you won't yeah yeah if if when you get in these marriages man you as a dude you still supposed to be progressing you as a female you still progress in in your situation but if it falls apart at least have acquired something collectively that if you split it was feel better than when you were solo yeah because because if you would if you if you would do like I'm almost at six figures if I'm sitting up here thinking about okay let me about two or three houses and I and I do that on my own if she's coming by you then she needs to be in a position to help me get four or five of these joints if not why is she here serious though why is she here that's why that's why me personally I can't get with nobody that ain't close to my financial bracket not because I'm a a ho I'm strategic its I can I can't afford to get what a cosmetologist that's harsh but that's state and Marian Dobbs just about to say that I was just about to say now if we cuz I don't want people you know how you to get you know the track may start rolling up on what he just said but if we be real about it I was just about to say is it fair to say like partnerships and marriages are probably going to be more successful or more apt if you motherfuckers are marrying more within your on your level and I know we don't like to say that because it sounds kinda descending or people feel like you're leaders or that but it's just being a you know realist in the game like like what he just said or you may take the other state to take the cos you know the month well he just said like she doesn't really think she can be doing very well for herself on her level but she can't bring too the table what he's doing and where he's trying to go there's two different levels so I mean is it fair to say there may be my fucker should be staying within them and this goes for females as well here's this config skinny boy when a female makes more to you she's coming at you with the prenup series biz she coming at you with the prenup because the way because the way all divorce works whoever brought whoever into whoever's financial bracket so I don't care if Leo is a construction worker he make it 80 if she a nurse and she working overtime now mind you her job working regular forty hours only comes up to maybe sixty but as a nurse she's used to doing overtime that's part of the culture of an ER here so on paper she making 120 now Margie Leo make eighty you know how many nurses went to divorce court crying because they realize they got to pay the husband now well well well well that isn't my salary it's your salary on your taxes for the last two and you brought Leo in your financial bracket but but but bhalil makes more than me not according to Leo's taxes but that's overtime you don't matter in the leave like a two-income households better than just a guy being like the main breadwinner I think it depends on y'all well he I think it depends on both of y'all's economic status and income like I think that I don't think you're being realistic we try to play the the typical you know nineteen I don't think you can play that in today's world economy I just don't think I'm saying like now if you have a brother assisted that they're making six figures they're making a decent thing you're able to do that then hey who can judge or hookah saying she cuz you can you know saying you and your situation can afford do that with if you got a construction worker and like he said a nurse and they got collectively they're only bringing in what say 200 maybe 160 you know I'm saying 100 a year it's a different you comes in I think it's a both of y'all may need to be working for anybody Mac yeah but just the was a just don't hustle backwards though in my personal situation we could have been it could have been two of us in my last marriage it could have been both of us working but the thing years with her if she would have started working she basically just would have been paying for gas and we would have to pay for a babysitter and it would have ended up that we dishing out more money do we actually bring him in so it made more sense cuz we had three daughters together then mica I was in the military or that I just got work right now you just chill at home with the keys that way y'all got to pay all these daycare fees and all this stuff so it worked out for the better so it depends on everybody's personal situation but in today's society if you can't work out I do agree that two incomes it was better than what I know because I was just watching home what Nicole Michele's interview and she pushes that on you know ladies get the bag and all of that you know you know I get that you know I do feel like if you are like the main breadwinner then you might get like the most submissiveness out of woman but at the same time like I would want a woman that's like on her grind like me like I don't I don't want the 50/50 thing I would only want that like if I'm into like buying like if I'm like something happened to me and I'm broke can can she help me you know cuz you have my back to me that's realistic and now I did see like and Nicole Michelle's not doing when I do it a lot of female content creators pushed at 1950s style marriage but I'm like it's the economy is like crazy rent and mortgages like super high like you but but what the double Eve's point man you got to investigate this person that you wit and see if they roll in with your program because let's take that on the grind theory all right yeah let's say you met her as a lawyer let's say one day that lawyer firm reminded her that she's a female and he brought her up and they gonna boot her out guess who's she falling back on her knight in shining armor you so so just because she's on the grind and currently getting the bag people have stuff happen and especially women forget that they women some time and those emotions start coming in boy it'll be four months a crime you be the dude trying to help her get out of it no no no he stopped out on the grind as far as like women in business you know you know a lot of no no that's what I'm explaining to him I'm saying that that on the grind thing is not always on the grind it is you know cuz she can fall off that grind and and and the emotional thing is part of her nature I'm saying just that and and sometimes dudes say well you know you a stupid superstar I met her she was a real estate agent okay bro but it's gonna be that one month where everything ain't going well if she go remind you that she can follow these emotions point blank period but yeah but listen we had a good age ready to wrap this up but yeah I mean it's your show and we go let's go let's get ready to wrap these up and I I definitely appreciate you I appreciate y'all for having me by you effort Lee oh yeah let's ask a classy I appreciate it oh gee yeah appreciate you guys Thanks oh yeah it's late yeah I gotta work tomorrow to go see The Lion King and you know that was my movie I'm a Leo is anyone up here Leo I am what's the right thing August 14th okay oh let's get it boy yeah okay 31st value are you close on the southern prayer alone all right we'll have a good night y'all thank you for listening in and I hope your babies have a good night

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