Should You Sell or Donate Your Excess Stuff?

At some point on your journey to becoming minimalist, you're going to ask yourself this question: What do I do with the excess possessions that I am removing from my home and life? ♪ Well let me offer you a helpful thought. If you don't desperately need the money donate your unneeded possessions to a local charity whose mission you believe in. The only exceptions might be valuable items worth $50 or more, or very large items that you are unable to transport yourself. But as we donate items to a local charity
that we believe in, we benefit the most amount of people, both ourselves and the world around us. Consider these three reasons. Trying to resell the items that you're getting
rid of adds time, effort, and stress to an already difficult process. Going through our homes, going through each of our rooms, donating, getting rid of things we don't need; it takes time and effort, and
it's difficult. And having to list and resell and get reimbursed
for everything only makes it that much more difficult. The second reason is: there are people within your community today who could use the items that you are getting rid of. Your excess can become a blessing to other people. Whether it's housewares, clothes, old baby things that you're getting rid of… There are people in your community who need
those items. And the third reason is because generosity
is not just the bi-product of minimalism. It can also become the very lifeblood of it. That, certainly, as we embrace a minimalist lifestyle, one benefit is that we're able to bless other people by being generous and by helping meet other people's needs. Many people find this to be a very motivating factor. That as they begin donating to others in need, this motivates them to become even more minimalist, to look for even more things that they can
get rid of out of their home as they experience the joy that comes in helping others. So as you remove unneeded possessions from
your home let me encourage you with this thought: find a local charity whose mission you believe
in, and donate there. This is the solution that benefits the most
amount of people. ♪ Whether you are getting rid of housewares,
clothing items, old baby, or children… …supplies. There are people… (Laughter) (Kim, off screen: "Old baby supplies") (Laughter)
(Joshua off screen: "Children supplies…") (Kim, off screen: "Old babies…") (Laughter)

22 thoughts on “Should You Sell or Donate Your Excess Stuff?

  1. Anthony of Break the Twitch has an excellent video on why not to donate all your stuff when decluttering. The key word is ALL. He explains why beautifully.

  2. Last year the brother of a friend of mine was going through a divorce and had to move out. I was in the process of minimizing what I need. I was able to give to him plates, cups, cooking utensils, pots, sheet sets , and a computer desk I didn't really need. I use a water bottle. But I kept 3 tall glasses if I have friends over. The small glasses I never used. I'm one person. I don't need a lot of " stuff". Recently I was able to get rid of alot of hangers I never used that were still in their box. Trying to sell a bookcase. Trying to get a family member to take a trunk that was my Grandma's that I don't use. My Mom didn't like the idea of getting rid if it. But was ok that I want to pass it on to a cousin. I told her flat out, I don't use it, and don't need it to remember her. I have her engagement ring and my Grandfather's wedding ring and photos.

  3. Very helpful advice: get rid of things fast and give to those who need them so we can benefit others and be minimalist at the same time. I use freecycle to donate my things and it is satisfying when someone comes to my home to collect something they need. This is the best way and it keeps things out of landfill. Most items can be used or recycled, upcycled etc. Be wary of charity shops as they bin lots of good stuff even new things which they are unable to sell and they have huge volumes of stuff coming so no space. This is information from a friend who goes at the back of charity shops and rescues some of the things but now one charity shop stops him with calling the police. That is not my idea of a "charity".

  4. I am alone and have had to leave my family due to narcissistic abuse. I also will never trust the workplace again. As a result, although there are some things I donate, other things I hold onto to sell. For my circumstance, money is king. The only other motivating factor I have in letting things go, is that it will provide me enough flexibility to stealthily move away from where I am.

  5. I'm binge WATCHING all ur vids today. Ty for such wonderful advice. I love in a small house and decided rather than keep organizing just donate or sell it. I mostly donate to bless others😍😘

  6. As a Hispanic, being a minimalist is very hard. My family, they just don’t care that I want to live with less, they keep giving me stufffff😂

  7. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this! You saved me from further decision fatigue regarding this very question. Subscribed!

  8. Concentrating your giving to just one organization is much more rewarding and another form of minimalism. Research which organization tugs at your heart the most.

  9. I love your messages. You give motivating, useful, clear, concise messages in short segments. The best!!

  10. I’ve definitely been through the cycle of trying to sell off things vs donating them, it just isn’t worth the time! I’m all about practicality.

  11. I gave my second hair clipper to a coworker who took it to a group home for homeless youth. A young man was then able to cut his hair for a job interview. Tiny things matter so much to so many people.

  12. I've done both. Donated items or money from sales to various projects . Given to local thrift store. Used the funds ourself. Cut up old tattered or stained clothing to use as cleaning rags. Saved a bunch on buying paper towels by doing this. Great to wipe out my iron skillet, wipe spills, use in the bathroom to clean and toss. Have a bin in bathroom closet and a repurposed plastic container under the sink in kitchen to keep rags in. Saved many $s doing this.

  13. I think it is better to know somebody (poor or with lower resources) to donate directly. I have a friend's friend who is always happy to receive my stuff. Somebody's garbage, is other's people treasure.

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