Shooting victim honored with musical tribute

DURING AN ALBUM RELEASE PARTY. AND TODAY — FAMILY AND FRIENDS HONORED JAIWAUN IN THEIR OWN SPECIAL WAY. 3 IN A STORY YOU’LL ONLY SEE HERE ON EYEWITNESS NEWS … 3 GRACE HAYBA WAS THERE WHEN THEY PERFORMED THE EMOTIONAL TRIBUTE. GRACE– BRAD, FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF JAIWAUN SAY HE WAS A HAPPY GUY WHO WANTED TO MAKE EVERYONE SMILE. NOW, THEY’RE HONORING HIS LIFE THROUGH ONE OF HIS FAVORITE PASSIONS — MUSIC.(NATS: Music)LOCAL RAPPER LUL KE GREW UP WITH JAIWAUN WADDLINGTON AND SAYS HE CAN’T BELIEVE HIS PARTY TO CELEBRATE MUSIC LED TO HIS BEST FRIENDS DEATH. (NATS: Music)NOW, HE’S HONORING HIS FRIENDS LIFE AND LOVE OF MUSIC WITH A NEW SONG HE WROTE IN HIS HONOR AND A MUSIC VIDEO FEATURING JAIWAUN’S FRIENDS AND FAMILY.(“Ke’Anthony “Lul Ke” Waters) “It’s the worst day of my life I swear, it ain’t never be the same no more, ever. I wish I didn’t throw that party.” LUL KE SAYS JAIWAUN WAS A HAPPY PERSON WITH POSITIVE INTENTIONS AND BIG LIFE GOALS. “When he smiled, you’d smile, I promise you would. He was just current, he didn’t want no beef with nobody.” JAIWAUN’S SISTER SAYS IT’S DIFFICULT TRYING TO PROCESS LIFE WITHOUT HER LITTLE BROTHER. “My brother was like my son too. I helped my mama made him. I was in the hospital having my son when I got the call, and it was just screaming. It was just the worst, it replays in my head, the call replays in my head every day.”NOW KY’REISHA SAYS THE GROUP IS JUST TRYING TO MOVE ON AND KEEP HIS MEMORY ALIVE THROUGH MUSIC. “I wish I could hug him again, I wish I could tell him I love him because I didn’t get to that night. I just want my brother back, but he’s never going to come back””Why, why’d you leave me? You were my strength, my heart, my everything. And now, we have to live without you and I love you so much you know I do, it just hurts.” 3 GRACE– LUL KE SAYS FRIENDS AND FAMILY ARE PLANNING TO REMEMBER JAIWAUN AGAIN TOMORROW IN BELLEMEADE PARK — ON WHAT WOULD HAVE BEEN HIS 19TH BIRTHDAY. 3 BRAD–KENTUCKY STATE POLICE ARE INVESTIGATING A CRASH ON THE U-S 60 BYPASS IN OWENSBORO

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