Should you go to Mars? ft Bill Nye

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  1. My take-aways from this vid. 1. We don't have the fundamental technology necessary to sustain a human trip to mars. 2. We would have to send multiple heavy lift rockets, so it would be unbelievably expensive. 3. We can't figure out how to get back.
    So, are we going to mars to colonize or to explore? The answer; we are not going to mars.

  2. Humans often decide if we will take a one way trip: cross the ocean in a sailing ship. Move across the country which means you can't care for your parents as they age, or your kid wont know them. Take a job or get married that closes down other opportunities.

  3. Why no discussion of the question: what could people do that robots couldn't do cheaper & safer? If there is any reason to send humans, we should do all possible robotically first to prepare for a human trip.

  4. I would not go no matter what. Too many potential problems. EG you send a truckload of support stores up and the landing goes a bit wrong and your 2000 miles away from them. That's a problem with a high likelihood. Then there is the perchlorates and rubber seals don't mix issue, be they traditional or silicone rubber. Then there is power generation. Nope too many issues not resolved yet, It will happen but not in a hurry.

  5. English is not my native language but i have to say that i'm so fuckin' happy cause i understood the whole video :')
    Thanks mars!!! luv u jajaja and physics girl of course😅

  6. I would go as long as free Internet and VR gear is present. I have a heart condition so I won't be living that much longer anyways likely to worry about coming back.. Then again, I'd probably never make there either since I doubt I could pass the physical required for spaceflight to be declared fit to go… So.. I know for a fact, it will never happen even if I wanted it to. Guess I'll have to astrally project myself there if I want to see it.. Maybe that's a possibility. 🙂

  7. Nobody's going to Mars. There's no reason to go. The trip and the visit would be lethal. The underlying reason for such a visit according to Nye is to find evidence that there once was life there. If there was such evidence there, the probes would have found it.

    Nye says if we found microbes on Mars it will change the course of human history. History doesn't change; it's already happened. History is full of bloodshed, avarice and villainy. That history will not change. If we found an ancient e coli in Martian soil, would that change the future of human society? Of course not.

    For a generation, researchers have been trying to get in touch with a more advanced civilization that would be able to help us solve our problems. Ancient alien microbes will not do that.

    Ironically when three men first orbited the moon, they took turns reading from such an alien contact in a live broadcast while the moon's surface unfolded below them. Those alive then will never forget it.

    There is a superior intelligence and we already have the communication we need.

  8. Leave Mars for our robots to explore. If we really want to "change the course of human history," as Bill Nye said, we should go to Europa. The ocean under its frozen surface most certainly harbors some kind of life. As Mr. Nye pointed out, anywhere on Earth that we find water, we find some form of life. Of course, Europa is even further away than Mars so it's probably much harder to get there.

  9. I want to go, but other humans would be mad at me. I BELIEVE in cross contamination. I want to set up my own little cavern-bubble ecosystem, deep underground where the water is. Let new life emerge from the mixed genetics that is adapted to the environment we find ourselves in. Prime directive be damned, I exist. If I am to exist on mars, then I am to integrate into the martian ecosystem, that's all there is to it.

    Slightly more interested in Europa, by the way. Again, deep under the surface, where tidal forces might keep the water liquid.

  10. Actually there are some really important reasons to go considering that Musk and Hawking have said that the human race has with all the environmental destruction done not a long time to leave here. But it is like sending a drug addict out into space without dealing with the fundamental dysfunction that lead to the destruction to begin with, what is that fundamental dysfunction you might ask? Hawking said in his opinion it is greed and stupidity. Greed being a distorted form of materialism, the stupidity perhaps is the blindness caused when someone is lost in it. All around it creates a love affair with the false, similar to a drug addict who is promised heaven but actually their own body/Earth is rotting out from underneath them— but all this is a bigger discussion.

    Either way I personally would like to leave the planet for wonder reasons instead of other reasons, from that perspective you would need to solve a few issues:

    + Artificial Gravity: Developing spacecraft with rotating centrifugal motion machines seems very necessary and a doable part of the mission

    + Radiation protection: The Earth already does it using electromagnetism and the atmosphere, something similar can be developed for a ship and for a dwelling on Mars

    + Gravity: the mysteries of the graviton need to be explored which is another leap in awareness which can potentially lead to meta-light travel and artificial gravity etc..

    + And more…

  11. if you make a ship that can block intense Space Radiation, but then you also block out the vibrations we get from the Sun. in witch We get sick without. btw We can only get these vibrations here on Earth.

  12. Going to Mars for anything other than archeological purposes is pointless. The first place humans should colonize is the Moon. First, it's much closer, and is tidally locked to Earth, so supply drops and communications are manageable. They could even have Internet. Second, it has lots of resources we can harvest and process in situ. Mars in comparison is a dead, barren place with a soil full of perchlolates. Third, if we wish to go further with space exploration, we need to develop low G manufacturing techniques, and have a low G and no atmosphere (therefore no drag) launch pad for rockets or ships that could be assembled in place. That would in turn make a Mars foothold more possible, because we would be able to launch a much larger payload at once. Maybe even an entire space station.

  13. The most inhospitable places on Earth are far better for life then the nicest places on Mars. With an average temperature of -80f (-60c), no breathable atmosphere, no food, there may be water but we don't know if it's potable, no magnetic field to help shield you from cosmic rays and the occasional dust storms that cover the entire planet with 200 mph winds, it a good place for humans to go if they want to die. I think fixing the earth is a far more reasonable answer. 2/3of earth is covered in water which we have explored a tiny fraction my short answer is no. I'll stay here.

  14. Well i was a fan…. then i saw bill lies on your channel…. goodbye science, hello propaganda! Unsubscribed immediatly

  15. It's not that hard to go and never return to earth
    Just think of Kardashians on earth and you will never want to return to earth

  16. I would want to develop the ability of people to telepresence robotics on Mars. I think that the exploration of Mars should eventually become an option for the average human being through a robotics interface. Granted, this is not a small feat – the processing and latency issues alone are remarkable – but if we developed quantum computing enough to put "quantum servers" in orbit above Mars, the ability to perform this task with regards to the amount of latency/bandwidth is completely reasonable. From the looks of it, this would be technically feasible by 2033 – and I think it would be a great way to invigorate space exploration.

  17. I doubt we going to mars this century unless nasa gets a similar budget to us military I doubt we have the technology to protect ourselves in space yet.

  18. I would happily go to mars, because I’m suicidal so if I could do one thing in my life, giving humans the information if there was life on mars, I’d be happier with my death.

  19. In my mind Star Trek will be real life eventually.. not warp travel or teleportation but intergalatic travel will happen.. I wish I could go to the future 🙁

  20. The “without tests or exams” is the one problem that I have with great courses plus…
    If it is indeed by good lecturers with good courses then one should be able to take exams for accredited academic certificates.

  21. Building O'Neill styled Space Settlements makes more economic and physical sense then tryin' to "colonize Mars". There will be establishments on Mars; mining & small Settlements but logically creating O'Neill styled Space Settlements a more logical and reasonable systems

  22. Why look for a planet to live that your not sure…..planet earth is the best everyone only needs to respect earth and make it better for next generation Godbless us all

  23. Physics girl, you should ask this question when we have the technology for a round trip to Mars within less than a week!

  24. I found your videos yesterday and this is the last one I will watch. Bill Nye is a propagandist. He is a failed mechanical engineer that did a kids show. He is NOT a scientist and you should be embarrassed for having him on your show. Good luck, but I cannot support this channel.

  25. 2033 lol. Numerology and scientism. No one will ever go. It's impossible. Bill knows this. They just move the goal post when the year gets here. Wake up people.

  26. In terms of colonization Antarctica doesn't really offer much in return. Mars does. i.e.:
    – Emergency backup for Earth (lot's of stuff can go wrong here)
    – Hub for the Asteroid Belt mining
    – Supply production and distribution base for the whole Solar System (it's cheaper to send stuff from Mars to Earth's Moon than it is from Earth!!)
    – High deposits of fusion fuel (if you want to develop a sustainable fusion power system you send people to Mars. The necessity combined with the resource abundance will lead to the technological solutions)
    – Promise of development of climate-change-reversing-systems (CO2 is the most abundant and promising resource on Mars. It will be used for fuel and material production. The efficient ways of using CO2 developed on Mars could be used back on Earth to reduce the CO2 levels)
    – Unpredictable technological development (as it happend with the LEO and Moon exploration)
    – Long term science research (a NASA-style Mars mission is only up to 1 month on the martian surface. A Zubrin-style mission would be 18-24 months. A colonization would be whole GENERATIONS of scientists gathering and analysing data. Necessary if we need to get proper biological, sociological or surveying science done).

  27. I'd go with nothing but the necessary things. Do the collecting, sampling, and studying. No round trip. I wouldn't have to pay taxes or interact with people. I'd stay till I'd die.

  28. We just don't have the technology yet. We need to put a base on the Moon and see if we can stick with the mission first and develop better technology. A flying saucer technology would solve a lot of problems but not all of them.

  29. For my whole life I thought his name was bill Nyen. How is that even possible lmao. I'ma just blame it on my dyslexia. Rip brian…

  30. I would go to Mars because this earth has been really unforgiving I have nothing else to lose if I die going to mars then I'd die doing something I love

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