Should You Start a YouTube Channel in 2019? (Pros and Cons to Starting a Channel Today)

– You already know that YouTube
is one of the best platforms to use to build your following
and scale your business. Video marketing is huge
and still on the rise and even with these numbers,
I still get the question, should I start a YouTube channel? What kind of content do I put out there? What do I talk about? Hasn’t it already been done before? Nope. (upbeat music) Should you start YouTube channel? Well, that depends. Do you have an impactful
message to get on to the world? And do you wanna make a difference
in other people’s lives? Do you wanna make money on YouTube and have a platform that
you can scale from anywhere any time of the day, any day of the week, and build your business? If you said yes to either
of these questions, then you absolutely should
start a YouTube channel but I’m gonna explain
to you the constrains that most people have
and why you don’t have to let that hold you back. So constraint number one,
but it’s already been done. Here’s the thing, you don’t
have to have an original idea to have an original idea because even if it’s the
same idea as someone else’s, it hasn’t been executed your way. Imagine if the founders
of Apple or Netflix thought same thing about their industry? How many books do you see on the shelves about weight loss or
how to start a business? When someone is interested
in a certain topic, they’re gonna read all of the books, watch all of the videos, and acquire all of the possible resources on that particular topic, and that’s why you need
to do what you need to do because you have a
different story to share, you have different
elements that you can bring to their lives and that’s why they need to hear your message. Constraint number two, what if it fails? Yes, it very well might
and it probably will a few times before you succeed. But then the other question
is what if you do succeed? You’ll never know unless you try. I have done multiple videos,
so many videos that flopped and then I also have amazing videos that bring me thousands of
leads every single week. You have to fail but fail forward and that’s when you’re
gonna find your success. Constraint number three,
imposter syndrome. We all have it when we start something new but you have to remember every
expert started as a beginner so when I started using YouTube, I had the intention of using YouTube so that I can’t get my name out there and I could spread my
message and get more visible so I can get more
clients and I had no idea that the exposure that
it was gonna bring me, that these videos weren’t just videos that I’d post once and
they drown in the algorithm kind of like how it does
when you post something on Facebook or Instagram but these videos last
longer, months, years, that people still
finding some of my videos from four years ago to this day that download the link in the comments and that they sign up for my email list, they nurture, they become customers, they become die-hard fans but you have to start somewhere and we all have that, am
I good enough to do this? Or who am I to do this? But if you went out it
with that frame of mind, I mean, why would you write a book ’cause Oprah’s already written one? You have your own message, you have your own message to share, you have your own audience
that needs to hear it. So whenever you feel like the imposter, think of all the people
that you look up to that they’ve made a
difference in their lives and remember that they’ve
all gone through it too. And even as you continue
to grow in your business or continue to grow in
whatever your pursuits are, there’s gonna be a new
level of imposter syndrome. It’s like you have the
level of imposter syndrome when you start, then even
when you start to succeed. There’s a whole new set of challenges and it’s just one that
you keep out growing and one that you keep, you
continue to go through. As you you hit those new levels, you learn and it’s new level, new devil, new challenge, new peak, you can do it. Understand that regardless
of how many people are in your industry, no matter
what your competition is, you have something to
offer that will give value to someone and make a
difference in their life. This means that you have the
ability and the potential to find success in whatever
it is that you’re offering so it’s time to look at
it as not a constraint but as an inspiration to say, “If others can do it, I can too.” If you haven’t yet started
your YouTube channel, please subscribe to my channel because I have a ton of videos, teaching you how to make the
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  1. Excellent!! just loved it ..loved the way you explained… You are absolutely right that "as many as people do the same thing, still the stuff we/you/me make, it would be different as you <> (is not equal to) me and me <> (is not equal to ) others.

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